Common Problems Painting White Walls

Common Problems Painting White Walls

2024 looks to continue in the trend of painting walls white. For the past several years we painted grey. The grey was the way!! Agreeable grey was by far our most popular color. For the past several months, painting homes white has been making its way as the most popular color.

Painting walls white does not come easy, so we are going to look at some of the most common problems painting white walls

Hello everyone- today we are talking white! I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper. We assist customers in various areas including Elgin, Algonquin, Pingree Grove, West Dundee, Carpentersville, South Elgin, and Bartlett.


White painted hallways

We were at a home show yesterday. People asked us the most common question, “What are the most common problems when painting white walls?” So lets dive in!

Top compaint about white walls

By far and large the most common issue people face with white walls is cleaning. White like black shows everything. So if you have a home with kids and dogs, you better have a washable paint.

What color White should I use to paint my house?

Picking colors os something we don not do. We can tell you what is the most popular colors we have used. We can tell you what colors to stay away from.

White painted living room

Whites can have green, yellow, blue and grey tones to them making it very tricky to select a color. Keep in mind natural light. Lighting affects the colors you use.

The most popolar white we have used over the past year are:

  • Chantilly lace
  • Simply white
  • Pure White
  • Alabaster
  • Snowbounnd
  • Ice Cube

If you need help picking a white or any other other color- what we do is reccommend is:


Will white paint cover my existing paint colors

If there ever was a question to get a painter in trouble this is it. Maybe do you like the color would be worse.

Painting over dark colors typically means we are priming walls then painting them. If we have to paint over red or yellow- we are priming walls as well. Most times when we paint white walls we have to use 3 coats of paint.

Painting white over green

White paint is not the same as it used to be. White paints since covid have changed significantly. We were told that the reason is the loss of an ingredient called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient made white paint more opaque, able to hide imperfections better.

When we change ceiling whites- 9 or 10 times we have to paint twice to cover the old color.

Can you touch up white ceilings?

If your ceilings have been recently painted -yes. That is considering you have the same paint and you have a dead flat white paint.

We love CHB sherwin Williams. It is the workhourse of the ceiling paint we use. It covers great- it is true flat and it has not relaly changed in 15 years so we can use it to touch up!

No way to touch up this ceiling

You can see the video we did on white flat paint here. Not all white paints are really flat!!

Can you match the white paint colors I picked?

Matching white paint is a yes and no. If you want to use BEHR white in Sherwin Williams, it won’t work. If you want to match Chantilly lace in Sherwin Williams, it won’t happen.

Keep in mind that other paint brands cannot match the whites offered by Sherwin Williams. So if you pick a white from Sherwin Williams- we use Sherwin Paint. Benjamin Morre colors gets Benjamin moore Paint

Lets paint your house white!

We truly don’t care about the color, we just want to help you love the space you’re in by giving you the look and feel you will adore. When we Paint with Purpose, we offer assistance to a woman who has been sexually abused.

With every house we paint you make a difference. The money we raise sends them to camps, events, and provides the help they need in their recovery process. So when you hire us to paint, you are also helping someone in need!

Have other questions?- let us know..

Have a great day and God Bless!!!!

Painting your house before moving in!

If you are buying a home, or moving into a new home, then nothing beats the look and feel of your home. Painitng your walls, gives you a clean, neat, and perfect Feeliing!

Moving to a new house? Most customers want new paint colors. And since you are moving you are asking about how Painting your house before moving in can happen.

Hi, I’m David With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley. We serve towns like Barrington, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Pingree Grove, St. Charles, and Bartlett. Today we are discussing a call we receive frequently – painting your house before moving in. We are here to see how we can help you love the space your in by helping with your interior house painting before moving

Scheduling your painting before moving in

One of the biggest obstacles that we hear from customers is can you get the painting done on a certain date. We would love to say yes to every single one. (Here is our link to schedule an estimate for you). It has been an extremely high success rate for us because of the amount of crews, people, and resources we have access to.

a house ready to be painted
Open areas help us Paint your house faster before moving in

When are you closing? This is the biggest obstacle. Closing dates are not 100% for sure, so if there is a delay, it can wreak havoc on our schedule as well as yours. So the more notice you have the better.

Working around other contractors when we paint

The next biggest issue on paint jobs is working around other trades or contractors. Painting your home before you move in usually means we need to be quick cause you don’t have much time. So we are gonna ask you some questions that week absolutely do need to know before we start your interior painting;

  • will you be doing any work to your cabinets?
  • are you having new carpet or flooring installed or removed?
  • is there going to be an electrician moving lights, outlets or switches?
  • do we need to move furniture?
  • do you want or take out any mirrors or vanities?
painting while we work around other trades
it is no fun working around other trades when we need to paint

These questions affect when we can paint. If you are getting new floors, then we don’t want to paint until old floors are out. We have painted before new floors are installed- I just don’t recommend it – it can. lead to issues later (knick/dings in walls, scrapes on trim etc)

repairing drywall before we paint
get this type of work done before moving in!

Are there holes for new lights, if so-you must fix those holes. It is better to paint after completing all other work so that you can make the mess, clean it up, and then paint.

Knowing your colors before you move in

I would say picking paint colors is the most difficult thing to figure out. What colors do you want to paint?

We have designers we use to help! Best of all these designers are free to you! It can be tricky if your bringing in items from another house, as they have a color or tone that has to be considered in their new location. We have done a few videos on popular colors, check them out!

Once you have colors selected it is easy for us to come in the house, cover the floors, and start painting.

Can you paint after moving in?

Yes of course you can! We can help with that as well. It may take a bit longer, as we have to cover everything or move items out of the way. Residential re-painting after you are in the home is the norm.

painting ceilings, covering everything with plastic
Painting a furnished home

So if your moving in, moving out, repainting, or repairing- we can help with your house painting needs

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