wallpaper accent wall - statement wallpaper
Wallpaper Accent Walls!

Wallpaper Accent Walls are the best value to transform your home into something amazing! A question we hear a lot from our customers is “I am looking for just one wall of wallpaper- can you do that?” Yes, we can!! We are asked this daily, and the hottest trend in home decorating is using wallpaper as a feature wall in your home.

Other Names for Accent Wallpaper

We are playing with a few terms that we are called about which are all the same just depends on your perspective and where we put the emphasis.

  • wallpaper accent wall
  • one wall wallpaper
  • feature wall wallpaper
  • statement wallpaper
wallpaper accent wall - wallpaper feature wall
small desk wallpaper accent

Where to Install Accent Wallpaper

Since wallpaper has so many styles it is only natural that where it can be installed varies from house to house or person to person. Wallpaper accent walls can be achieved by installing them on:

  • ceilings
  • single walls in any rooms
  • headboard walls in your bedroom
  • foyer wallpaper accent
  • hallway feature walls

Wallpaper Accent Ideas

Wallpaper Feature Walls

As you can see by the photos above, wallpaper comes in many styles and the installation can vary as well. Prep work is usually the biggest obstacle in the installation of wallpaper accent walls. However, the type of wallpaper can make a difference as well.

Thinking about using peel and stick accent wallpaper?

Some of the peel and stick wallpapers available online are very thin and not very tacky because they are meant to be removed. That being said, low tack repositionable self stick wallpapers should be avoided when installing them in high traffic areas or ceilings. Here is a blog we did on peel and stick wallpaper.

Installing Accent Wallpaper For You

Regardless of the location you want to install wallpaper, and for the most part regardless of the type of wallpaper you want installed, we can help! We install wallpaper in both residential and commercial settings.

We try to make it easy, text or email us pics and the wallpaper you want to be installed and we can get an estimate started for you!

commercial wallpaper - office wallpaper
What Is Commercial Wallpaper?

Is wallpaper back? We hear or are asked this question daily. Trick question.. because from our perspective it never went away! We are Commercial Wallpaper and residential wallpaper installers. This represents about 30% of our business.

What are commercial wallcoverings?

Defining commercial wallpaper, also known as commercial wallcoverings, can be tricky. 10 years ago commercial wallpaper was made on specific machines, with specific products that were of specific standards. That is no longer true. When we are defining wallpaper to our new hires or people in our training classes, we define wallpaper as a printed material, similar to fabrics, that can be applied to walls, that is usually over 45 inches wide

Really?? That is it? For us, yes. The wallpaper industry is always evolving, just like everyone else:

  • The type of wallpaper used may be different from month to month.
  • Materials used to make commercial wallpaper if it is vinyl, may be chemically changed due to various petroleum availability and costs.
  • The thickness of the base printed materials are changing. Like how double stuff Oreos used to be stupid thick and now they are the same thickness as regular Oreos used to be!! Or is it just me??
  • The ink that is used to print changes as supplies are available.
  • The print machines are always being improved .
pulling commercial wallpaper in a paste machine

Where to use Commercial Wallpaper

We are pretty much using it everywhere that traditional wallpaper is used such as in offices, and businesses.

commercial wallpaper
commercial wallpaper in a office

We are seeing more wallpaper being used in offices as accents instead of whole areas, which also is being done in homes too.

Accent Wallpaper

commercial wallpaper - wallpaper installers
commercial wallpaper accent wall
custom wallpaper mural - commercial wallcovering
custom commercial wallpaper
accent wallpaper - commercial wallcovering
accent commercial wallpaper

Wallpaper Murals

Custom wallpaper is really fun! The above is one example but we have installed other custom made wallpapers in banks, homes, retail locations, as well as traditional work space offices. The custom installs are typically considered digital graphics, digital murals, or custom murals.

Here are more blogs we’ve done on wallpaper murals:

The Benefits of Commercial Wallpaper

Ok… there will be people that will argue these points, but these points I reference here are from our 15 plus years as a business.

  • The lifespan of the wallpaper is 10-20 years. The average span of paint is about 3-5, depending on wear and tear. With that comparison the wallpaper is almost half the price
  • The cost to print wallpaper is always changing and so is the cost of paint. Granted, a gallon of paint is $40 dollars and covers 300 square feet . A roll of wallpaper can be $60-90 and it covers from 30-80 square feet plus it has to be installed, and the walls primed.
  • For an average size room we are painting walls and ceilings for about $520. We are installing that same room for $640 (with prep and primer), add your wallpaper and I would guess your at $1,000.00
  • Another perk is that paint is one color. Wallpaper has so many designs, prints, colors, themes, or custom designs. You can really change the look and feel of a room in a day.

What do you think?

Ready to tackle a commercial project or a project using commercial grade wallpaper? Then we will help! Give us a call or email, let us see how we can help you love the space you’re in!

(847) 349-4112


Installing digitally printed wallpaper in your home or business

Do you know what digital wallpaper is? Did you know there was such a thing? (You may be asking who cares!)

As a company that installs all types of wallpaper, digital is a huge buzz word in wallpaper.  Most people still think of wallpaper as something that goes on a computer screen.  If you are a fan of murals or if you like personalized decorations, then installing digitally printed wallpaper in your home or business is something you may want to look into!

What is digitally printed wallpaper?

A quick answer is something akin to Fatheads- if you recall them from a few years ago.  This company pretty much stole the ability for us to paint sports murals on walls of peoples homes as these digitally printed graphics were very inexpensive to install.

The basic premise is that print companies can now take images, patterns, colors, or text to make a large scale completely custom wallpaper that you can have installed in your home, office or business location.

digitally printed wallpaper - dfranco elgin

digitally printed wallpaper graphics in a theatredigital wallcoverings

digitally printed wallpaper in a elevator lobby. These customized wallpapers can then be printed to fit the size of any wall, ceilings, windows, or as you see on the road- billboards!

Not only can the size be adjusted to whatever size you want but the look and feel of the graphic can be customized as well!

  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Shiny
  • Dull
  • Light texture
  • Heavy texture
  • Paper
  • Vinyl

It is great!! You pick it, then call us cause we can stick it!!

How expensive is digitally printed wallpaper?

I would love to tell you it will cost you “X” per square foot, but I cannot. There are so many variables that I could not even take a guess.

What I can tell you is that we had one printed for us, it was 8×10, color on a thin vinyl textured material, and it was under $800.00.

There are many companies out there such as Murals your way that make the shopping experience easy and pain free. They even offer the resources to find a wallpaper installer in your area!  (Yes we are on that list)

Where can they be installed?

The beauty of these printed materials is that they are diverse not just in what you want but where you want them:

digital wallcoverings for wall

Digitally printed wallpaper for a health location

digitally printed wallpaper

Digitally printed wallpaper in a men’s washroom

digital wallcoverings - dfranco painting wallpaper

Digital printed wallpaper at a sports facilities

digital wallcoverings - digitally printed wallpaper

Digitally printed wallpaper in your home

digital wallpaper in conference room

Digital wallpaper for a conference room

Here is a video of one that tells a story of a hospital.

What are the drawbacks of digitally printed wallpaper?

There are always disadvantages in any product or thing you want. Wallpaper is no exception. This is the short list of the most common issues:

  • Cost. We touched on this above, this can be affordable, but that does depend on your budget
  • Installation. These are one of those products you don’t want to mess around with if you don’t know what your doing.  There are special tools that help with installation, however, you need to know how to handle them, type of adhesive and if the pattern doesn’t line up- how to blend them together.
  • Location of where it is being installed.  Most of these types of materials will require a wall that has been completed to a level 5 finish.  That means ultra flat and smooth.

Are you ready to have your very own custom wallpaper made and installed just for you?

Then aside from the resources above, give us a call so we can help you with this project and we can help you love the space you’re in! Call, text or email – we are here to help.

Digital Murals for A High School Physics Lab

What color are the walls of your High School? If they are white you are not alone. Ever thought about a digital mural for your High School?

Several weeks ago, I was able to work with Digilio Decorating to install a digital mural for a high school physics lab.

digital murals - wall decals elgin

Here is the wall of the physics lab painted classic white. Prime the walls before installing wallpaper graphics.

wall decals elgin - digital murals

When you take delivery of a mural you have to inspect it. Roll each piece out and look at each piece. Looking for printing defects. Then make sure we have all of the wallpaper you need.

Make sure to measure the wall. You need to compare the wall size to the size of the mural. Will it fit?

digital murals - wall art st. charles

Number each piece. Label the top and bottom. This makes things easy once you paste the wallpaper to have a reference point.

wall art st. charles - digital murals

The walls are almost 17 feet tall. It is possible to install wallpaper with a ladder but it makes things easier with a lift. Levels can be used for straight lines but we used a laser here.
digital murals - wall art pingree grove

Almost completed!

wall art pingree - digital murals

Here is the final image of the completed digital mural. Mike is finishing up the last piece.

Digital graphics or Digital murals are a great way to make an impact on the walls in your home or business. Your school walls can have so much more than white paint. Student artwork can be displayed anywhere in the school.

Read this blog to see how you can use digital graphics in your home.

Watch this video of a wallpaper mural in a restaurant

If you have questions on digital murals for your schools, homes, and places of business- Digilio Decorating and D’franco Painting & Wallpaper are here to serve your decorating needs.

Call or text us for an estimate 847-553-1726. We are here to help you love the house you live in.

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