Do you own a home with a fiberglass entry door? Does it have a wood grain pattern to it? Has it ever been stained? Does it need to be re-stained?

Here is a short blog with picture and video on how to stain a woodgrain fiberglass door.

Before you start you need the following:

  • a warm day with no rain
  • rags
  • masking tape
  • inexpensive paint brush
  • sandpaper
  • denatured alcohol
  • drop cloths
  • rubber gloves
  • Slotted and Philips screwdriver
  • Gel stain
  • a clear sealer for the door

Getting Started!

A warm day with no rain is a must. If it is overcast, that is the best. A bright sunny day is great for being outside but can make things difficult to use a gel stain. The sun will cause the stain to dry quickly. The drying will make it difficult to keep the stain flowing on the door eliminating spots or streaks.

Get clean! You can use a hose a few days before to wash the door off from cobwebs, dirt, and grime.  If you use water and soap give the door a full day to dry off. Otherwise, dust the door off with a clean rag.  Use your sandpaper to lightly scuff the door (if there are any areas that are peeling if must all be removed). Once the door is sanded, use the Denatured Alcohol to wipe the door off.

Get Ready! Now we must get everything ready for stain. Use the masking tape and mask off the glass (if you have any). Mask the hinges if you are doing the inside of the door.  Mask the areas that will not be stained. Remove the door handle and lock set.

Get some color!  I am assuming at this point you already have the color of the stain that you want for the door. I use gel stain for the fiberglass doors. You can google the reason why you will see other methods -this is what works for Dfranco Finishes and what we will warranty.  The gel stain goes far. Most of the time a quart is twice as much as you need. Gel stains don’t go bad as fast as other materials so when it is time to do it again you have it.

GO! Taking your brush, find a spot, lower corners work the best, they are small for starting out to you can apply a SMALL amount of stain on the brush. Work the brush/stain back and forth on the door surface to see/feel the way it moves, how much you need, and you need to wipe it off etc. I like using small amounts on the edge of the paint brush and just keep working it back and forth to get into all of the nooks and grains of the door. The excess will work it’s way into the brush as you go along. Section of the door and keep moving don’t go to lunch in the middle of this project. Keep the stain wet, working into the wet edges as you go don’t go from the middle of the door to an area you jut stained it will not blend as well.

This means at least 24 hours.

Once the stain is dry you can apply a clear coat to the stained areas.  I like the Modern Masters clear UV coat. It is the blue can.  It goes on well and works with all types of stains and paints.  The other one I have started to use and am really liking is Epifans. And that’s how to stain a woodgrain fiberglass door!

Video: Staining a fiberglass door

Here is a video of the door we just did last week

If you have a fiberglass door, if it needs to be stained or retstained, here is how we did it. Give us a call at (847) 349-4112 if you have any questions. You can see more of our work here!

Did this article help? Do you have any other questions or staining projects we can show or help you with?

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