Where can I buy custom wallpaper murals?

Custom wallpaper murals!  Now that you see them, where do you buy them?

As we have been installing wallpaper murals, we share the results on our social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Google My Business (Google Maps) and Facebook. With all of these posts we also have been asked “where can I buy custom wallpaper murals?”

Well here are the top 3 that I know of.

Buying wallpaper murals

This company is based in the USA. We have done a blog post before (How to buy a custom mural) about knowing where the wallpaper is coming from or what products are used to make the wallpaper.  I would read that blog as well so you have an idea of how and the questions you need to have answers for before you buy.

digital wall mural - story mural
health care story mural

The one constant question is “how big?” No matter who you call, that is the question you will be asked.  Size matters!

  • The bigger the wall, the bigger the file size you’ll need
  • File size refers to the image you are wanting to have a wallpaper mural made of
  • The larger the file the better the quality of the wallpaper mural
  • Poor images or low file size results in the mural to be very pixelated or blurry. It will look like the digi camo the military guys are wearing.
commercial wallpaper mural - custom wall murals
here is a custom graphic or mural used in a business

Another consideration is what kind of wallpaper? Self stick or traditional paste the paper wallpaper?

  • Self stick, or peel and stick wallpaper, is where the wallpaper, usually some type of vinyl, has some type of adhesive already applied to the wallpaper. No need to apply wallpaper paste.
  • Traditional paste the paper has nothing on the back of the wallpaper. You will have to have the adhesive and apply it to the wallpaper before applying it to the wall.

What is better? Self stick or paste the paper?

I can’t say one is better than the other. They are just different.  Self stick is becoming more popular for sure. We have found that self stick can be very difficult to work with. Think of it like contact paper to some extent. If it sticks to itself it may not come apart. One other factor is the thickness of the self stick. It is sold or made by the mil – that is how thick the materials are. You will also see this reference when you buy trash bags or plastic. When the mil is a higher number it means it’s a thicker material. These thicker materials are also easier to install (usually).

peel and stick wallpaper - custom wallpaper murals
peel and stick wallpaper

Pasting paper also comes in different thickness, but more times than not, we don’t know how thick it is.  Commercial wallpaper will be labeled type I, II, III, and like the vinyl, the higher the number the thicker the paper. (even though commercial wallpaper is actually vinyl! Confused? Join the club.)  The wallpaper we receive to install varies from tissue paper consistency to heavy paper the thickness of a cereal box.

wallpaper mural - heavy duty wallpaper
heavy duty wallpaper mural

As you are applying the paste to the paper you need room. We use special wallpaper pasting tables. These tables are about 3×6 feet.   These papers also need time to absorb the adhesive which is called the booking time.

installing wallpaper murals
this was one of the type III murals we installed

Each of these materials have there benefits and their drawbacks. Either way, calling a wallpaper installer to help with more detailed answers is always a safe bet.

3 Companies that you can buy custom wallpaper murals from

Murals your way is one company that can make murals to fit the size of the mural you want.  When you call them at 888-558-0279, you get prompted to choose residential or commercial.  After that every time I have called I have  received a person to talk to. We have installed both their self stick and paste the paper products. Both have been very easy and seamless to install.  They have excellent customer service and support if something is wrong. Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter they are always helping you with ideas and will send out 30% saving codes here and there.

Magicmurals.com is another US-based company. We reached them at 877-448-7295 and we have received voicemail and a live operator.  We’re in the process of installing one of their self stick products here in a few weeks but we have not installed any of their paste the paper products.

There were a few points that had me more interested in them. They have product installers on staff that we could talk to about the tips tricks and special instructions.  The other was that they are being featured on the HGTV program Big Beach Builds. (I have never seen it or heard of it but you can look for it)

Your local sign shop!  If you are here locally in the Elgin or Fox Valley area Image 360 in South Elgin is the one we go to. You may think of them as just business cards, banners, car graphics, etc. but they can also print large images on wallpaper-type stock!  I like the local aspect myself.  Call your local shops to see what they can offer. If they can help, AWESOME!!

Did we help?

A small blog, but quick and to the point. We want to make sure we send you to people we have used, know they can get you what you want and most important what will work! If you have questions we love to hear how we can help!! Maybe we can feature someone you know who sells and produces wallpaper as well! Let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in!

Using wallpaper murals to improve your workspace

If you have been to Meijer, Farm and Fleet, CVS, Walmart, or on a cruise then you have seen wallpaper murals.  Imagine what they can do for your home, home office, work space, store, hotel, health care facility and or any other public area with a wall.

We have been very blessed this year in being able to install various wallpaper murals.  So let’s see some ways on using wallpaper murals to improve your work space.

Using Wallpaper murals to improve branding

One of our customers started to use the art of wallpaper murals to print specific messaging that tie into their marketing efforts and branding.  Previously there was a lot of signs, posters, etc. installed on walls to convey different messages.

With the stores being remodeled and undergoing new branding we had the opportunity to help these locations improve the look, feel and visual affect they experience with large scale wallpaper murals.

wallpaper mural - optical location

here is a optical location

health location - wallpaper murals

here are some graphics for a health location

How you can use wallpaper murals to tell a story

Where you work and or your business has a story.  Tell your customers about it!  We did a basic mural install for a health care facility where they used a mural made up of people, news articles, original pics etc. to show the timeline of their facility.

health care story mural

health care story mural

health location - before wallpaper mural

walls before a mural

You can see by these images- there is a huge difference in the look and feel of this hallway when the mural is installed. It was fun to hear people as we were installing this mural talk about the images- how they knew this person, remember that old building, or talk about family members from the past.

Wallpaper with specialty images can highlight what your business does

One of the ways you can also use wallpaper murals is to showcase what your business does- i.e. sports.  With the murals below it hits on all of the type of activities offered at this facility- so as you walk the corridors and parking lots walls, there is now doubt where you are going or what your going to do.

images on wallpaper mural

using images to highlight your businessconference room wallpaper mural

Make a room a little more fun with custom wallpaper murals

Alright so this image is odd- I will give you that. But it sure is better than looing at a white wall- it brought smile to my face while I was taking care of business.

custom mural mens restroom

custom murals can go anywhere- as in the men’s washroom

Smoking Room Painted Like a Grave | WIRED

one way to make people think about smoking….

Now what will you do with your walls? Give us a call and let’s find out how we can help you love the space you’re in!

Installing a wallpaper mural for your office

What do the walls at your office look like? Most likely you have paint. Boring! How about installing a wallpaper mural for your office?

The best part about wallpaper murals is that you can have them designed for almost any location you want. You can design wallpaper murals from photographs, clip art, custom designs, or word art, or pick one from thousands of pre-designed websites like www.muralsyourway.com.

Installing a wallpaper mural, however, is a whole different subject. So, let’s explore how to install a wallpaper mural for your office.

wallpaper map mural - wallpaper installation

Here is a wallpaper map mural.

Where can you find a wallpaper mural installer?

This should be the 2nd decision you make! The 1st is where you want it, or what you want to be installed. Once you decide on the what, the who is almost more important. Wallpaper installers are booked for 2-4 weeks! There is a shortage of wallpaper installers nationwide (A great opportunity if you are looking for a career. We are always looking for wallpaper installers!).

Some of the websites that sell wallpaper murals will have a list of installers by way of the Locate an Installer section of the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Your local paint stores and paint contractors will usually have a list of people they can also refer you to. DO NOT wait until you have the wallpaper before you start looking for someone to hire to install the wallpaper.

Inspecting your wallpaper mural before you begin to install it on your walls

This may seem straightforward enough, but it happens more often than it should: a mural is unpackaged and put on a wall only to find it doesn’t fit or is defective.

image of wallpaper layout

Here is an image of the wallpaper layout.

Here is a quick video on our last install on a few things we looked for and had to call the designer to clarify before we installed.

For a quick punch list…

  • Make sure the walls are clean, dry, solid, have no holes, and have been primed.
  • Open the box or package carefully. You don’t know how it is wrapped, so be careful because some are easily scratched.
  • Look at the packing list to find the design and measurements. Do they match the wall you are installing the wallpaper on?
  • Look at the wallpaper mural. Are there any marks, scratches, or print errors?
  • Compare the wallpaper design sheet to the wall and then to the wallpaper mural. They should all be the same/have the same information.
  • If there are any variations, STOP!!! You will not get a refund if you start to install and there is an error in it.
  • Double-measure the wall to make sure you have enough height and width to install the wallpaper mural.
  • Make sure you have the right adhesive!

Where to Begin Installing Your Mural

Sometimes, there is no right or wrong way to begin, as far as location is concerned. Last week, we were instructed to start in the middle of the wall. Due to the layout, the letters had to be 2 inches above the door frame and 4 inches below the drop ceiling. With that information, we started to install so that all the letters were at the correct height on the rest of the wall.

installing wallpaper mural - inspect walls before installing

Inspect your walls before the installation begins.

I start on my left and work left to right. I do this because I am right-handed, and it is easier for me to make double cuts and trim the wallpaper with my right hand than my left. So, I make sure that is also the direction I move in.

panel one of a Chicago wallpaper mural

Panel one of a Chicago wallpaper mural.

Chicago Map Wallpaper Mural

Chicago Map Wallpaper Mural

Self-stick or peel-and-stick murals

Up until now, I was assuming you were installing a wallpaper mural that must be glued or adhesively applied to either the wall or to the back of the wallpaper. I thought I should mention that peel-and-stick murals are a completely different type of installation. Make sure what kind you bought prior to the purchase. You can see a peel-and-stick install we did some time ago here.

Just a quick word on the peel-and-stick or self-stick murals… Make sure you are buying these from a reputable source. If you are paying the lowest amount you can find, there are REASONS for that. Don’t fall for it. It is not the right choice and will guarantee failure somewhere.

Let’s get a mural for you!

It’s not that hard to find one, have one made, or find someone to install it for you. So give us a call if you need help! Let us help you love the space you’re in with a fun and conversation-inspiring mural in your home office, work location, kids room, village offices, school, and maybe even your church!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Tag us on our Facebook to show us, too, @DfrancoFinishes

How to purchase a wallpaper mural

Have you seen some of the recent wallpaper installations available on Facebook, HGTV, or our web page? If not – check them out, but learn how to purchase a wallpaper mural before you start!

Hello again, everyone! David Cook from D’franco Painting & Wallpaper with another blog post for you. This one is about “how to purchase a wallpaper mural.” It may seem like a simple task. Go online, find what you like, and order. How hard can it be?

Buyer beware when purchasing wallpaper from China

I will say I know that is dangerous to say in such a vague manner. So, let’s clarify. I am speaking about wallpaper murals. I am speaking from 1st hand experience and knowledge. In our last install, although we did get it on the wall, several issues should be cause for concern:

  • what kind of paper is it printed on?
  • ask the type of ink being used
  • what is the warranty?
  • how long will it take to get?
  • is it being measured in inches or metric?
  • will the ink be safe?
  • can the wallpaper be washed?

In speaking with several other installers and two other printers, they all agreed that you get what you pay for. China prints as cheaply as possible, and they do not care less about how long it lasts, how it will be removed from the wall, or how you will install it.

Top 6 questions about buying a wallpaper mural you should ask and know!

I could have given you answers as I see it, from the opinion and experience of a wallpaper installer- but instead, we called one of the leading companies to buy wallpaper murals- Murals Your Way! In speaking with Matt, I told him what we were looking for, as well as questions I had. Here are the results:

  1.  How long have you been in business?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. Know where are the wallpapers manufactured?
  4. What type of materials are the murals printed on?
  5. Durability of the inks used?
  6. What are some common issues with these types of wallpaper murals?

I’ll bet you may want to hear his answers to these questions. So here we go.

  • Murals Your Way has been in business nine years
  • Murals Your Way is located in North Carolina
  • Everything is in the same location where the sales, design, and tech support work.
  • Materials used for printing are paper, fabric, canvas, and vinyl.
  • How well will the ink stand up to washing? There are two types used, latex/eco will need a top coat in high-traffic areas and perform well with soap and water cleaning. The UVs will stand up to more chemical types of cleaners.
  • The most common issues with the products are self-adhered murals and the type of substrate they were installed on. What does that mean? If you use a cheap latex flat or matte paint and install the mural 8 hours after you have painted it, you will most likely experience a failure of some sort. High-quality acrylic paints that have dried for up to 90 days will give a surface that will perform just as they advertise. Another factor is primer. Use a wallpaper primer/wall sealer such as Gardz. This creates a surface that is for wallpaper!

What are some issues with wallpaper from cheaper websites?


paint comes off on fingers

The result of cheap products used for wallpaper. As you can see, we touched the paper to roll it up, and in doing so, the ink came off our fingers. We went to rubber gloves, and it came off on the gloves. We used dry microfiber rags. Yep, it came off there too.

The ink smell was awful- not what I would want in a baby’s room

We tested a scrap piece with a damp rag- the mural almost came off the paper!

ink coming off with wallpaper sweep
Here is an image of the ink coming off with a wallpaper sweep!

Look at this image closely and see the marks made from a wallpaper sweep- it made lines where the bristles of the brush touched the paper!

As the paper was exposed to the wallpaper adhesive, it created bubbles. As we smoothed out the paper, it immediately made wrinkles, and yes, we pulled the color from the paper.

In a nutshell- the ink comes off the paper way too easily- how would you ever wash the wall? Nothing you would want for a kid’s room for sure.

Where will you purchase your next wallpaper Mural from?

I am not saying Murals your way is the only place to buy. There are some local sign and printing companies that are doing amazing work! Take a few minutes to ask the questions and get the right product to serve your needs best! If you have other questions about wallpaper installation, let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in!

Wallpaper Installer Near Me

Are you looking for a wallpaper installer? Maybe you have searched for “wallpaper installer near me?”

I know I have have used those same words for other contractors myself. Personally, I think D’franco Painting & Wallpaper is the best wallpaper installer in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, but that is my opinion. However, the term “best” can be subjective. So, if you are looking for a “wallpaper installer near me” or the “best painter near me“, this article should help.

commercial wallpaper install

Here is a commercial wallpaper and mural install.

Who are the best wallpaper installers near me?

As much as I hate to say this, the answer really is…it depends. Can there be that much of a difference? Let’s look. These are the top questions we receive:

  • Are you insured? (Because if they are not, you are on the hook for anything that gets broken or injured.)
  • Do you use subcontractors or have employees?
  • Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?
  • How soon can you do your work?
  • Can you install commercial wallpaper?
  • Are you good at installing grasscloth wallpaper?
  • Have you ever installed digital graphics?
  • Does your crew speak English?
  • Finally, how much will it cost? You can listen to a podcast we did on this or read our cost article here.

A fun wallpaper design for a powder room.

What questions do you ask that are not listed here? We would love to hear them!

What should I look for in a wallpaper installer?

I am speaking on behalf of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, and what my wife looks for when we have to hire someone.

I like to know who I am working with so I always do a google search. Do they have a website? Do they have Google reviews? I want to know how long they have been in business, how much experience they have and most importantly do I trust them.

Insurance is important to me. I know as a contractor we have to carry several types of insurance to protect our employees, our company and you the customer. In Illinois some of these insurances can be expensive.

Commercial wallpaper in a baby’s room.

If a contractor is not busy, I want to know why. Especially at the time of this blog post, contractors are crazy busy.

How much experience do they have? We pride ourselves in experience and our on line reviews.  We want you to know how many times we have done a project. All you have to do is check out our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and of course our website.

Who is doing the work? Do they have any training?

Do they have their information on their vehicle when they show up? My work van has our logos, but personal one with out. I like to see when people show up, they take pride in who they are as a business. It helps to establish trust as well, as you know who is in your driveway or parking in front of your house. Your neighbors can relax knowing who or what the car is in your driveway or in front of their house as to who is parking out front.

What are some ways to find a wallpaper installer ?

Obviously, google is the top of the list but there are other ways to find good, reputable, and quality people. Don’t limit yourself when the “best painter near me” is not actually right in your home town. Good contractors travel.

  • Have you asked your local paint store, or a few in the area? I usually ask 3 people
  • Ask people you know, work with or family
  • I have called people from the number on a work vehicle before
  • There are a lot of people using Facebook as well
  • one association we belong to is the Wallcovering Installer Association.  They have a find an installer near me search.

Does price really matter?

Cost is not just about the dollar amount you have to pay. How much time will it take, will you be inconvenienced, have to eat out, rent a car, hire a cleaner when they are done, you get the point. A client hired us to come in after someone else started a project. They spent more on the cleaning bill than the work needing to be done for a small bedroom. Our bid included the cleaning needed, which ended up costing the customer 30% higher than the previous highest bid they received . They spent double what our estimate was when all was said and done. What is the price tag of peace of mind?

When I get estimates for my home, sometimes 1 is enough. That usually happens with the people, companies and things I use again. I have the place I take my car, we have a plumber, septic, graphics, and our web people.  When we need someone new, it takes asking several people and on line searching to find them. Then comes the price. In a lot of cases you really do get what you pay for. There are exceptions. I know wallpaper installers that charge $125 per hour (they are union), so are you paying for the work or the administration costs for the union trades?

An accent wall of grasscloth wallpaper in a bedroom.

The cost of wallpaper mistakes.

With painting, the wrong color is an easy fix. A mistake with wallpaper is costly. Paper needs to be removed, paper has to be re-purchased, and then the time and mess of both—so again—what is the real cost?

Comparing apples to apples.

A great example was when our boiler went out. We called and had 5 people over, each of them had completely different ideas, each of them were $4,000 apart from each other- imagine getting bids of $15,000, $19,000, $25,000 all for the same problem all with different solutions. The kicker was all of them started and ended with “well i think this should work out”.  If you are giving me a estimate to tear apart my house, run new pipes, jack hammer concrete, you better not be telling me “it might work”. The contractor we  used established trust as soon as they walked in the door and saw our boiler. They started with we will have to do a few tests before we tell you the solution, we don’t want to waste our time, tell you something that isn’t true, or get into something we don’t how to do. They spent 6 hours over 5 days to determine what caused the failure, where it failed, and presented 2 solutions that would fix it. The oddest part- they ended up be the lowest bid we received, $8,400.00, yet they did more work in the estimating, diagnosis and install than everyone else quoted!

Are you now ready to find the Best Wallpaper Installer near me?

I hope this article helped. There are a lot of really great contractors and people to help you with your home. I hope we can be one of them, but I also know we may not be the best fit for everyone. We are here to help. If you need a good contractor- give us a call we will see if we have someone we know will help.

When the time comes for wallpaper, cabinet painting, or traditional painting, we hope we can earn a phone call or text to help you love the space you are in.

Canvas Wallpaper Installations

Canvas Wallpaper Installations?  Is that a thing?

Yes, it is. Last week we were able to help out a customer with a canvas mural. After helping on these types of projects, it was our turn to lead the wallpaper installation process.

Here is a quick video on our latest mural installation:

This canvas wallpaper was tricky for several reasons:

  • The mural was painted on canvas
  • The canvas was not sized
  • Once painted, it did not get sealed with a clear top coat
  • It weighed 149 pounds
  • 10 feet tall
  • 60 feet long

Robert Bucknell painted the mural. If you have ever been to a Cabela’s, you have seen his work.

Four people were used to install this one.

To get this started right, we primed the walls with two coats of Gardz wall sealer and allowed them to dry overnight. Once dry, we gave the wall a coat of clay wallpaper adhesive, which was also allowed to dry overnight.

Now that the walls were ready, we put up a unit of scaffolding so we could reach the height. Trying to roll a 149-lb piece of fabric was tricky, so thanks to Lilian (check out her website if you are in Tennessee!), we made a rolling pole bracket! That allowed us to unroll as we installed it, which was so nice.

Next up was Gwen rolling adhesive to the wall, then Art unrolling for us, and Steven (Paper Craft Interiors in Algonquin. Award-winning and stellar installer!) and I sticking and smoothing the canvas to the wall.

We had a few learning moments while installing due to wall curvature and an uneven canvas. These things made it hard to find a straight line.

Check out the end result!

In the end, it came out great!

How can we help you love the house you live in? With Cabinets, Wallpaper and Painting we can make that home look just like you want.

Installing a Digital Mural in a Baby’s Room

Do you have a baby on the way? Do you have that room picked out for the baby but not sure what to do with it? We can help with installing a digital mural for your baby’s room.

digital wallpaper installation

Here is what was an extra bedroom. When we get done with it it will be a fun room for the soon to come baby.

We start by sanding the walls. The mural will be over a chair rail. You can see the laser line on the wall. This line is where the chair rail will be.




wallpaper installation chicago - digital murals

You can see the laser here again. Lay the mural out on the floor. Inspect each piece! Make sure there is no damage to any of the panels.

Measure the wall. Measure the wall panels. Is the mural large enough to fit the wall?

Don’t start installing a mural if you don’t have enough to finish!



installing digital wall murals - wallpaper installers chicago

The mural is finished! We had a half inch on the top and one inch on the bottom to cut off. Not much extra.  That is why you must measure your walls as well as the mural.

Murals may not be for you. They are a great way to highlight a wall.


Take a peek at the video below to see more.

Many of our customers are not sure what do do with their decorating.  Some have great ideas but not sure how to make it happen. We can help in making your vision a reality! What kind of murals can we help you with?

Give us a call at (847) 349-4112 for a free estimate, We will help you love the house you live in.

How a Digital Mural Can Change Your Home

Trying a new cool route for your wall? Want some spice to build that up? Then look no further than a Digital mural.   Many people have spaces in their home or office that are pretty common or ordinary. Let see 3 ways to take your ordinary to WOW!

You can see my previous post for the introduction regarding Digital Mural.

A Digital mural can attract a different kind of perspective that you didn’t know was possible.

In the JCLicht’s Magazine, there was an article entitled: the Mural Route of Barbara Chabai. It is an article regarding Lucy Penfield, an Interior Designer from the Interior Design of Minneapolis who won the first place in the specialty room category at the American Society of Interior Designers’ (2016 ASID).

Digital mural

Mural for your home

She utilizes the interesting wall coverings in the mudroom and the powder room of the cottage.

As a gift of thanks, she spans the 14, 528 acres Lake of Minnetonka, a vintage map on the main floor bathroom of Ellie and Bill.

They are dreaming to own a place on the lake for 20 years. They say that it didn’t occur to them at first but the idea hit them up as soon as they saw it.

It was scanned and scaled to 3D and printed with a high definition vinyl for durability.

Also, to consider the water in the bathroom.

Digital mural - wall art st. charles

Bathroom digital mural

The mural in the powder room and mudroom was not as expected – it is fantastic!

In Digital Mural, you can easily mix and match – knowing what is hot and not.

You can choose from the variety of styles and colors that suits your taste.

We can see how a mural can work in a home, but what about your office?

wall art st. charles - wall art geneva

Digital mural for your bank

wall art geneva - mural painting cost

Digital mural in retail use

These are two relatively simple ways that a mural can be used.

The fathers of our nation overlook a bank lobby.

Use some or all of your company logo to highlight a wall.

So now that you know, what else can we help you with? Send us a text of a piece you have to see what we can do. Want to try it?

We are here to help you love the house you live in!

Check out some other ways:

Mural in progress

How to prepare for a mural

Call us now for a free estimate!


How Will a Digital Graphic Wall Mural Look on My Wall?

What is a digital graphic and will it look good on my wall?

One of the fastest growing segments of home decorating is digital murals. What are they? Basically, it is a photo or text that is printed on wallpaper that is installed on a wall in your home or office. There are many companies that offer pre-made digital graphics. You can even upload your own photos for truly unique digital wall graphics.

  • Family Photos
  • Sports Images
  • Company Logos
  • Images on Dry Erase Materials
  • Maybe an Enlarged Piece of Artwork?

These are all options that are available to you!

Our latest digital graphics project was for Aquascape Inc. in St. Charles, IL for their annual open house and sale.

This is the wall we started with:
mural painting cost - digital murals

You can see the graphics are on the floor. They are inspected for the correct height and width. The walls are sealed and primed prior to the application so if they need to be removed they can be with ease. This wall could then be updated periodically to use for different digital murals.

Once installed, they change the look and feel of the wall and of the office:


mural painting cost - wall decals st. charles

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]


From the before and after of the wall there is a complete transformation:


mural painting cost - wall art elgin

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]


Once installed, employees could not help but to stop and look!

mural painting cost - wall art st. charles -Digital graphic

Now that you have an idea of what a digital mural can do for an office space, what can we install for you? Not only do we do digital graphics but also wall art and wall decals.

Call or text us at 847-553-1726 or send us an email David@dfrancofinishes.com to find out how we can help you in your decorative finishes!

Want to install or update your wallpaper or have cabinet refinishing done? We also do provide those services!

We provide Decorative Finishes for your home and office.

A Locker Room Mural

Are you looking for something a little different for a bedroom, closet or playroom? Do you have some sports fans in your home?

Well, here is our take on a locker room mural. For every child, parent, or sports fan there are different demands, desires, and expectations for their sports themed mural. The custom mural depicted below was taken from a job D’franco Painting & Wallpaper painted a few years ago. This is opposite the walls featured a few weeks ago that had a Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks mural of players and stadiums.

wall art elgin - wall decor elgin

In trying to find something different and unique, the walls and space were again designed with two sports themes. The Cubs and Blackhawks.

The outer wall was designed with the Cubs locker room in mind. A wood grain technique was painted on the walls then lockers were created using some shading with an airbrush. To add a more realistic look to the locker room, jerseys and a chair were included. The door to the small room was designed to have a glass door to see through and view the other mural which depicts the Blackhawks locker room.

Chicago cubs - wall art elgin - custom mural

The Process of the Locker Room Mural

Hockey jerseys, skates, paint the back wall of the study room. A trip to the library resulted in finding past images of Blackhawks headlines from Chicago newspapers. This adds a bit more flair to the mural.

locker room mural - wall art elgin

Lockers with Equipment

Once we had our news clippings, the next destination included a trip to the copy store to make reprints. Applying a wood grain paint to the mural wall captures the locker area and drawers beneath the lockers. Then adding pads, skates shirts, shoes completed the look. Using razor blades and wallpaper glue, a custom winning wallpaper border was created above the painted mural.


locker room mural - wall art

Locker Room Mural Complete

The locker mural is complete! What kind of locker mural can be created by D’franco Painting & Wallpaper for your room? Call the muralist at D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, David Cook to see how a unique hand-painted mural can be created for your home. Be the home in Elgin, Lake Geneva, or St. Charles to have awesome wall art of your favorite sports team!

Contact him here or call or text 847-553-1726!

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