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Painting with Purpose

I could go on and on about our services, What we do, and How we do it. I could ask you “Are you tired of living in a home with outdated decor and unattractive features?” I used to answert question by saying  “Dfranco Painitng and Wallpaper has over 19 years of experience and training in home painting and decorating, and we are passionate about helping others love the space they’re in”.

Well today is a new day! On of the 4am moments in life happened Sept 15, 2023, that get has us pivoting a bit- because what we do doesnt matter as mush as why. So- We Paint with Purpose!! Ever home we paint goes to our non profit, that in turns helps people, youth gilrs actually, that were victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficing. I am a owner of a paint contracting business, but that is how we get to our purpose of helping people. By hiring us, you are helping too! You. can. keep reading the other ways we help if you want too, but what else can I write say or show that is more important than helping these amazing abuse survivors?

And now.. back to our normally scheduled offerings…We offer a range of services to take the frustration, stress, and anxiety out of your home renovation projects. Whether you want to update your wallpaper, refresh your paint colors, or overhaul your cabinets, we have the skills and resources to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home into a space you love.

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Using Employees and Independent business owners!


I know.. we used to be soley employee operated, but since covid, things have changed. People want to be independent, time off, and free. So as we have had a difficult time retaining full time employees, we have not had any issues with finding amazing people who own small buiness thaat love what they do, but hate doing the work of running their business. This wher we help each other!

I used to think Does it matter?, I thought it did, but I was wrong. You (our customers) have given us time and again feedback of what. they want from a contracotr in their home;

  • Clean
  • Ontime
  • Trustworthy/Honest
  • Drug free.
  • Good at what they do

Sound familiar? Well I want to make sure that you feel comfortable and can trust every person that we send into your home. With pre-screening, background checks, drug tests, on-going training and evaluations, job reviews and goal setting, we are confident in our team and who we send out.

3M Preferred Installer

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Giving back to the community

At D’Franco, we prioritize our values and understand that without supportive customers, dedicated workers, and a thriving community, our business would not be successful. That’s why we prioritize “Faith” as our number one core value and actively work to give back through our “D’franco Days of Service”. Our focus on treating others with respect and compassion aligns with our commitment to love our neighbors and making a positive impact in the community. When it comes to profits, we understand that they are important for the sustainability of our business. However, we prioritize people above all else and strive to make a positive difference through our actions and service. 

We have found some fun ways to help locally:

  • Packing Christmas gifts with Operation Christmas Child
  • Safe Family care program
  • Paint-It Forward where we look for people who need help with their homes, such as widows and people who are disabled
  • TLC Pregnancy Centers helping paint walls with germ reducing paints from Sherwin Williams
  • Wal-Camp youth camp – working to re-stain the wood cabins so they stay looking great and resist water damage.


We have also found other programs to help with such as:

Our Mission is Simple

We help you love the space you're in. We do so by using these 5 core values:

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Our actions demonstrate our Faith

We are a faith based company. You can read Matthew 7:14 ("For narrow is the gate and difficult is the path") or Robert Frost ("two roads diverged into one and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference") Faith is not just in God, but that we will provide an amazing experience. We have a business like no one else because we do business like no one else.

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We take Ownership to solve problems not make them

We solve problems and fix the pains of our customers. If a customer is not happy then we have done a poor job of communicating our process, systems, or understanding a customer’s expectations. If something’s not right we do not make an excuse- we fix it.

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We help deliver your Vision for your space

A customer may not have the vision to know what the final product or outcome will be. They may not be able to see what is possible. We must be like an offensive coordinator- sitting above the field during a game to see what everyone is doing. They see beyond what a player can see so that the best decision is made for successful results.

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We Focus on what we do best Wallpaper, cabinet painting and Painting

We raise honey bees. It is a fun and ever learning hobby. The only thing that can fit into a honeycomb is a honey bee. The only thing the bees are working toward is making honey. We provide wallpaper, cabinet refinishing and painting services. We focus on our talents to provide excellent results.

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We look to provide an Experience "sweeter than a smile"

Do you remember the last time you ate fresh or raw honey? That same smile and joy is what we want to see and hear from every customer we work with. We do that -Just like our honey bees, we have processes and systems for all we do so that like honeycomb, we produce consistent and uniform results.

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We understand how important it is to use quality materials and get the job done right the first time. We are fully insured so you are secure knowing you and your home are protected.

How Our Company Gives Back

At D’Franco, we believe in giving back to the community. This year, we are proud to take part in several initiatives to make a difference in our local community. 

One of our popular programs is called Paint-It-Forward. This program was inspired by another paint company we met at a trade show, and it allows us to use our team of employees and contractors to help families in need with home improvement projects. If you know a family that could benefit from this program, please visit our Paint it Forward page and fill out a nomination form. 

In 2020, we also started giving away home improvement prizes for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. For Mother’s Day, we offered a kitchen cabinet giveaway on Facebook and received over a hundred entries. For Father’s Day, we gave away a deck renovation to one lucky winner. We love being able to show appreciation for our customers and give back to the community through these special giveaways.

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