Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets-Hinsdale

Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets-Hinsdale

Most of the time when people call us to about painting cabinets, they have wood cabinets they want painted a solid color. BUT!!– If you are a home owner that has painted cabinets already, maybe your painted cabinets need some attention? The is is where we can help! We can take your already painted cabinets we make them look brand new by Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets.

The job we just did is in Hinsdale, IL, and the cabinets were made by Cabaret cabinets. Solid wood cabinets are perfect to repaint!

Top Questions on repainting cabinets are the same as people ask us about painting for the first time such as:

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Cabinet Repainting in Barrington, IL

Will paint stick to already painted cabinets?

Yes it will. Repainting cabinets is just like painting everything else, the right prep work.

To ensure paint sticks to a already painted surface you must:

  • clean all surfaces to be painted
  • make sure there is no grease/oil residue on the cabinets
  • scuff sand all surfaces to make sure the primer has something to “bite” into
  • use a good bonding primer
  • allow surfaces to dry between each step of the way
  • read more here...

What is bite? Some people say tooth.. but we want to create a surface that primer can stick too. We do this by cleaning, then sanding the surface. By the eye, we don’t see it, but when we use scuff pads or 320 grit sand paper, we have broke the surface of the previous paint finish. This process make it dull looking, creating small scratches that the primer can mechanically bond too.

What color can I paint my painted cabinets?

The great thing about repainting your cabinets is that you can select any color you want! We will say- we cannot use the bright whites from Behr. But With all the other color options out there- there are plenty!!!

If you are getting new tile or counters, then make sure to have that part done 1st. This will also help in your color selections.

How much will it cost to paint my cabinets

We have done few articles and videos on this you can see :

Not really a need to get into it more.. quick math- figure about 140-160 per box on average- some are less, some are more..

Do you have questions about painting cabinets?

If so – let us know. We are not a fit for every home owner. Timing, budget and common values drive the decision for most home owners. But we help every home owner by answering the questions you have about cabinet painting, so you can make the best decision on what paint contractor to hire!!

If you have question you don’t see here- let us know!! We want to help you and anyone else that may have that same question


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