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What Is Commercial Wallpaper?

Written by David | June 24, 2022

Is wallpaper back? We hear or are asked this question daily. Trick question.. because from our perspective it never went away! We are Commercial Wallpaper and residential wallpaper installers. This represents about 30% of our business.

What are commercial wallcoverings?

Defining commercial wallpaper, also known as commercial wallcoverings, can be tricky. 10 years ago commercial wallpaper was made on specific machines, with specific products that were of specific standards. That is no longer true. When we are defining wallpaper to our new hires or people in our training classes, we define wallpaper as a printed material, similar to fabrics, that can be applied to walls, that is usually over 45 inches wide

Really?? That is it? For us, yes. The wallpaper industry is always evolving, just like everyone else:

  • The type of wallpaper used may be different from month to month.
  • Materials used to make commercial wallpaper if it is vinyl, may be chemically changed due to various petroleum availability and costs.
  • The thickness of the base printed materials are changing. Like how double stuff Oreos used to be stupid thick and now they are the same thickness as regular Oreos used to be!! Or is it just me??
  • The ink that is used to print changes as supplies are available.
  • The print machines are always being improved .
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Where to use Commercial Wallpaper

We are pretty much using it everywhere that traditional wallpaper is used such as in offices, and businesses.

commercial wallpaper
commercial wallpaper in a office

We are seeing more wallpaper being used in offices as accents instead of whole areas, which also is being done in homes too.

Accent Wallpaper

commercial wallpaper - wallpaper installers
commercial wallpaper accent wall
custom wallpaper mural - commercial wallcovering
custom commercial wallpaper
accent wallpaper - commercial wallcovering
accent commercial wallpaper

Wallpaper Murals

Custom wallpaper is really fun! The above is one example but we have installed other custom made wallpapers in banks, homes, retail locations, as well as traditional work space offices. The custom installs are typically considered digital graphics, digital murals, or custom murals.

Here are more blogs we’ve done on wallpaper murals:

The Benefits of Commercial Wallpaper

Ok… there will be people that will argue these points, but these points I reference here are from our 15 plus years as a business.

  • The lifespan of the wallpaper is 10-20 years. The average span of paint is about 3-5, depending on wear and tear. With that comparison the wallpaper is almost half the price
  • The cost to print wallpaper is always changing and so is the cost of paint. Granted, a gallon of paint is $40 dollars and covers 300 square feet . A roll of wallpaper can be $60-90 and it covers from 30-80 square feet plus it has to be installed, and the walls primed.
  • For an average size room we are painting walls and ceilings for about $520. We are installing that same room for $640 (with prep and primer), add your wallpaper and I would guess your at $1,000.00
  • Another perk is that paint is one color. Wallpaper has so many designs, prints, colors, themes, or custom designs. You can really change the look and feel of a room in a day.

What do you think?

Ready to tackle a commercial project or a project using commercial grade wallpaper? Then we will help! Give us a call or email, let us see how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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