Our Outstanding D'Franco Team

It can be hard to decide who you want in your home and Business. “Who can I trust in my home with my home  and family?”

You can start with this page of who is coming to your home or place of business.

Every person (myself included) is subject to backround checks and random drug screens

Each person must pass our training program

We are looking for the right people that fit with our mission, vision and values, so they deliver results and quality

Our goal is relationship vs transactions. You can hire almost anyne to paint for you. We are looking to partner with you- come back for touch ups, give you honest information, even if it means we cant help you and point you to the person (S) that can get you what you want or need

We have a misison statement of Helping you love the space your in fits with our core value misison of Demonstrating our FAITH in action by helping other people achive ther VISION for their home and business because we take OWNERSHIP of our actions to solve problems by FOCUSING onw what we do best to deliver and AMAZING experience.

So- why Dfranco Painting & Wallpaper? It’s simple – we believe in why we do what we do, who we do it for, and enjoy what we do! Couple that with accountability and training and you get a unique experience. We aim to exceed expectations bringing a touch of artistry to every project we undertake.


  • D'franco Painting Wallpaper owners
    cabinet painter contractor

    David & Daphne


    Daphne and I enjoy the fact that we own a business where we can help others. It is because of our great employees and our customers that we can give back to the community. We enjoy seeing our employees grow as artisans and leaders of their homes. We hope in all we do you see how God is working through us to demonstrate his love, mercy and grace to us all.

  • Chad - Dfranco Painting Wallpaper staff
    crew icon


    Team Lead for Paint and Wallpaper

    Meet Chad!! Chad has quite a bit of experience with painting, drywall and some carpentry. He has been a great asset to us and is starting to take on the role of job and crew leader. A great attitude is definitely high on his list of reasons you will enjoy the time he is helping in your home.

  • Anthony - Dfranco team member
    lead painter icon


    Team Lead for Paint and Wallpaper

    Meet Anthony! Anthony is another great addition that came in the midst of Covid! He actually called us looking for work, and has been a great addition to the team, recently promoted to Lead Painter. As he has performed well with the painting and looked for other aspects of our services. He is now training as a wallpaper installer!

  • cabinet painter contractor


    Part time painter

    You may know Nathan, you may not, Nathan, our 3rd oldest has worked for us off and on since he was 17, summers, holiday breaks, before coat guard and now on select days off from Mt. Prospect fire Dept.

  • professional cabinet painter
    cabinet painter contractor


    Lead Cabinet Painter

    Meet Landon!! We were able to steal Landon away from another Cabinet Painitng company, and with his years of automotive painting melding with Cabinet painting- it means your getting one heck of a cabinet painter for your kitchen cabinets

Our Trusted and Vetted Sub Contractors

If you would have asked ot told me 2 years ago that we woul dbe using independent contractors- I would have scoffed to say the least. But time change, and so must we in this rapidly evolving market of available workers. We Have struggled since Covid hit to keep enough people on staff and meet the demands of our customers. With much resistance on my part, we started vetting independent contractors to help us with painting.

I should have done this years ago, as we hindered ourseves and you- pur customers, by restricting how long it took to get to the job sites, the time to have the work completed, and the abilty to help more people. This has been a blessing for us, and look forward to showing the benefit and blessing to you as well by offering more options on how many people can be on a job site as well as helping us be more competitive.

So what are we doing? Is there a secret? Yes- using the Golden rule and doing our bes to treat other people as we would want to be treated. Even though these great people are independent contractors with their own tools, schedules, insurance etc, we treat them as part of our family of employee workers.  Each contractor  is given the same work orders, expectations, materials that we have been usinng to build our brand. The still must follow the bullet points of what we say we wil do.

You can also rest assured that we still perform Local, State and Federal background checks, and make sure that each of our employees as well as front office staff are approving of the contractors beofre we sent them to your home or business. We have Handpicked each of them from a growing list of people wanting to work for Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper, selected for their passion and skill, complementing our artistic endeavors.

  • Jose

    Part time painters

    If you have not met Jose yet your infor a treat. He is a dedicated and hard worker who is proving himself every day as a blessing for us to have as part of our team of craftsmen!

  • Isreal the Installer

    Wallpaper installer

    We have been blessed to find Isreal who not only does an amazing job with wallpaper but can do some of our smaller paint jobs as well!

  • Beau is the Bomb

    Painter Extrodanare!

    Beau and his team of 3 are just aweseome. The are great at their jobs to deliver great results

  • Professional House painter


    Paint contractor!

    Say Hey to Rey!! We were able to hire Rey as his other company was slow, he wanted to keep painting houses, so here he is!! He is great at Exterior painitng, drywall repairs and light carpentry

All white modern kitchen cabinets

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