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Top 5 Problems with Cabinet Painting

Written by David | June 3, 2024

What are the top problems with Cabinet Painting?

You are looking at your kitchen cabinets. You are tired of the golden oak, maple yellow or dark red cherry stained wood cabients. Maybe you have had the cabinets painted and you are looking for a change of color. Reagardless of the reason you want your cabients painted, before you get them painted you have concerns.

Painting cabinets is the best way to update the look of your kitchen. You have seen friends, family, and TV shows where they paint the cabients. Before you get your cabients painted you have questions. You have concerns about painted cabients. We understand. We help customers like you every day with this question.

So lets dive into the Top 5 problems with Cabient Painting, as we see them here at Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper. (if you get to the bottom- BONUS video/article- FAQ’s about cabinet painting)

How do I pick colors I want to paint my cabinets?

The color of cabinets, we say is depended on everything else your doing with your kitchen.

  • Are you getting new backsplash tile?
  • Will you be refinishing or getting a new floor
  • Is there going to be a new counter top installed
  • are you going to do any painting of the kitchen walls or ceilings?

We suggest you get tile and counter tops first, flooring next before selecting colors for cabients. There are a set amount of colors for tile and counter tops. There are THOUSANDS of paint colors plus your ability to get one re tinted.

At the end of the day, we divert to a interior designer and or color consultant. Any jobs over $3,000 we provide a 1 hour in house color consult to help with your colors. I joke and say you pick it- we will stick it!

Can Damaged Cabinets be Fixed?

Cabinet doors take a beating. Between kids, dogs, accidents, and water- wood doors take some abuse.

Cabinet doors that have been broken, typically can be fixed. We may need to use wood dowels but typically high strength glue will last longer than the door.

Some kitchens have painted MDF (kind of like particle board) We have repaired these before as well, they just take time to fix. You can read more about MDF repairs here.. (as well as watch a quick video)

sanding and cabinet prep before painting
dresser drawers getting repaired

If you have thermafoil/malomine- and it is peeling, there is nothing we can do for that. Sadly your looking at new cabinets.

Should I paint cabinets 1st?

Aside from color choice, questions about timing are the most common question regarding cabinet painting.

  • Floors should be done 1st. Color selection, moving cabinets, moving appliances, sanding floors, fumes of new stain and top coats- are all messy and daunting-
  • Have counter tops installed before painting– it takes time to get new counters, so while fllors are being worked on, your counter is being made. There can be damage to cabinets and walls with new counters going in or coming out
  • Have your backspash or tile installed– you. never know what will happen here. Color chnage issues with walls, maybe want to runnew outlets/lighting- get thism ess over with next.
cabinet painting
dark grey painted cabinets

Painting cabinets should be the last thing that is done when renovating a kitchen

How much will Cabinet Painting cost?

We have done several articles and videos on this so I will link them here..

A average cabinet painting job for us ranges between $3500-4700 dolllars.

The paint on my cabinets is peeling!

This problem happens too often. We never get the details on who did the painting or what products were used. We typically get thanks and hung up on.

If your cabinets have been painted and they are peeling something went wrong! The only way to fix peeling paint from cabinets is to strip or sand it off.

sanding and primong cabinets before painting

We give lifetime warratny on our work. We know the prep and primer we use will never peel away. (it can chip)

FAQ’s about cabinet paint..

As promised – here are the links to our FAQ’s about cabinet painting

Is there a question or concern you have about cabinet painting? I love the after of cabinet painting- such a HUGE difference. We hop we can help you imporve the look and feel of your house and make it a home, so you will love the space You’re in!

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