Painting Vinyl siding and Shutters Pingree Grove

Many Homes have vinyl siding and shutters. Vinyl siding is designed to last many years. Designers create shutters that require no maintenance. Some siding will fade, show wear and tear and need to be painted. You may also just not like your house color and want a change. So lets talk about Painting Vinyl Siding and Shutters.

Hello Everyone, This is David with Dfranco Painting, and we are talking about Painting Vinyl Siding and Shutters here in PIngree Grove, IL. We are also able to help residents in the nearby towns of Huntley, Crystal Lake, Carpentersville, Elgin, and St. Charles.

Problems with vinyl siding and shutters

When you look at the exterior of your home what do you see? Dirt, faded color, algae, white film, or damaged siding? Some of these items are a quick fix.

Fixing homes with algae or dirt just means you need to power wash your siding. It is a quick and pretty painless fix.

Homes that have a white film, we call oxidation. The paint has turned white ish, and most times that can come off with a proper oxidation cleaning. This used to happen on cars, and with some cleaning and waxing it would go away there also.

IS your siding damaged? holes, cracks or evern warped- then you may have to repalce your siding.

Can you paint over my siding?

If you have viny siding or vinyl shutters you can in fact paint them. The one item that you must consider is using the right type of paint or materials.

vinyl safe color for house painting

Sherwin Williams has a great brochure at every store that goes over vinly safe paint and colors. Not all paints can use on vinyl. Some colors and then some paints can cause the vinyl to warp!

paint causing siding to warp

When picking colors or paint- make sure it says ON THE CAN that the paint is ok to use for vinyl siding.

the right paint for vinyl siding

Can I paint my vinly Shutters?

Yes you can paint shutters. You must use the right paint to paint shutters, just like vinyl siding.

I will say that painting vinyl shutters may not be cost-effective in some cases. The cost to buy new shutters vs painting them is sometimes an easy decision. In 80% of cases, buying new is cheaper.

What colors can I paint my Vinyl siding?

We have references the Sherwin Williams link above for vinyl siding paint colors that are safe to use. I am sure other paint companies have the same thing, I am not familiar with them. So the best thing to do is just ask the palce your buying paint if the colors you want will work.

Regarless of color- the store always ask us if the paint we are using is for vinyl. They will tint the paint with vinly safe tints and bases.

Painting vinyl siding

Believe it or not, painting vinyl siding or shutters is prettty easy. You need to make sure the surface is clean. The siding needs to be secure. Whomever is painting will need the siding to be accessable (no tree or shrubs etc)

Once we pressure wash or power wash or soft wash the surface it will need to dry. After the surface is dry, you need to watch the weather. If rain is expected shortly after painting, you should avoid painting. We also prefer to work in shade- that will prevent bisters, or the paint from drying too fast.

You can paint exterior siding with a brush and roller or a paint sprayer to spray paint the house. Spraying paint a house is technical, can be messy, and needs patience and expertice. As we mentioned earlier, ensure that you use paint approved for vinyl siding!

Dependin on the color you may only need one coat of paint. Exterior house paint used in home improvement are really good products. If you paint over a darker color with a lighter color then you may need two coats of paint.

Getting an estimate for exterior house painting

If you are not wanting to tacke painitng the house yourself, then we would love to see how we can help with your house painting! For estiamtes on exteriors, we will need to see the home. We will be looking for mold, damage, access to the siding, or other repairs that may need to be made.

The best way is to use our get and estimate for below or at the top of the page. We look to see ing how we can help you love the space your in!

Residential interior painting
Will painting my house get me more money?

It is spring! The time for people to start moving has started. Phone calls are now ringing from customers about doing some painting at their homes to help it sell faster. One of the many calls we receive is about painting my house before I sell, But the top question is Is Will painting my house get me more money?.

Hey Everyone- David With Dfranco Painting and wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. We work to help home owners and businesses with their painting and wallpaper needs in Bartlett, South Elgin, St. Charles, Algonquin and Pingree Grove to name a few areas. As we discuss the issue of painting your house, and will painting help improve the value, you may have questions- let us know! You also may have a different view point- let us know! Your insights and questions may help other people dealing with painting their house.

Should I paint before selling my home?

While there is no best answer for this questions, there are some good themes or similarities we see and hear from realtors and people moving into a home. The top issues we see and hear are:

  • look how dirty the walls are
  • I hate these colors
  • I don’t want to have to spend the money before moving in
  • I don’t have time to paint
  • how do I know what colors to paint

What do you want a potential home owner to think of when you see your house? Do want a buyer to think how much work it needs or I’m ready to move in? Paint is a cheap fix cheap and it is the most value in terms of appeal.

The wrong paint color is all a person will think about and the first thing a potential buyer will scoff at once they are back in their car.

Things to paint before selling a home

Lets keep this quick and simple- take a quick walk around your house and take a look at these areas:

  • look at the doors and door frames- are they dirty or dinged up?
  • Do you have a lot of holes from pictures on the walls?
  • Are the walls banged up with nicks and dings?
  • Does the mud room and closets have a lot of scuff marks on the walls?
  • How are the kids bedrooms? No colors that will send people away angry?
  • Bathroom walls- do they show signs of water, moisture etc
Paint dirty walls before selling
If you’re looking to buy what do you see wrong? Soap, makeup and eater marks turn people away

Best colors to use to help sell a home?

This is a very interesting question as there are no great answers, because to say neutral is not a safe answer any more. It used to be a neutral earth tone was great, not any more. There are people that love a solid white house, but not everyone. We do many homes in gray, but the gray’s have so many underlying tones of blue, green, etc. It can be hard to pick one that some may decide not to keep in the house because they hate the color! Crazy right?

This pic is from the house we bought (fixer upper) – deep red and water stains never painted over- don’t give a buyer a reason to say no, walk away or show a reason to pay less for your home.

painting your house
If you’re seeing red walls and ceilings that need paint, what else will you look for?

That being said, for the most part we are picking neutral grays, such as Agreeable gray from Sherwin Williams is very popular right now, However!!!-2024 has shown white as a strong contender the the most common color we will be using in homes.

Can I just do touch ups?

I wouuld lover o tell you yes- but the answer is going to be no. Due to changes in paint, age of paint, age of existing wall finishes, differences in tints and colorations, it is almost impossible to touch up walls effectively (so no one see its) anymore.

So just bite the bullet, paint the whole wall.

Can painting a home before selling increase value?

This is a definite yes. You want the buyer excited about moving in, not stressed about having to find a painter before they can move in. Curb appeal matters, if it didn’t your brand new used car would not have been detailed before you bought it.

If you have questions about painting your house before you sell, let us know how we can help.

Cost to Restain Cherry Cabinets

How Much will it cost to Restain Cherry Cabients?

If you have wood cabinets in your house and are ready for an update or refresh you have several options to consider. Should you replace cabinets, you could paint cabinets, refacing cabinets is an option, or maybe Restain the Cabients. Last week we started a project that is outside what we typically do- we started the task of cabinet staining! That has led to the question- What will it Cost to Restain Cherry Cabinets?

Can I Restain my Cabinets?

Before knowing cost – you should know if you can re stain cabinets. This video shows it best…

any type of water damage will make it almost impossible to re stain cabinets

So- you can stain! Now what?

We have been called, we have seen pics of your Cabinets and now it’s time to get an estimate. Here is where we get into the details that matter.

Cherry is a difficult wood to stain, so picking a stain color is the 1st step. Once you have a color, we will have to do a sample to make sure the stain is what your wanting.

Are you adding or getting rid of existing hardware? We ask this because if you have to fill holes- then matching the stain may be an issue- as not all wood fillers take the stain the same as the wood does.

cabinet hardware, wallpaper installation, painting service Illinois

Not all hinges are made the same

Knowing if you are going to replace any hinges- some hinges acannot be replaced. Older cabinet hinges or the style of the cabinet doors may result to not being able to get new hinges. If you are just swapping the same size and style of cabinet hinges for another then you should be good to go.

How long will it take to Restain wood Cabients?

Once we figure out what stain color you want for your Cabinets, the next question is usually- how long will this take? Great question! Re staining is time consuming. We are hoping that the typical sander can remove the clear coat and the stain as well. With 2 passes of 220 and 400 grit sandpaper.

The last job we figured 70 hours to sand off old finishes, stain, glaze and clear coat the cabinet doors- it took us 95.  Not fun. Two things we under estimated was the clear coat and the old glaze. The cherry cabinets had a very thick layer of clear coat on the cabinets which took 80 grit sandpaper!! 80 grit is very rough and not typical- so we had to use 120, 180, 220, 340, then 400 to get rid of the sanding marks we made to get rid of the older finishes.

We assume that fort the most part it wil take 2 hours per door.

Ok, so how much will it cost to Restain Cherry cabinets?!

Yeah, so we waited a bit to get to it, but we had to set expectations on what you can expect in the process of restaining. When we paint cabinets, we average 120-150 per door opening. (That included the boxes) For this it is more money- and probable close to the cost of refacing. It willl be close to 225-250 per door and opening. The sanding is messy, and takes a long time.

Problems with staining cherry cabinets

Let’s keep this ones short and sweet as we covered most of this in the video

  • cherry has Gannon in it- which turns wood yellow or orange
  • as cherry is red- you need to know how to kill the red undertones in the wood
  • you need to use oil stains for best finishes
  • clear coats for oil or modified stains are typically oil.
  • Working with oil stain and clear coats are usually very smelly!
  • Staining takes a long time! Each pice needs 4-8 hours to dry then 4-8 hours for clear coat to dry

Repairs is a little longer than a bullet point- if there are water stains, cracks, dents, old glue or other defects in the surface- re staining could be very difficult to achieve.

How can we help you with your cabinet refinishing?

From painting, staining or touch ups, we are here to help as best we can- If you have questions regarding cabinet paint or stain- let us know- We look forward to seeing how we can help you love the space your in!


Common Problems Painting White Walls

Common Problems Painting White Walls

2024 looks to continue in the trend of painting walls white. For the past several years we painted grey. The grey was the way!! Agreeable grey was by far our most popular color. For the past several months, painting homes white has been making its way as the most popular color.

Painting walls white does not come easy, so we are going to look at some of the most common problems painting white walls

Hello everyone- today we are talking white! I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper. We assist customers in various areas including Elgin, Algonquin, Pingree Grove, West Dundee, Carpentersville, South Elgin, and Bartlett.


White painted hallways

We were at a home show yesterday. People asked us the most common question, “What are the most common problems when painting white walls?” So lets dive in!

Top compaint about white walls

By far and large the most common issue people face with white walls is cleaning. White like black shows everything. So if you have a home with kids and dogs, you better have a washable paint.

What color White should I use to paint my house?

Picking colors os something we don not do. We can tell you what is the most popular colors we have used. We can tell you what colors to stay away from.

White painted living room

Whites can have green, yellow, blue and grey tones to them making it very tricky to select a color. Keep in mind natural light. Lighting affects the colors you use.

The most popolar white we have used over the past year are:

  • Chantilly lace
  • Simply white
  • Pure White
  • Alabaster
  • Snowbounnd
  • Ice Cube

If you need help picking a white or any other other color- what we do is reccommend is:


Will white paint cover my existing paint colors

If there ever was a question to get a painter in trouble this is it. Maybe do you like the color would be worse.

Painting over dark colors typically means we are priming walls then painting them. If we have to paint over red or yellow- we are priming walls as well. Most times when we paint white walls we have to use 3 coats of paint.

Painting white over green

White paint is not the same as it used to be. White paints since covid have changed significantly. We were told that the reason is the loss of an ingredient called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient made white paint more opaque, able to hide imperfections better.

When we change ceiling whites- 9 or 10 times we have to paint twice to cover the old color.

Can you touch up white ceilings?

If your ceilings have been recently painted -yes. That is considering you have the same paint and you have a dead flat white paint.

We love CHB sherwin Williams. It is the workhourse of the ceiling paint we use. It covers great- it is true flat and it has not relaly changed in 15 years so we can use it to touch up!

No way to touch up this ceiling

You can see the video we did on white flat paint here. Not all white paints are really flat!!

Can you match the white paint colors I picked?

Matching white paint is a yes and no. If you want to use BEHR white in Sherwin Williams, it won’t work. If you want to match Chantilly lace in Sherwin Williams, it won’t happen.

Keep in mind that other paint brands cannot match the whites offered by Sherwin Williams. So if you pick a white from Sherwin Williams- we use Sherwin Paint. Benjamin Morre colors gets Benjamin moore Paint

Lets paint your house white!

We truly don’t care about the color, we just want to help you love the space you’re in by giving you the look and feel you will adore. When we Paint with Purpose, we offer assistance to a woman who has been sexually abused.

With every house we paint you make a difference. The money we raise sends them to camps, events, and provides the help they need in their recovery process. So when you hire us to paint, you are also helping someone in need!

Have other questions?- let us know..

Have a great day and God Bless!!!!

Problems with restaining Cherry cabinets West Dundee

If you are like many of our customers, you have cherry cabinets in your home. Just like these customers, you are tired of the way cherry cabinets look. There are a few problems with restaining cherry cabinets that you should be aware of, so let’s explore them!

Giving cherry kitchen cabinets a new life can be tricky. Most people are painting cherry cabients. Dave S and his wife in Sleepy Hollow, IL chose not to paint their wood cabinets, opting to preserve them instead. Several problems exist with staining cherry cabinets that you should see or know about, so let’s dive in!

Hello Everyone, David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. We assist homeowners in nearby areas with painting, wallpaper, and cabinet refinishing. These areas include Carpentersville, Elgin, Pingree Grove, Bartlett, Geneva, and St. Charles. Todays’ question or issue we get into Problems with restaining Cherry cabinets.

Can you restain cherry cabients?

I am going to share a quick video to show you where we cannot restain cherry cabinets.

As you can see in that video, someone neglected the cabinets for some time. The clear finish had come off the wood, and someone had rubbed off the stain too. To make matters worse, the water exposure had stained and cause water damgage to the cabinets.

With that example- painting cherry cabinets or replacing is the only option. (we can help with cabinet painting as well)

painted cherry cabinets

Are you sure you have Cherry cabients?

Several cabinet companies can take woods such as maple or oak and stain them a dark cherry color. Before trying to restain a cherry cabinet- make sure you know what wood you have. Some times cabinet makers turn to glazing cherry cabinets look alikes to get wood to look like cherry.

You amy also not have a solid wood cabient. There are many veneers that look like cheryr that act and stain differently that solid cherry wood panels.

Matching cherry stain colors

As we founf our in our most recent project, cherry wood is tricky. Cherry is a semi hard wood, tht can dent easy. Cherry also have alot of natural tannon in it. Tannon is a natural red or orange color that is part of the wood and affects the look of wood.

Cherry also is not a uniform color wood. In one cabinet door, you can have 3-5 different shades or color tones. Thes different tone make it difficult to match stain colors.

One other issue with matching stain colors, is that like paint, the tints and raw materials used in cabient stains change. Combine that with the changes in how manufacturers make polyurethanes.

Then you add age. Wood changes tone and color as it ages- especially cherry! Sun or no sun with oil base dproducts will shift in their color, darken or amber depending on UV exposure.

When we took this porject on, we experienced every single problem. Take a look…

How polyurathane affects cabinet colors

if you have wood floors, then you may be aware that wood finished that are oil based will tent to yellow in their color. If you have a full sun window with a rug by it, move that rug in a year and you will see coloration diffreence in the floor from sun or no sun exposure.

This coloroation a cannot be reversed. Matching colors to a cherry cabinet can be difficult. This is because the amber or yellow tones of the polyurethane can impact the stain colors.

Are you curious about the cost to restain or repaint your cabinets?

Aside from our pricing page... yo can also check our one of our previous blog posts that can cover cost should I paint and cost to paint cherry cabinets here

If you have a question about cabinet painting, cabinet restaining, house painting, or even wallpaper installation we are here to help!

3 ways to power wash your house Elgin

That time of year has arrived- spring has sprung, snow has left us, and you are getting outside to start working on yard and home projects. As you look at your house and deck you see you need to clean it up or this is the year to tackle decks staining or house painting. Well then we are here to help with 3 ways to power wash your house Elgin!

Hello everyone I am David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntly, IL. We help people in Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Lakewood, Elgin, Gilberts, Hampshire, South Elgin, and St. Charles. These are some of the areas we serve. Today we are discussing power washing in relation to preparing the exterior of a house for painting.

What is the purpose of power washing your house?

the quick answer is to clean it. Your house is no different than your car- it gets dirty. Rain attracts dust, darker sides of the house can grow algae or mold. Power washing eliminates those issues.

Some power washing is just to clean the dirt off the house. In the 3 ways to power wash your house, we are reviwing what we do before painting the exterior of your house.

Cold wash power washing

A cold wash is a remarkably simple, fast way to get a house ready for painting. It can by done by almost anyone with a power washer. We are going to arrive, and use the power washer with low pressure to clean away.

  • dirt
  • griime
  • cob webs
  • loose paint
  • bird droppings

An average house takes 2-3 hours to set up and clean. If the house is taller it may take longer. This process typically does not harm plants or vegetation.

Soft power washing of a house

Roofers actually use a soft wash to clean shingles. We use a soft wash to add water, light pressure and cleaning solutions to clean the exterior of your house. Soft power washing helps us remove:

  • algae
  • mold
  • bacteria
  • loose paint
  • other organic matter

While we try to be careful, the extra pressure and soaps can affect plants around the house. We should cut back any overgrown trees or shrubs before we do our work to prevent them from rubbing on the house.

A soft power wash can take 3-6 hours depending on the size of the house.

Oxidation Power washing

Now we are into the more aggressive power washing for a house.

Oxidation washing can take more time than other forms of power washing. It also is typical of of aluminum and vinyl siding homes. Aluminum and Vinyl siding can get a white haze on it- we call oxidation. This needs to go away before exterior painting can happen.

You can easily remove it with higher pressure, soap, and pre-soaking. Since we are using higher pressure, you should protect any plants around your house from the high pressure.

The oxidation washes will take 5-8 hours depending on the size of the house.

Top issues with power washing a house

overall power washng is pretty simple but there can be isses that happen. The most common problem is too much water or too high pressure.

Excessive pressure can lead to issues by forcing water into or behind the wood, which slows down the drying process of the surface. If wood is not dry before painting, it can cause problems like flaking or bubbles. Water evaporating can create condensation and bubbles.

How can we help with your exterior house painting?

Have a question about exterior painting or staining? Let us know. We are here to help in the process of this investment! 

How to Paint your Cherry Cabinets

Are you in a home with older Wood cabinets? Are they cherry or cherry colored? Ready for something new? Then here is a quick article for –How to paint your Cherry Cabinets.

Hello Everyone, I am David With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL. We provide interior house painting, exterior house painting, wallpaper installation, wallpaper removal and my favorite- cabinet painting services. Although we live in Huntley, we have crews that help us serve our surrounding towns of Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Elgin, Bartlet, Pingree Grove, South Elgin and St. Charles to name a few areas. Feel free to call us if your town is not listed, im sure we can get there!

SO !! Lets talk about How to Paint your Cherry Cabinets!

DIY VS Cost to have cabinets painted.

We have written few articles in the past on cabinet painting. Some articles have been on the cost to paint cherry cabinets, as well as the cost to paint cabinets in general.

There are some DIY kits you can buy for cabinet painting, I cannot speak to those products as we do not use them. I can give information on our process, which will work for you, and what you need to do for a long-lasting result you will love!

If you are painting cabinets yourself, be prepared for it to take longer then you expect. (personal experience) average about 2 hours per item you are painting. You can also scroll below for our fee Guide to paint cabinets- almost everything you need.

You can always book an estimate with us as well, we will give you the cost, but estimate between $130-175 per cabinet box we are painting.

cherry cabinets painted white - Before and after
cherry cabinets painted white

If you are unsure of restaining or painting, then take a peek at this..

Free Guide- How to Paint your Cherry Cabinets

As promised…To help you, we are offering our proven way of painting cabinets (the same methods we use as part of our lifetime warranty) completely free to you! How? click the link, enter your email, and you will receive our multi-page document, one of the same training materials used to train our employees! We will cover:

  • inspection
  • cleaning
  • mapping
  • colors
  • hardware
  • primers
  • paints

SO… what are you waiting for? Download it now!  When you are done- please share the before and after photos with us- we cant wait to see them!!

How to paint your cherry cabinets- Download the Guide

We hope that helps you, and as always let us know if you have any questions and how we can help.

Repainting The interior of my House Algonquin

Have you just bought a new home? Or have you been in your home for some time and ready for a refresher? This came from a customer in Algonquin, IL, but don’t let that stop you from reading. If you need your house painted, Then this article is for you, so lets dive into Repainting The Interior of My House Algonquin!

Hello everyone, I am David Cook With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley,IL. We are working hard to help home owners and busines owners improve the look and feel of the space they’re in with interior painting. (we also do exterior painting, wallpaper installations, cabinet painting) We work in the Pingree Grove, Elgin, Carpentersvillle, Bartlett, and St. Charles areas (to name a few towns).

Todays Blog post is coming from the fact we have been doing alot of estimates and getting alot of calls about house painting. Specifically, questions on Repainting the interior of my house. If you are buying the house, consider scheduling the painting of your house before moving in.

Can I just Paint Ceilings?

Usually, when we begin estimating a house painting job, the first question is whether or not to paint the ceilings. More frequently has been Can I only paint ceilings.

When painting only ceilings, we cover and protect all walls, furniture, and floors. Using drop cloths and plastic sheeting to cover everything. That takes the bulk of the time when we quote to only paint ceilings.

When we paint the walls, we don’t worry about getting paint on them. We will paint them after we finish the ceilings.

They also ask us if we can just touch up ceilings. The answer can be yes- if you have the same paint. I will say, some of the ceiling paint is not a true flat which can affect the sheen and ability to touch up.

Other occasions require painting all the ceilings. For instance, there are nail pops and cracks in the ceiling that need fixing. After repairs, you will have to paint the ceiling.

When ceilings are older, discoloration can start happening. This issue will typically require two coats of paint.

Another questions related to painting ceilings is “What color should I Paint ceilings?”. Color is extremely subjective. We typically use stock white, but there are alot of white colors you can choose from.

Repainting handrails in your home

When we get calls Repainting The interior of my House, one of the most popular things to do is refinish or repaint oak spindles and handrails. The number one color is black handrails and newel posts with white risers and spindles.

Oak handrails that we can paint

Here are traditional oak handrails

oak handrails that have been painted
here is the after of oak handrails being painted black

Here is the after of oak handrails being painted black

Repainting Handrails and or Spindles is extremely time consuming. You have to consider all the masking twith painters tape that will need to take place. You must clean all the wood trim. The wood must also be scuff sanded before we begin painting.

After cleaning and sanding the wood, apply a good primer to cover it and stop stains from showing through. Once the Primer is dry, then we can paint the wood. It may sound simple, but painting small round spiindles with a flat brushes and rollers talkes time.

Painting handrails and spindles can make your home look better when you repaint it. This will improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of your home.

Removing or stripping wallpaper in your home

If you have older Wallpaper in your home, you may want consider removing it. Removing or stripping wallpaper accounts for quite a bit of the work we do. Most of the time, we are removing the wallpaper to replace it with something new and modern.

Wallpaper is unique and personal. What worked for the past homeowner may not work for you. In this picture below, The colors and style are pretty outdated. As part of the house painting project, we stripped the wallpaper.

You can also remove outdated wallpaper and install somethng you like!

wallpaper being stripped from a bathroom
wallpaper being removed from a bathroom
removing wallpaper from bathroom walls
A bathroom stripped of wallpaper

In this bathroom, we took off the wallpaper and had to smooth out the ceiling because it was hard to remove. The person who put up the wallpaper didn’t prepare the ceiling properly before installing it.

We will paint the ceiling this time. We also repainted the trim in the room, and the homeowner will repaint the vanity.

Repainting Both Ceilings and Walls in your home

For this home, we repainted walls, ceilings, and trim. The older color of an off brown, was about 15 years old. So we updated the trim to a new brighter white, painted the ceilings a flat pure white, then painted the walls Agreeable Grey. I think it was a huge transformation.

It sounds easy here, but I can assure it is not. You have to consider which room to paint in addition to moving furniture. If there are a lot of people in the house, people must be able to move where we are painting. That means we have to move the furniture as well.

I thnk if you painting your house, doing both makes the most sense and is a better value for your dollar and our time.

Before we started painting…

covering walls and floors with plastic and drop cloths
protecting furniture and floors

Repainted walls, ceilings, and trim

repainted interior house
repainted walls ceilings and trim

Rooms being prepped for paint

house being prepped for painting

Painting Kitchen Walls

oak cabinets before painting
oak cabinets before

Kitchen before we painted

oak cabinets painted white
oak cabinets painted white

Kitchen after we painted

Painting a Living Room or Family Room

living room being painted
family room before we painted

Family room before we painted

living room painted white and gray
fmaily room with ceiling, walls and trim all repainted

Family room with ceiling, walls, and trim all repainted

Repainting your entire home is never without drywall repairs

As in any repainting job, this home was not without the drywall repairs. Many of them were as simple as filling in holes from older pics. But some were a little more. When you move into a new home, you willl have reapir to make.

Walls damaged from fish tank water

Walls damaged from wallpaper removal

How do I pick colors for my home?

Belive it or not, selcting colors when repainting the interior of your home is the easy part. We help by offering free color consultations. We can have a designer come to your home, with color samples to help you selct the paint colors you want. The interior Designer can also help with selction what sheen of paint to use.

Are you ready to repaint your home?

Not a lot of words in today’s post. Sometimes, pictures just do the work for us.

The one question you may ask is how much it will cost to repaint my home. I would love to say here is the cost, but we can’t. We are a painting company, but each Contractor uses several factors to develop estimates on painting homes.

  • Are we painting walls?
  • Are we painting before moving in
  • Will someone paint the ceilings?
  • Do you want the doors painted?
  • Would you like windows or window trim painted?
  • Does the trim or doors require any repairs?
  • Changing colors can require three coats to cover older colors.
  • The type of sheen you want will affect the cost of materials.
  • Do we need to make some, a lot, or no drywall repairs?

These are most, but not all, considerations considered when we are doing a painting estimate for you.

When you want to repaint your home, contact us for a free estimate. We can often provide a virtual estimate using online listings of your home. Either way, let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in! 

Painting your house before moving in!

If you are buying a home, or moving into a new home, then nothing beats the look and feel of your home. Painitng your walls, gives you a clean, neat, and perfect Feeliing!

Moving to a new house? Most customers want new paint colors. And since you are moving you are asking about how Painting your house before moving in can happen.

Hi, I’m David With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley. We serve towns like Barrington, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Pingree Grove, St. Charles, and Bartlett. Today we are discussing a call we receive frequently – painting your house before moving in. We are here to see how we can help you love the space your in by helping with your interior house painting before moving

Scheduling your painting before moving in

One of the biggest obstacles that we hear from customers is can you get the painting done on a certain date. We would love to say yes to every single one. (Here is our link to schedule an estimate for you). It has been an extremely high success rate for us because of the amount of crews, people, and resources we have access to.

a house ready to be painted
Open areas help us Paint your house faster before moving in

When are you closing? This is the biggest obstacle. Closing dates are not 100% for sure, so if there is a delay, it can wreak havoc on our schedule as well as yours. So the more notice you have the better.

Working around other contractors when we paint

The next biggest issue on paint jobs is working around other trades or contractors. Painting your home before you move in usually means we need to be quick cause you don’t have much time. So we are gonna ask you some questions that week absolutely do need to know before we start your interior painting;

  • will you be doing any work to your cabinets?
  • are you having new carpet or flooring installed or removed?
  • is there going to be an electrician moving lights, outlets or switches?
  • do we need to move furniture?
  • do you want or take out any mirrors or vanities?
painting while we work around other trades
it is no fun working around other trades when we need to paint

These questions affect when we can paint. If you are getting new floors, then we don’t want to paint until old floors are out. We have painted before new floors are installed- I just don’t recommend it – it can. lead to issues later (knick/dings in walls, scrapes on trim etc)

repairing drywall before we paint
get this type of work done before moving in!

Are there holes for new lights, if so-you must fix those holes. It is better to paint after completing all other work so that you can make the mess, clean it up, and then paint.

Knowing your colors before you move in

I would say picking paint colors is the most difficult thing to figure out. What colors do you want to paint?

We have designers we use to help! Best of all these designers are free to you! It can be tricky if your bringing in items from another house, as they have a color or tone that has to be considered in their new location. We have done a few videos on popular colors, check them out!

Once you have colors selected it is easy for us to come in the house, cover the floors, and start painting.

Can you paint after moving in?

Yes of course you can! We can help with that as well. It may take a bit longer, as we have to cover everything or move items out of the way. Residential re-painting after you are in the home is the norm.

painting ceilings, covering everything with plastic
Painting a furnished home

So if your moving in, moving out, repainting, or repairing- we can help with your house painting needs

Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes Crystal Lake IL

If you own a home in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Such as Crystal Lake, and you have a Deck or wood siding home, then you will be thinking of what type of stains to use at your house. Today we are sharing a video, about Best Exterior Stains for Decks and homes in Crystal Lake IL area.

I am David Cook, of Dfranco Painting here in Huntley, IL, and today’s question is about best stains to use for the exterior of your home, fencing, decks. So we will start with a video from the Store Manager at Sherwin Williams in Crystal Lake, IL. Even though Scott has some great information, you can use this information in other areas such as Elgin, St. Charles, Barrington, Bartlett, or Pingree Grove.

Exterior stains to use for homes, decks, and siding

Transparent or Solid stain?

If you have wood decks, then odds are transparent stains are typically what are used. A transparent stain is basically is a clear finish with some color in it. It does a great job of adding a water resistance or water proofing to help keep water off the wood surfaces to protect the wood for years to come. Keep in mind with all stains in the Chicago area, this is a maintenance program. You will have to keep adding stain or coatings to protect the wood as the weather will wear and tear on wood surafces.

Solid stain is almost like paint. It is made to grab or bite, into the wood. It is kind of like paint to protect the surfaces, but it also gives a great barrier to keep the elements at bay. The stains are a richer look and feel compared to paints.

Should I use Oil based stains ?

Oil based stains can be a real pain to use. The smell, you have to use gloves, you need to have hazardous materials to clean up with, and they are difficult to dispose of when done.

That being said, Oil based products resist the elements much better than some of their water based or water borne products. Oil based products can become more fragile as they age- so they peel or crack after some years, where as the water based products usually will flake off just wear away (from our experience)

Oil based products also will need chemicals to strip them when they need to be redone, so there is more of an expense there as well.

Water borne or water based stains

The best part of these stains is that they are easy to clean up, easy to strip, and easy to get tinted. They are not meant for long-term use- not much is when it comes to water resistance and wood. The hybrid versions are waterborne, and they do offer a longer life than traditional water-based products.

I like the hybrids alot, and they seem to perfomr better over all, from our persective as painters at least.

What stain should I use?

This is a you get what you pay for, so answering what are the Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes, Crystal Lake, IL can be subjective a bit. Price, preference, color make a difference. However, the better the products used the better the life span of these products. We are Sherwin products for the most part as the stores are close to where we work, have good delivery, and great pricing, and they really do work with us to warranty their products.

Do you have question? Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes, Crystal Lake, IL

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