Restaining a deck that is peeling- Crystal Lake

Restaining a deck that is peeling- Crystal Lake

Do you have a deck that has been stained and restained? Is the stain peeling away from your deck? Well i get the frustration with that!! The previous home owner at our home used house paint!! So we have quite the nightmare to fix ourselves. Restaining a deck that is peeling can be very labor intensive!

With all decks, as you may know already, all decks are maintenance. Decks that have stain will always have to be restained. Decks with solid stain will at some point have some type of failure- there is not much you can do about it either.

Issues with staining decks will happen

Hey- this is David with D’Franco Painting and Wallpaper. We are a painting contractor in Huntley, serving areas around us such as Crystal Lake, St. Charles, Elgin, Bartlett, Woodstock, Algonquin. As well as painting and staining exteriors of homes, we also do interior painting and wallpaper services.

Decks in the greater Chicago area are pretty similar in design, and materials. Cedar and treated are the top materials used that need coatings.

Why is the Stain Peeling From my Deck?

90% of the time, in almost every paint application- paint or stain, peeling happens due to poor prep before painting.

These are some top reasons why;

  • surface had old paint not sanded or scraped away
  • surface was dirty
  • the wrong paint or stain was used
  • surface being too wet to stain

If stain is peeling- you need to get rid of the peeling spots before adding new stain

What stains should I use on my deck?

There are several stains we use. The majority are from Either

How to restain a deck

You are seeing the issues, and seen the deck stain products to use.. now it has to get done.. Restaining a deck that is peeling again- can be tricky here are some simple bullet points how to re stain. your deck.

  • Power Wash your deck
  • Allow the deck to DRY!
  • Use a pole sander to sand off loose paint
  • Know what you want to use, if you are doing this yourself, take pics and some of the old paint to the paint store to see your best options
  • avoid full sun days- full sun can cause blisters if it dries to fast
  • read the application- we like to spray as it is fast, avoid lap lines etc, but sometimes you have to use a brush and roller.

How long will a deck stain last?

Solid stains that are applied properly, should get you 3-7 years. Again prep is key..

  • If you have excessive water- that affects longevity
  • if you drag things across the deck and scratch- that will reduce the coating
  • high heat, low temps.. Even the decks such as trex- composite- will have issues with longevity as the temps can really wreak havoc with the decking and colors
  • age of the deck, the wood will move. As wood ages, it will crack, shrink, expand- as wood moves the surface coating needs to move as well. Elastomeric coating can adjust-solid acrylic or latex- they can move but they don’t move as well..

Again, decks are maintenance!! as long as you know that, half the mental battle is over.

What are your questions or issues with your deck?

We work to answer your questions, but there are always more questions. Restaining a deck that is peeling just happened to be todays topic, but If you have others- them let us know


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