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5 ways to remodel your kitchen vs replacing your cabinets

Written by David | November 28, 2023

Yes!  You can remodel your kitchen and get the same affect as replacing your kitchen!

Hello everyone – David Cook with D’franco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL. Today, we are talking about ways you can remodel or update your kitchen vs having to replace your kitchen cabinets. We have 5 ways you can make significant improvements to your kitchen and not break the bank in doing so.

Tip 1: Install kitchen cabinet hardware to give your cabinets a facelift!

This tip is by far the easiest thing to do in your kitchen. If you do not have hardware- knobs or handles on your kitchen cabinet doors or drawers- then it is time to do so.  By adding hardware:

  • You improve how the kitchen looks
  • In using knobs or handles you will reduce the wear and tear to your wood cabinets
  • The cabinets will be cleaner, as the dirt goes on the handle not your cabinet
  • But where should I go to buy hardware?…. lol watch below

Tip 2: Replace your counter tops with something new

If you are ready for something to give boost in your kitchen, then it is time for new counter tops.  In our last kitchen, we were able to help our customers in getting new counter tops from a company in Huntley, Old World Stone. I have not heard a negative complaint about them yet.  With the size of your counters you may be able to mix and match and really have some fun, get creative, and take advantage of small slabs of rock to save you money and create a unique look for your kitchen

For those of you in some of the subdivisions in Pingree Grove, Huntley or Gilberts, Old world stone is a great place local that you can have get you information on new counters.

Tip 3: Install new sink and faucet

Many times the sinks and faucets are the original pieces from when the Kitchen was built. That doesn’t mean it is a bad thing- it just means that the sinks and fixtures are usually dated.  Combine the sink with the counter and you can really have some fun! The new faucets come is so many styles colors there is not more settling for what you see on the self!

I say to add new sink or faucet- but I will also say “I HATE” plumbing! So this may be a thing to hire out- as we found that some newer faucets require newer goofy fittings

Tip 4: Install sliding shelves in your cabinets and update how your kitchen works!

Last week we installed some sliding shelves inside cabinets that we were painting. It took some weeks to get them, but we were able to take a cabinet with a flat bottom and turn it into a sliding shelf!  (these were from slide a shelf) We actually got them though costco!

kitchen cabinets with no sliding shelves
cabinets with no sliding shelves
installing sliding shelf in kitchen cabinets
A new sliding shelf in existing cabinets

Here is a video on installing sliding shelves in your existing cabinets

Tip #5: Paint your oak, cherry or maple cabinets!

We have done many blog posts and Youtube videos on this one, but here is a pic of the last job where we did all of the above! (had other contractors help)

5 ways to remodel your kitchen vs replacing your cabinets - kitchen cabinet refinishing

here is the kitchen just finished with Counter tops, new sink, new faucet, and 2 tone painted oak cabinets

before kitchen cabinet refinishing

Here is a before image of the kitchen before the new sink, faucet, counters, and painted cabinets.

after kitchen cabinet refinishing - dfranco painting
Oak cabinets painted white and grey

You would never know there was Formica, solid color sink and faucet, and honey oak cabinets in this house!

Now it is your turn! How can we help you with your kitchen and make it into a room you will love!

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