If you are like many of our customers, you have cherry cabinets in your home. Just like these customers, you are tired of the way cherry cabinets look. There are a few problems with restaining cherry cabinets that you should be aware of, so let’s explore them!

Giving cherry kitchen cabinets a new life can be tricky. Most people are painting cherry cabients. Dave S and his wife in Sleepy Hollow, IL chose not to paint their wood cabinets, opting to preserve them instead. Several problems exist with staining cherry cabinets that you should see or know about, so let’s dive in!

Hello Everyone, David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. We assist homeowners in nearby areas with painting, wallpaper, and cabinet refinishing. These areas include Carpentersville, Elgin, Pingree Grove, Bartlett, Geneva, and St. Charles. Todays’ question or issue we get into Problems with restaining Cherry cabinets.

Can you restain cherry cabients?

I am going to share a quick video to show you where we cannot restain cherry cabinets.

As you can see in that video, someone neglected the cabinets for some time. The clear finish had come off the wood, and someone had rubbed off the stain too. To make matters worse, the water exposure had stained and cause water damgage to the cabinets.

With that example- painting cherry cabinets or replacing is the only option. (we can help with cabinet painting as well)

painted cherry cabinets

Are you sure you have Cherry cabients?

Several cabinet companies can take woods such as maple or oak and stain them a dark cherry color. Before trying to restain a cherry cabinet- make sure you know what wood you have. Some times cabinet makers turn to glazing cherry cabinets look alikes to get wood to look like cherry.

You amy also not have a solid wood cabient. There are many veneers that look like cheryr that act and stain differently that solid cherry wood panels.

Matching cherry stain colors

As we founf our in our most recent project, cherry wood is tricky. Cherry is a semi hard wood, tht can dent easy. Cherry also have alot of natural tannon in it. Tannon is a natural red or orange color that is part of the wood and affects the look of wood.

Cherry also is not a uniform color wood. In one cabinet door, you can have 3-5 different shades or color tones. Thes different tone make it difficult to match stain colors.

One other issue with matching stain colors, is that like paint, the tints and raw materials used in cabient stains change. Combine that with the changes in how manufacturers make polyurethanes.

Then you add age. Wood changes tone and color as it ages- especially cherry! Sun or no sun with oil base dproducts will shift in their color, darken or amber depending on UV exposure.

When we took this porject on, we experienced every single problem. Take a look…

How polyurathane affects cabinet colors

if you have wood floors, then you may be aware that wood finished that are oil based will tent to yellow in their color. If you have a full sun window with a rug by it, move that rug in a year and you will see coloration diffreence in the floor from sun or no sun exposure.

This coloroation a cannot be reversed. Matching colors to a cherry cabinet can be difficult. This is because the amber or yellow tones of the polyurethane can impact the stain colors.

Are you curious about the cost to restain or repaint your cabinets?

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