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One Day Accent Wallpaper Installation!

Written by David | September 8, 2021

Are you looking for a room or wall in your home to be wallpapered? Well, welcome to the joy of wallpaper and more importantly, welcome to one day wallpaper installation!

The number one call we receive in our office, aside from the free vacations, the approvals for $40,000 in loans, there is a problem with my website, or just the random hang ups are customers that are looking for the cost and availability for us to come install either an accent wall of wallpaper or a single small room wallpaper installation such as powder rooms.

What we need to know about installing accent wallpaper

A few things we need to know about before we can answer your questions about these one day wallpaper installations:

  • Do you have wallpaper picked out?
  • Will we need to come and measure the space you want to wallpaper?
  • When are you looking to have the wallpaper installed?
  • Are you having other work done in the room or on the walls you want wallpapered?
accent wallpaper bedroom
Bedroom Accent Wall Wallpaper

Why do we need this information?

Several reasons.

  • If you have not selected the wallpaper, we cannot give an accurate estimate because we don’t know:
    • How much wallpaper you need
    • What type of adhesive we need to use
    • If the wallpaper needs a lining paper
    • The length of time each piece will need to book
    • If the pieces need to to be trimmed or if they are pre-trimmed
  • Are you doing other work where you want wallpaper? Wallpaper is typically the last thing you do in a room/project. Some things to consider:
    • How long has the new drywall been in? (We need to make sure it is fully cured before we install)
    • Was it painted recently? If so that paint needs to cure before we install wallpaper over it.
    • New toilet/vanities/towel holders/ paper holders etc. all need to be done/removed before we wallpaper. Don’t take this stuff off after we have just installed your wallpaper!
dining room wallpaper accent wall
Dining Room Accent Wallpaper

Find your installer before you get your wallpaper!

EVERY DAY we are getting calls informing us that “I just received wallpaper, can you come and install it (fill in the date).” I would love nothing more than to say yes to this statement and question but we cannot. We are usually 2-3 weeks scheduled for wallpaper jobs. Some installers we know and work with are scheduled 3-6 months from today!

We did a blog post (hiring wallpaper installers) and a Podcast where we talked about Hiring a contractor for your home.

To recap those make sure:

  • to have someone that has experience
  • they have insurance
  • to ensure they reputable
  • know whether you will be having an employee or subcontractor in your home
  • have it in writing

What is considered a one day wallpaper installation?

Going by the theory of there are no dumb questions, these are locations that we can start at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day provide you with a room or wall that is completely installed for you to enjoy!

Most single accent walls can be done in one day as with most smaller rooms. Believe it or not a powder room can take as much time to wallpaper as a larger dining room because there are more obstructions to cut around!

one day wallpaper - bathroom wallpaper accent wall
One Day Powder Room Wallpaper Install

Regardless, you can expect us to do a quick pole sand of the walls to smooth out them out, prime all the walls, provide wallpaper adhesive, and do the work needed to install the wallpaper.

So…how much are one day accent wallpaper installations?

Quick and easy… $589.00 covers all the above. We will confirm what is being done or not being done so we are all on the same page, but that is what to expect!

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