Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands
Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands: What to Look For

Decorating your home is an exciting process that allows you to express your unique style and taste. However, this process also involves making important decisions, especially when it comes to selecting quality paint and wallpaper brands. Choosing Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands makes all the difference in the world for great results.

Hello everyone! I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. Understanding what to look when choosing a paint contractor, type of paints, and manufacturer of wallpapers can be difficult. The right products with the right painter can be a game-changer for your home painting project. It. significantly impacting the final look, durability, and longevity of your decor. So if you ar ein the Elgin, Pingree Grove, St. Charles, or Crystal Lake areas (to name a few)-This article serves as a guide to help you navigate your way to the best paint and wallpaper brands in the market.

Understanding Paint Quality

We Primarily use Sherwin Williams Products for most of our interior painting and exterior painting projects. However we also use Benjamin Moore/JC Licht for Wallpaper adhesive, wallppaer products, interior paint, gel stains and hybrid urathanes.

The quality of paint is determined by two key components: pigments and binders. High-quality paint typically contains more pigment and binders, providing better coverage and durability.

Pigments provide the paint with its color and opacity. The better the pigment quality, the better the color consistency, coverage, and durability.

Binders are what make the paint stick to the surface. Higher-quality binders adhere better and are more resistant to issues like peeling, chalking, or blistering.

Paint Brand Features to Look Out For

When choosing quality paint brands, consider the following features:

  • One-Coat Coverage: Top-quality paints often require fewer coats to fully cover a surface, saving you time and money.
  • Durability: High-quality paints stand up better to cleaning and don’t fade, ensuring your walls look great for years to come.
  • Low VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals found in paints. Quality paint brands offer low or zero-VOC paints, making them safer for your home and the environment.

The Right Paint for the Right Room

Different rooms have different paint needs. For example, kitchen and bathroom paints need to withstand humidity and frequent cleaning. High-quality paint brands offer specific products tailored for different room requirements.

Understanding Wallpaper Quality

Similar to paint, not all wallpapers are created equal. The quality of wallpaper can be determined by its material, print quality, and durability.

Wallpaper Materials

The type of material used in the wallpaper largely determines its quality. Different materials are suitable for different conditions and uses:

  • Vinyl wallpapers are durable and washable, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and spills may be common.
  • Non-woven wallpapers are breathable, helping to prevent issues with mold and mildew. They’re also tear-resistant and easy to remove, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms that may require more frequent redecoration.
  • Natural fiber wallpapers, made from materials like grasscloth or silk, offer a rich, textural aesthetic to a room. However, they require more care and are not as resistant to damage or staining as synthetic wallpapers, so they are best for low-traffic areas that remain relatively dry.

Print Quality

When we talk about print quality in wallpaper, we are referring to the precision of the printing process as it relates to design clarity, color definition, and pattern repetition. High print quality ensures that your wallpaper will have a professional, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and it often indicates a more durable and high-end product.

Let’s delve deeper into what print quality in wallpaper means:

  • Clarity of Patterns: High-quality wallpaper will have distinct, crisp patterns that are well-executed, with sharp lines and clear details. This means that the design printed on the wallpaper won’t appear fuzzy, blurry, or indistinct. It requires high-resolution imagery and precision printing techniques to achieve this level of clarity, which is often a sign of a high-quality product.
  • Well-Defined Colors: The colors of a high-quality wallpaper should be vibrant and well-defined, meaning there shouldn’t be any unintentional fading, discoloration, or blurring between colors. The color should be consistent throughout the pattern and should not bleed into adjacent areas of the design.
  • Pattern Repeat: This refers to the distance between the start of one pattern and the start of the exact same pattern again. In high-quality wallpaper, the pattern repeat should align perfectly from one strip to the next during installation, creating a seamless look. If the pattern repeat does not match up, it can cause a jarring visual effect and disrupt the flow of the design. This match-up is crucial for intricate patterns or designs that need to flow seamlessly across the wall.


A quality wallpaper should be durable, easy to clean, and resistant to fading.

High-quality, durable wallpaper should not tear, scratch, or puncture easily, meaning it should be able to withstand everyday interactions without significant damage. Durable wallpaper is especially important in high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, or children’s rooms, where the wallpaper may be subjected to more physical contact. 

Quality wallpaper should also be able to withstand regular cleaning without the color fading or the material deteriorating. This is especially crucial in areas like the kitchen, where potential splashes from food or drink could stain the wallpaper, or in a child’s room, where the walls might get dirty more frequently.

Another aspect of durability is fade resistance. Colors should remain bright and the patterns clear even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Fade-resistant wallpaper is especially important in rooms with a lot of natural light.

Environmental Impact

Many quality paint and wallpaper brands are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. By offering products with lower or zero-VOC content, paint brands are reducing harmful emissions and promoting healthier indoor environments. Additionally, lower VOC paints help decrease ozone pollution, contributing to the broader fight against climate change.

Some wallpaper manufacturers are taking steps to use sustainably sourced materials in their products. They source raw materials from responsibly managed forests or using recycled or renewable materials where possible. Sustainable sourcing helps to reduce the environmental footprint of these products by ensuring the materials used do not contribute to deforestation or overexploitation of resources.

Many brands are making efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their manufacturing processes, reducing their carbon footprints. This usually involves implementing more efficient machinery, optimizing production processes, using renewable energy sources, or even recovering and reusing waste heat from the production process.

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Choosing quality paint and wallpaper brands is a crucial step in any home renovation or decorating project. It’s worth investing time to research and select the best brands that offer high-quality, durable products that will enhance your home’s beauty and stand the test of time.

At D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper, we’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your home decor. Our experienced team is always ready to guide you through the process, ensuring you choose products that are not only high in quality but also perfectly suited to your needs and style.
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Wallpaper Removal: All You Need to Know

Wallpaper adds a stylish and decorative touch to your home. Unfortunately, over time, it would start to peel and look unsightly. While removing wallpaper may not be the most exciting task to take on, with the right tools and techniques it can be a straightforward and rewarding process. Here’s a guide on all you need to know about wallpaper removal.

Why Remove Wallpaper?

There are several reasons why you should remove wallpaper from your walls. With time, wallpaper can become outdated and become an eyesore. If you plan on painting the walls, you must first remove the wallpaper for a smooth and even finish. Removing wallpaper will also allow you to inspect your surfaces for any damage or repairs that may need to be done.

What Tools and Materials Do I Need?

Before you start the wallpaper removal process, you need to gather the necessary tools and materials. Here are some essential items you will need:

  • Wallpaper scraper or putty knife
  • Wallpaper removal solution
  • Bucket or spray bottle
  • Drop cloths or plastic sheeting
  • Stepladder
  • Sandpaper

The Wallpaper Removal Process

Prepare the room

First on the list is to clear the room of any furniture or objects. This will also be the step where you’ll need to cover the floor with drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect it from wallpaper scraps or water (and ensure a quick cleanup).

Test a small area

Before you start the wallpaper removal process, test a small area of the wallpaper to see how it reacts to the removal solution. This will help you determine how much time and effort it will take to remove the wallpaper. If you bought different types of removal solutions, you’ll also be able to see which one is the most effective.

Apply the removal solution

Now that you’ve got the preparation steps down, it’s time to apply the wallpaper removal solution using a spray bottle or a roller. Let the solution soak into the wallpaper for the recommended amount of time before you start scraping.

Remove the wallpaper

Once the removal solution has absorbed into the wallpaper, use a wallpaper scraper or putty knife to gently scrape the wallpaper off the wall. Start at the bottom of the wall and work your way up. Also, be careful not to damage the wall surface. 

Repeat the process

If the wallpaper is not coming off easily, repeat the process by applying more removal solution and waiting for it to soak in before attempting to scrape it off again.

Clean the wall

Once you have removed all the wallpaper, clean the wall surface with a damp sponge or cloth. Mix hot water, liquid dish soap, and some baking soda, and use this as your cleaning solution. This should be enough to remove any glue residue from the walls. Once done, allow the wall to try.

Sand the wall

Now that you’ve got a blank canvas, use sandpaper to smoothen out any imperfections or rough patches on the wall surface. This will prepare your walls for whatever you have planned for it next.

Removing wallpaper can be a straightforward process if you have the right tools and if you follow the steps above. But if you find the process too challenging, you can always get professional wallpaper removal services to make it easy for you. 

Professional Wallpaper Services in Chicago’s Golden Corridor

Getting professional wallpaper removal services is the best option because they know how to do it efficiently and effectively. 

Professional wallpaper removers know the proper techniques for removing wallpaper without damaging the walls, and they have access to specialized tools and solvents that make the job easier and faster. Attempting to remove wallpaper on your own is time-consuming, messy, and frustrating, especially when you come across stubborn areas. 

By hiring professionals, you can save time, avoid unnecessary damage to your walls, and ensure that the job is done right the first time.

About D’Franco Painting and Wallpaper

At D’Franco Painting and Wallpaper, we understand the hassle and frustration that can come with removing outdated or damaged wallpaper from your walls. That’s why we offer professional wallpaper removal and installation services to help transform your home quickly and efficiently. 

Our skilled team has the experience and tools necessary to remove old wallpaper and prepare your walls for a fresh, smooth, and new look. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure a smooth and even wall surface for wallpaper installation. 

Whether you’re looking to update a single room or your entire home, our team is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Trust us to handle your wallpaper removal and installation needs with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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