Cost to paint Windows in Crystal Lake

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Cost to paint windows in Crystal Lake, IL

If you own a home with wood windows it is not a matter of if you will have to paint them, it is when.  This week we have had 5 home owners call us with issues with their wood windows of peeling paint, rotten wood, wanting to change window paint color, and paint that is faded. Aside from the Cost to paint windows in Crystal Lake, the other questins were – how long will it take, how long will it last, and what color can I paint are the top questions we have been asked. So lets dive in! 

cost to paint windows peeling paint
Are your windows starting to peel?

How much will it cost to paint exterior windows?

As you look at your windows, as in the picture above, you see peeling paint, maybe some mold?

Wooden windows are maintenance. There is no getting around that. So you want to know cost, and we. can get into the why it costs what it does to paint a window as we go.

Painting a wood window, for us is going to be at least $150.00 per window. There are other conditions or factors that go into the cost such as:

  • How much peeling is happening= time needed to scrape windows
  • If windows are two panes vs 8-12 panes- time is more for more panes to paint
  • mold- whole other level of prep to clean and kill mold
  • if there is lead paint on the window
  • how high are the windows
  • do we need to trim bushes, shrubs etc?
  • are we also painting trim outside the window as well as the window itself?

How to prep windows for painting

When we are painting windows, we are gonna have to clean them. It is best to get all dirt off the window- if the window glass it self is cleaned as well- that window will look awesome when painted!

The Old paint, dirt, mold, bugs, spider webs all have to go!

Take a peek at our FAQ page on exterior painting

Typically power washing takes place to clean before we paint. Once the area is dry, we will do any scraping tht needs to happen, then prime as needed, caulk any gaps/cracks, then finally we paint!

Type of paint for exterior windows

If you are going to paint exterior windows, then the right paint is key to long window life!

We also feel that primer is a must.

It really doesnt matter the brand- in most cases- some are better than others. One thing is getting a paint that can shield and handle exterior temps, rain, snow, heat etc. It needs to have some flex to it! The paint also needs to be able to dry hard and stay hard. We hve seen paint that gets gummy or sticky as is gets warm, which leads to sticky windows,

We suggest a satin sheen at Minimum. You an see the lines of paint for exteiors with these links.

Can I change colors of Vinyl Windows?

Yes you can to a degree.. We have a few articles on that as well. Vinyl can warp if painted with the wrong color. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have specific colors to use for vinyl windows and shutters to use for best results. Read more here...

Help with painting wood windows

If you are in our service area of Crystal Lake, Huntley, Algonquin, Elgin, St.Charles as well as other local Fox Valley cities- we would love to help!
If you have other questions, let us know!


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