Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands
Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands: What to Look For

Decorating your home is an exciting process that allows you to express your unique style and taste. However, this process also involves making important decisions, especially when it comes to selecting quality paint and wallpaper brands. Choosing Quality Paint and Wallpaper Brands makes all the difference in the world for great results.

Hello everyone! I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. Understanding what to look when choosing a paint contractor, type of paints, and manufacturer of wallpapers can be difficult. The right products with the right painter can be a game-changer for your home painting project. It. significantly impacting the final look, durability, and longevity of your decor. So if you ar ein the Elgin, Pingree Grove, St. Charles, or Crystal Lake areas (to name a few)-This article serves as a guide to help you navigate your way to the best paint and wallpaper brands in the market.

Understanding Paint Quality

We Primarily use Sherwin Williams Products for most of our interior painting and exterior painting projects. However we also use Benjamin Moore/JC Licht for Wallpaper adhesive, wallppaer products, interior paint, gel stains and hybrid urathanes.

The quality of paint is determined by two key components: pigments and binders. High-quality paint typically contains more pigment and binders, providing better coverage and durability.

Pigments provide the paint with its color and opacity. The better the pigment quality, the better the color consistency, coverage, and durability.

Binders are what make the paint stick to the surface. Higher-quality binders adhere better and are more resistant to issues like peeling, chalking, or blistering.

Paint Brand Features to Look Out For

When choosing quality paint brands, consider the following features:

  • One-Coat Coverage: Top-quality paints often require fewer coats to fully cover a surface, saving you time and money.
  • Durability: High-quality paints stand up better to cleaning and don’t fade, ensuring your walls look great for years to come.
  • Low VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals found in paints. Quality paint brands offer low or zero-VOC paints, making them safer for your home and the environment.

The Right Paint for the Right Room

Different rooms have different paint needs. For example, kitchen and bathroom paints need to withstand humidity and frequent cleaning. High-quality paint brands offer specific products tailored for different room requirements.

Understanding Wallpaper Quality

Similar to paint, not all wallpapers are created equal. The quality of wallpaper can be determined by its material, print quality, and durability.

Wallpaper Materials

The type of material used in the wallpaper largely determines its quality. Different materials are suitable for different conditions and uses:

  • Vinyl wallpapers are durable and washable, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and spills may be common.
  • Non-woven wallpapers are breathable, helping to prevent issues with mold and mildew. They’re also tear-resistant and easy to remove, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms that may require more frequent redecoration.
  • Natural fiber wallpapers, made from materials like grasscloth or silk, offer a rich, textural aesthetic to a room. However, they require more care and are not as resistant to damage or staining as synthetic wallpapers, so they are best for low-traffic areas that remain relatively dry.

Print Quality

When we talk about print quality in wallpaper, we are referring to the precision of the printing process as it relates to design clarity, color definition, and pattern repetition. High print quality ensures that your wallpaper will have a professional, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and it often indicates a more durable and high-end product.

Let’s delve deeper into what print quality in wallpaper means:

  • Clarity of Patterns: High-quality wallpaper will have distinct, crisp patterns that are well-executed, with sharp lines and clear details. This means that the design printed on the wallpaper won’t appear fuzzy, blurry, or indistinct. It requires high-resolution imagery and precision printing techniques to achieve this level of clarity, which is often a sign of a high-quality product.
  • Well-Defined Colors: The colors of a high-quality wallpaper should be vibrant and well-defined, meaning there shouldn’t be any unintentional fading, discoloration, or blurring between colors. The color should be consistent throughout the pattern and should not bleed into adjacent areas of the design.
  • Pattern Repeat: This refers to the distance between the start of one pattern and the start of the exact same pattern again. In high-quality wallpaper, the pattern repeat should align perfectly from one strip to the next during installation, creating a seamless look. If the pattern repeat does not match up, it can cause a jarring visual effect and disrupt the flow of the design. This match-up is crucial for intricate patterns or designs that need to flow seamlessly across the wall.


A quality wallpaper should be durable, easy to clean, and resistant to fading.

High-quality, durable wallpaper should not tear, scratch, or puncture easily, meaning it should be able to withstand everyday interactions without significant damage. Durable wallpaper is especially important in high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, or children’s rooms, where the wallpaper may be subjected to more physical contact. 

Quality wallpaper should also be able to withstand regular cleaning without the color fading or the material deteriorating. This is especially crucial in areas like the kitchen, where potential splashes from food or drink could stain the wallpaper, or in a child’s room, where the walls might get dirty more frequently.

Another aspect of durability is fade resistance. Colors should remain bright and the patterns clear even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Fade-resistant wallpaper is especially important in rooms with a lot of natural light.

Environmental Impact

Many quality paint and wallpaper brands are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. By offering products with lower or zero-VOC content, paint brands are reducing harmful emissions and promoting healthier indoor environments. Additionally, lower VOC paints help decrease ozone pollution, contributing to the broader fight against climate change.

Some wallpaper manufacturers are taking steps to use sustainably sourced materials in their products. They source raw materials from responsibly managed forests or using recycled or renewable materials where possible. Sustainable sourcing helps to reduce the environmental footprint of these products by ensuring the materials used do not contribute to deforestation or overexploitation of resources.

Many brands are making efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their manufacturing processes, reducing their carbon footprints. This usually involves implementing more efficient machinery, optimizing production processes, using renewable energy sources, or even recovering and reusing waste heat from the production process.

Get Started on Your Next Decorating Project with D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper

Choosing quality paint and wallpaper brands is a crucial step in any home renovation or decorating project. It’s worth investing time to research and select the best brands that offer high-quality, durable products that will enhance your home’s beauty and stand the test of time.

At D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper, we’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your home decor. Our experienced team is always ready to guide you through the process, ensuring you choose products that are not only high in quality but also perfectly suited to your needs and style.
If you’re ready for your next decorating project and want to make sure that you’re investing in quality paint and wallpaper brands, contact us. We eagerly look forward to helping you bring your design and vision to life.

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HAve questions about interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installations or cabient refinishing, let us know! We are here to help you love the space your in.

accent walls
Making a Statement: Using Accent Walls to Redefine Your Space

Are you looking for a great way to update a room in your home? Are you ready for new colors? Maybe your ready to try one of those amazing wallpapers you have seen on tv? Well today is your day – we are giving you the ok you need for Using Accent Walls to Redefine Your Space

accent wallpapaer
accent wall of wallapaper

Adding color can redefine the entire ambiance of a room. If you’re looking to add your personality and your style to your interior spaces, explore the power of accent walls. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore how accent walls can transform your home, creating a captivating focal point that leaves a lasting impression on both residents and guests alike.

The Impact of Accent Walls

My wife loves “living in color”, I would just paint it all one color so I can touch it up when needed. But I will admit i do like seeing the right color or accents. SO – Imagine walking into your house and seeing room that is so visually striking that it captures your attention and draws you in to see or stay longer. That’s precisely what an accent wall does. Whether it’s a bold and vibrant hue, a captivating wallpaper pattern, or an artistic mural, accent walls are designed to make a statement. By choosing the right color or pattern, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your space and create a mood that aligns with your style.

Salmon colored wallpaper from Nathaniel Russel home
Salmon !

Choosing the Perfect Location for an accent wall

When it comes to accent walls, strategic placement is key. Selecting the right wall to highlight can maximize the impact of your design choice. Consider focusing on walls that naturally draw attention, such as the one behind your bed, the area facing the entryway, or the wall that frames your fireplace. By accentuating these focal points, you effortlessly redefine the flow and atmosphere of the room.

One of our favorite customers- hello Janet! loves these decorative accent walls/ceilings using the power or multi colored metallics. We have done bathrooms, foyers, and bedrooms.

2 toned painted ceiling in bathroom
Accent ceilling!

The Versatility of Colors and Patterns

One of the most exciting aspects of using accent walls is the virtually endless array of colors and patterns available. Whether you prefer subtle sophistication or bold and adventurous, there’s a perfect option for every taste. Neutral tones can add a touch of elegance and harmony, while vibrant colors can inject energy and personality. Patterns like geometric shapes, nature-inspired designs, and artistic murals provide endless creative possibilities, allowing you to personalize your space to the fullest.

Dark blue green wall paint for home theater

Creating Visual Balance

While accent walls are meant to stand out, achieving visual harmony is essential. Balancing the design with the rest of the room is crucial to prevent overwhelming the space. To strike the perfect balance, consider the existing color scheme and décor elements in the room. Harmonize the accent wall with complementary colors or patterns that tie everything together seamlessly.

Do’s and Don’ts of Accent Walls

When it comes to accent walls, the choices can be exciting and seemingly endless. A well-designed accent wall can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary, making a powerful statement that reflects your personality and style. To help you achieve the desired impact and create a harmonious space, here are some essential do’s and don’ts for you to follow:

  • DO choose a color or pattern that reflects your personality and style.
  • DO test the chosen color or wallpaper on a small section of the wall before committing to it.
  • DO ensure the lighting in the room enhances the impact of the accent wall.
  • DON’T overdo it with too many accent walls in a single room, as it may create a chaotic look.
  • DON’T use conflicting colors that clash with the room’s existing palette.

DIY or Professional Help?

Now that you’re excited about the potential of accent walls, you might wonder whether it’s a DIY project or best left to the experts. While some might feel confident in tackling this task themselves, it’s important to consider the precision and finesse required to achieve a flawless finish.

If you’re unsure about your painting skills or the intricacies of wallpaper installation, then call us to see how we can can help. We may not know everything, but with our years of experience and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we can bring your accent wall vision to life without the stress and uncertainty of a DIY approach- and as we like to say- Help you love the spae your in!

The Magic of Accent Walls

Accent walls are a powerful tool for transforming your living spaces and making a statement that resonates with your personality and style. With the right color or pattern, strategically placed, and complemented by the overall design of the room, your accent wall can redefine your space and captivate anyone who enters.

Whether you opt for a bold color, an eye-catching pattern, or a stunning mural, remember to maintain visual harmony and balance within the room. And if you want a flawless and professional result, don’t hesitate to trust experts like D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper for your accent wall project.

Embrace the creativity and endless possibilities of accent walls, and let your living spaces reflect the true essence of you.

D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper: Experience You Can Rely On

When it comes to bringing your accent wall vision to life, trust none other than D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper, the experts in delivering exceptional painting and wallpaper installation services. With a reputation built on 20+ years of experience, D’Franco takes pride in transforming homes and businesses in Huntley, Elgin, Pingree Grove, St Charles, and South Elgin, IL.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or redefine your business space, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service remains unwavering. 

Embrace the endless possibilities of accent walls, and let D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper help your living spaces reflect the true essence of you. Take the first step towards transforming your space with our professional expertise.

Contact us today at (847) 349-4112 for a free consultation.

home staging with paint
How Home Staging With Paint Boosts Property Value and Sales

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter. Homeowners and real estate agents understand the significance of presenting a property in its best light to attract potential buyers. One powerful and cost-effective way to elevate a home’s appeal is through strategic home staging with paint. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the secrets of how professional house painting can boost property value and expedite sales, turning houses into irresistible homes for buyers.

The Art of First Impressions: Enhancing Curb Appeal

The moment a potential buyer sets eyes on a property, they form an immediate impression. This initial judgment can influence their decision-making process throughout the home tour. A freshly painted exterior can work wonders for curb appeal, instantly enhancing the visual appeal of a house. Crisp and well-maintained paintwork suggests that the property is cared for and ready for its new occupants. Neutral and inviting color choices are particularly effective, as they allow buyers to envision their personal style within the space.

Creating a Blank Canvas: The Power of Neutral Tones

As buyers step into a home, they often seek a space they can envision as their own. Bold or personalized colors may not align with their preferences, potentially turning them away. Here’s where neutral tones come into play. Painting interior walls with soft, neutral colors provides a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to imagine how they would arrange furniture and decorate the space to their taste. Neutral colors also create a sense of spaciousness, making rooms appear larger and more welcoming.

Highlighting Architectural Features

Every home possesses unique architectural features that deserve to be accentuated. Painting can be a strategic tool in drawing attention to these distinctive elements. Consider using complementary colors to highlight crown molding, archways, or wainscoting, adding character and charm to the overall presentation. This attention to detail can significantly impact a buyer’s perception of the property’s value.

Bidding Farewell to Wear and Tear

Over time, walls may show signs of wear and tear, such as scuff marks, cracks, or stains. Refreshing the paint can work wonders in making a home appear well-maintained and cared for, erasing the traces of daily living. A flawless paint job can create a feeling of newness, giving potential buyers confidence in the property’s overall condition.

Embracing Light and Bright Spaces

Natural light is a highly sought-after feature in any home. Painting rooms in light and bright colors can amplify the effect of natural light, making spaces feel airy and inviting. Opt for soft whites, pale yellows, or light grays to maximize the luminosity of the rooms. Bright spaces exude positivity and make potential buyers feel instantly at ease.

Transforming Dated Spaces into Modern Retreats

In some cases, a home might have a unique layout or outdated features that buyers find challenging to envision fitting their contemporary lifestyle. With a touch of paint, these spaces can be transformed into modern retreats. Consider painting outdated kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of white or a trendy color to give the heart of the home a revitalized appearance. Similarly, older bathrooms can be rejuvenated with soothing, spa-like colors to appeal to potential buyers’ desire for a relaxing haven.

Harmonizing the Flow: The Magic of Color Schemes

A well-coordinated color scheme throughout the home can create a harmonious flow from one room to another. When considering a home staging project, focus on selecting colors that complement each other. Strive for continuity and cohesion, allowing potential buyers to appreciate the home as a cohesive living space rather than a disjointed collection of rooms.

Market trends in home design and decor evolve over time. To appeal to a broader range of buyers, consider integrating trendy colors into the staging process. Do research on popular color palettes and design styles that resonate with current homebuyers. By staying up-to-date with trends, the property becomes more relevant and attractive in the competitive real estate market.

A Final Flourish: Detailing and Finishing Touches

Once the main areas have been painted, don’t forget the finishing touches. Pay attention to doors, baseboards, and trim, as they contribute to the overall visual impact. Ensure these elements are in pristine condition, as they can influence a buyer’s perception of the home’s overall quality.

Professional vs. DIY Painting: The Importance of Quality

While DIY painting can be tempting to save on costs, the quality of the paint job can make a significant difference. Hiring professional painters ensures a flawless and precise finish, increasing the overall appeal of the property. Additionally, professionals can offer valuable advice on color choices and trends that align with the target audience.

Elevate Your Property’s Appeal with D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper

At D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper, we are dedicated to transforming your property into a captivating and market-ready home. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our expert team knows the secret to enhancing your property’s appeal through expert painting services.

Our skilled painters take pride in delivering flawless execution, highlighting your property’s unique architectural features and maximizing its curb appeal. Whether it’s an elegant vintage residence or a modern urban home, we curate tailored color palettes that resonate with potential buyers and create a lasting impression.

Understanding that every property holds its own charm, we offer personalized solutions that align with your vision for your home. Our commitment to attention to detail ensures seamless transitions from room to room, capturing the essence of your property’s distinct character.

Call us now at (847) 349-4112 to get started.

Top 3 Problems with Painted Cabinets St. Charles

Cabinet painting has been a solid foundation of how we help people with improving their homes with painting. Finding a paint contractor in the St. Charles (and fox valley area) that can help you navigate the Top 3 Problems with painted cabinets is not easy. Everyone wants to hear how easy and affordable with our knowing there can be issues with painted cabinets. So let dive in St. Charles!

Hey Everyone, I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper, painting in St. Charles, Geneva, South Elgin, Bartlett, West Dundee and Elgin to name a few locations we serve.

Frequently asked questions about cabinet painting?

Here is a video to help with this one..

Water damaged cabients

water damaged cabinet - top 3 problems with painted cabinets

Look familiar? Water damage is the number one problem with wood cabinets. It doesn’t matter if it is stained or painted cabinets, wood floors, or wood furniture, water will cause permanent damage to wood.

There several ways water can cause damage to wood cabinets, floors or furniture:

  • Leaving wet rags hanging on cabinets
  • Not using coasters on your furniture
  • High humidity
  • Washing wood (painted or stained) with water and leaving heavy water residue on the wood surfaces

After 15 years of painting and re-staining cabinets, water damage is always an issue.

The cabinets by your sink get the most abuse!

  • Water from washing your hands, doing dishes, cooking, and cleaning usually take their toll in this area of your kitchen cabinetry.
  • Next are the cabinets or cabinet panels next to your dishwasher. The ventilation from dishwashers was not given much thought as to where the steam goes. They have traditionally either gone out the top damaging countertops or out the sides damaging the cabinet right next to your dishwasher.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean cabinets – vinegar and water are all you need. Chemical cleaners will cause the finishes of your cabinets to break down faster and then allow water into the wood.
  • Fix any problem as soon as it is seen, don’t wait for it to get worse!

Will paint peel from my cabinets painted cabinets?

When the time is taken to do the right prep work on your wood cabinets -the paint will not peel from your cabinets.  When we are getting cabinets ready for paint we have a multi-step process to make sure the paint sticks to the wood:

  • We clean the entire cabinet surface with TSP, degreaser cleaner. This can take several times to get cabinets clean
  • We also scuff sand the surfaces to give the primer something to stick to. When the cabinets are previously painted, the surface is slick so paint or primer has nothing to stick to. Think of it as glass vs. your skin – they both look smooth but one is more porous than the other.
  • Bonding primer is what should be used as your primer for cabinets. This stuff will bond to almost anything! Without the right primer, paint will have issues with sticking to any wood you are painting.
sanding and cabinet prep before painting
dresser drawers getting repaired

The devil is in the details!! All of the prep work is the key to a great, long lasting paint job.

sanding and primong cabinets before painting

As for the paint- USE THE BEST! ILVA, ML Campbell, Shur Wood Aqua Chem, And now Urathanes, they are the best finishes to use for cabinets.  They are great paints!!!

How can I stop paint chipping on my cabinets?

I do want to put it our there- we cannot prevent chipping paint. No one can. Paint chipping from a painted cabinet from the surface will happen. When paint chips is from the wood being damaged. If a wood cabinet is dented- the paint will chip.

We would love to say there is magic way to prevent chips from happening, but there is not. Just like your car- we can’t prevent it.

Can you fix the peeling paint on my cabinets?

No.  If the paint is peeling from your cabinets then the only way to fix it is to strip all of the paint from the door(s). Sanding is usually the top method for that.

Other questions about cabinet painting?

These are the top 3 problems with painted cabinets we are asked,but if you have other questions about cabinet painting – please contact us and let us know!

Most common questions about painting a house you should know

Man that is a mouth full right? When we get a phone call or email about house painting we tend to get several questions that almost everyone asks about house painting. If your not sure about color, cost or prep needed to paint your home here is a starting place for you. So lets dive into the Most common questions about painting a house you should know. These are also common painting problems- so read on!

Hell Everyone, I am David Cook, owner of Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL. We help people painting the interior and exterior of their homes. We can also help with staining homes and decks as well. (dont forget our cabinet painting and wallpaper services).

Our painting services extend to most of the Chicago land Fox Valley Area including Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Carpentersville, Barrington, Bartlett and south Elgin.

How much will it cost to paint my house?

The number 1 question people want to know is the cost to paint. While we can give some general idea, we cannot say exact. We charge a minimun of $600 for our painters to go to a home.

It sounds expensive we know. When you add in liability insurance, workmans comp, unemployment insurance, materials, gas and paint, it adds up fast. We also want to make sure our painters are making a fair and good wage to provide for their families.

If you have a 2 story foyer you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200 and up. Final cost to paint your foyer will depend on the over all size.

Here is an article we wrote about whole house painting..

What kind of paint do you use?

We use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints. These are easy to get, as there is a store of each right next to each other in Huntley. These are high quality paint.

Interior paint can vary in sheen form one brand to another. Paint colors are also unique to each paint manufacturer. So looking at different brands for your paint job is wise.

Does it matter what sheen I pick?

Paint Sheen is how shiney a paint is. Each sheen of paint can have a different price. Every Sheen has its own unique properties and value.

Flat paint is great for ceilings. Flat hides imperfections of the surfaces being painted. Flat paintis also easy to touch up. Some Interior Designers also like flat paint as it shows the color to its truest form.

Higher sheen like eggshell satin and semi gloss are more reflective. The reflection of the paint can look great. Keep in mind the more reflection paint has the more issues you can see. These issues may be nics, scrapes, dust, dirt, nail pops, or cracks in the wall.

For bathroom painting, there are specific paints to use. These paints vary in sheen as well, so the type of paint is more important than the sheen being used.

How long will it take to paint my house?

Each room of the house will vary in the time needed to paint. When it comes to the Most common questions about painting a house you should know this is the hardest question to answer. Your paint project may have Issues such as:

  • Size of the room determines how long it will take to paint
  • Painting walls only vs painting ceilings and trim affects the time needed
  • How many rooms are we painting
  • How much surface prep is needed?
  • Do we need to repair interior walls before painting?
  • How much furniture is there that we need to work around
  • How many coats of paint we need to use
  • The height of a wall affects how long we need for painting
  • Humidity affects the dry time of paint surface for exterior painting and interior painting

What do I need to move before you paint?

We do move some furniture items. To make is easy we use furniture gliders. Some things we cannot move:

  • TV’s from walls
  • you need to completly remove fragile items
  • valuables- high end paintings for example
  • cabinets or furniture with knick knacks on them
  • pianos
  • Appliances**. (water line or gas line hook ups can break or leak)

Will you fix nail holes from pictures?

This question is probalbly the number 2 question but it varies. If we see a hole we fill it, it there is a nail (unless you say other wise) we fill it.

Are you insured or bonded to paint?

Great Question!! This is one of the reasons we are typiclly more expesive painters. Work compensaton and liabilty can accout for 12-20% of the cost to paint your house.

It is important to know the painters in your home are proberly insured! If a painter is hurt in your home- what will happen?. If somethng is broke how will it be replaced? What happens if there is a paint failure – usually on a exterior- how will it get fixed.

We do not get into bonds- as that typically refers to government projects.

Last but not least is Employee or Subs

For many years we prided on having family members and full time employees as our work force. Family members went to other types of work. Covid changed our workforce.

We struggled with using Subcontracotor painters. It was to our detriment and yours we dis not hire independent or subcontracors sooner. We have found these paint contractors love what they do, are efficient and offer us more opportunity to serve you better.

Most of our subs have all of their owne tools and equiptment, and for exterior work that is a huge advantage. Not having to rent tall ladders to reach tall exterior surfaces saves you money!

As with any full time painter we hire, all of the subs we use also are back round checked. We want you to feel confident in the people that are coming to your home.

Do you have other questions about painting?

The Most common questions about painting a house you should know as we have them here are from our customers. Do you have other painting concern or questions- let us know! We are here to see how we can help you as best we can.

Common Problems Painting White Walls

Common Problems Painting White Walls

2024 looks to continue in the trend of painting walls white. For the past several years we painted grey. The grey was the way!! Agreeable grey was by far our most popular color. For the past several months, painting homes white has been making its way as the most popular color.

Painting walls white does not come easy, so we are going to look at some of the most common problems painting white walls

Hello everyone- today we are talking white! I am David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper. We assist customers in various areas including Elgin, Algonquin, Pingree Grove, West Dundee, Carpentersville, South Elgin, and Bartlett.


White painted hallways

We were at a home show yesterday. People asked us the most common question, “What are the most common problems when painting white walls?” So lets dive in!

Top compaint about white walls

By far and large the most common issue people face with white walls is cleaning. White like black shows everything. So if you have a home with kids and dogs, you better have a washable paint.

What color White should I use to paint my house?

Picking colors os something we don not do. We can tell you what is the most popular colors we have used. We can tell you what colors to stay away from.

White painted living room

Whites can have green, yellow, blue and grey tones to them making it very tricky to select a color. Keep in mind natural light. Lighting affects the colors you use.

The most popolar white we have used over the past year are:

  • Chantilly lace
  • Simply white
  • Pure White
  • Alabaster
  • Snowbounnd
  • Ice Cube

If you need help picking a white or any other other color- what we do is reccommend is:


Will white paint cover my existing paint colors

If there ever was a question to get a painter in trouble this is it. Maybe do you like the color would be worse.

Painting over dark colors typically means we are priming walls then painting them. If we have to paint over red or yellow- we are priming walls as well. Most times when we paint white walls we have to use 3 coats of paint.

Painting white over green

White paint is not the same as it used to be. White paints since covid have changed significantly. We were told that the reason is the loss of an ingredient called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient made white paint more opaque, able to hide imperfections better.

When we change ceiling whites- 9 or 10 times we have to paint twice to cover the old color.

Can you touch up white ceilings?

If your ceilings have been recently painted -yes. That is considering you have the same paint and you have a dead flat white paint.

We love CHB sherwin Williams. It is the workhourse of the ceiling paint we use. It covers great- it is true flat and it has not relaly changed in 15 years so we can use it to touch up!

No way to touch up this ceiling

You can see the video we did on white flat paint here. Not all white paints are really flat!!

Can you match the white paint colors I picked?

Matching white paint is a yes and no. If you want to use BEHR white in Sherwin Williams, it won’t work. If you want to match Chantilly lace in Sherwin Williams, it won’t happen.

Keep in mind that other paint brands cannot match the whites offered by Sherwin Williams. So if you pick a white from Sherwin Williams- we use Sherwin Paint. Benjamin Morre colors gets Benjamin moore Paint

Lets paint your house white!

We truly don’t care about the color, we just want to help you love the space you’re in by giving you the look and feel you will adore. When we Paint with Purpose, we offer assistance to a woman who has been sexually abused.

With every house we paint you make a difference. The money we raise sends them to camps, events, and provides the help they need in their recovery process. So when you hire us to paint, you are also helping someone in need!

Have other questions?- let us know..

Have a great day and God Bless!!!!

Painting your house before moving in!

If you are buying a home, or moving into a new home, then nothing beats the look and feel of your home. Painitng your walls, gives you a clean, neat, and perfect Feeliing!

Moving to a new house? Most customers want new paint colors. And since you are moving you are asking about how Painting your house before moving in can happen.

Hi, I’m David With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley. We serve towns like Barrington, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Pingree Grove, St. Charles, and Bartlett. Today we are discussing a call we receive frequently – painting your house before moving in. We are here to see how we can help you love the space your in by helping with your interior house painting before moving

Scheduling your painting before moving in

One of the biggest obstacles that we hear from customers is can you get the painting done on a certain date. We would love to say yes to every single one. (Here is our link to schedule an estimate for you). It has been an extremely high success rate for us because of the amount of crews, people, and resources we have access to.

a house ready to be painted
Open areas help us Paint your house faster before moving in

When are you closing? This is the biggest obstacle. Closing dates are not 100% for sure, so if there is a delay, it can wreak havoc on our schedule as well as yours. So the more notice you have the better.

Working around other contractors when we paint

The next biggest issue on paint jobs is working around other trades or contractors. Painting your home before you move in usually means we need to be quick cause you don’t have much time. So we are gonna ask you some questions that week absolutely do need to know before we start your interior painting;

  • will you be doing any work to your cabinets?
  • are you having new carpet or flooring installed or removed?
  • is there going to be an electrician moving lights, outlets or switches?
  • do we need to move furniture?
  • do you want or take out any mirrors or vanities?
painting while we work around other trades
it is no fun working around other trades when we need to paint

These questions affect when we can paint. If you are getting new floors, then we don’t want to paint until old floors are out. We have painted before new floors are installed- I just don’t recommend it – it can. lead to issues later (knick/dings in walls, scrapes on trim etc)

repairing drywall before we paint
get this type of work done before moving in!

Are there holes for new lights, if so-you must fix those holes. It is better to paint after completing all other work so that you can make the mess, clean it up, and then paint.

Knowing your colors before you move in

I would say picking paint colors is the most difficult thing to figure out. What colors do you want to paint?

We have designers we use to help! Best of all these designers are free to you! It can be tricky if your bringing in items from another house, as they have a color or tone that has to be considered in their new location. We have done a few videos on popular colors, check them out!

Once you have colors selected it is easy for us to come in the house, cover the floors, and start painting.

Can you paint after moving in?

Yes of course you can! We can help with that as well. It may take a bit longer, as we have to cover everything or move items out of the way. Residential re-painting after you are in the home is the norm.

painting ceilings, covering everything with plastic
Painting a furnished home

So if your moving in, moving out, repainting, or repairing- we can help with your house painting needs

Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes Crystal Lake IL

If you own a home in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Such as Crystal Lake, and you have a Deck or wood siding home, then you will be thinking of what type of stains to use at your house. Today we are sharing a video, about Best Exterior Stains for Decks and homes in Crystal Lake IL area.

I am David Cook, of Dfranco Painting here in Huntley, IL, and today’s question is about best stains to use for the exterior of your home, fencing, decks. So we will start with a video from the Store Manager at Sherwin Williams in Crystal Lake, IL. Even though Scott has some great information, you can use this information in other areas such as Elgin, St. Charles, Barrington, Bartlett, or Pingree Grove.

Exterior stains to use for homes, decks, and siding

Transparent or Solid stain?

If you have wood decks, then odds are transparent stains are typically what are used. A transparent stain is basically is a clear finish with some color in it. It does a great job of adding a water resistance or water proofing to help keep water off the wood surfaces to protect the wood for years to come. Keep in mind with all stains in the Chicago area, this is a maintenance program. You will have to keep adding stain or coatings to protect the wood as the weather will wear and tear on wood surafces.

Solid stain is almost like paint. It is made to grab or bite, into the wood. It is kind of like paint to protect the surfaces, but it also gives a great barrier to keep the elements at bay. The stains are a richer look and feel compared to paints.

Should I use Oil based stains ?

Oil based stains can be a real pain to use. The smell, you have to use gloves, you need to have hazardous materials to clean up with, and they are difficult to dispose of when done.

That being said, Oil based products resist the elements much better than some of their water based or water borne products. Oil based products can become more fragile as they age- so they peel or crack after some years, where as the water based products usually will flake off just wear away (from our experience)

Oil based products also will need chemicals to strip them when they need to be redone, so there is more of an expense there as well.

Water borne or water based stains

The best part of these stains is that they are easy to clean up, easy to strip, and easy to get tinted. They are not meant for long-term use- not much is when it comes to water resistance and wood. The hybrid versions are waterborne, and they do offer a longer life than traditional water-based products.

I like the hybrids alot, and they seem to perfomr better over all, from our persective as painters at least.

What stain should I use?

This is a you get what you pay for, so answering what are the Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes, Crystal Lake, IL can be subjective a bit. Price, preference, color make a difference. However, the better the products used the better the life span of these products. We are Sherwin products for the most part as the stores are close to where we work, have good delivery, and great pricing, and they really do work with us to warranty their products.

Do you have question? Best Exterior Stains for decks and homes, Crystal Lake, IL

Best Paints and stains for exterior painting in Elgin, IL

Spring 2024 is here!!! That means yard work, power washing and exterior painting season! If you have a house with wood, then you may be asking what ar the Best Paints and Stains for Exterior painting in Elgin, IL!

Hello Everyone- David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper Here in Huntley, IL , and today’s article is from a question on what re the best paints or stains to use on my home? If you live in the Pingree grove, Gilberts, South Elgin, Geneva, or Algonquin areas- here is some information for you!

Best exterior Paints from Sherwin Williams

Austin From Sherwin talks about Paint

So we had some fun with this blog post and leaned into the experts at Sherwin Williams! The store in South Elgin, store manager Austin, gave us some great information on paint and stains for your home and or business. You can hit this link for more information on paint from Sherwin Williams

These paints can be used (depending on surfaces) for painting:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Hardy Board
  • Wood Siding
  • Cedar siding
  • previously painted surfaces
  • some types of vinyl siding
  • garage doors

Get a estimate now!

Best Stains for Exteriors of homes

exterior stain option from Sherwin Williams South Elgin

Living in the Chicago area, there are are many areas where wood siding is used for exterior of homes. Cedar siding is the most prevent wood siding, with cement or hardy board being close 2nd. We see a lot of homes with manufactured wood/copmposite type siding as well.

Using Stain is something made for wood. It has more adhesion properties, and gives a very unique look for wood surfaces.

Transparent oil stains for wood

exterior oil for wood

If you have cedar siding and have used oil type stains, then you want to keep oil in the wood, if possible. Oil does provide the best protection for surfaces made from wood as it naturally repels water. Oil will fade just like water based products. The Greta thing about oil toning products such as Rymar, is that you don’t have to strip oils stain before adding more protection or color.

Ryman Is one type of oil, but Sherwin Also sells Super deck oil stain than can be used on decks, siding or wood/log surfaces!

Getting an exterior paint estimate for your home

aside from filling out our contact us page, you can call anytime- we would love to see how we can help you with your exterior:

  • exterior painting
  • Pressure washing
  • Painting Siding
  • Staining Decks
  • Cedar siding Staining

God Bless!!

Paint Contractor Huntley, IL

If you are searching for a painter- you have landed in the right spot! know I have have used those same words for plumbers, electricians and septic contractors. Personally, I think D’franco Painting & Wallpaper is the best paint contractor in the Huntley area.  Here is a video that goes into one reason that we are different!

Is there a difference between painters?

As much as I hate to say this, the answer really is – It depends. Can there be that much of a difference? O Oh yes! . These are the top questions you should be asking:

  • Are you insured?
  • Do you use Subcontractors or have employees?
  • Do you have workman’s compensation?
  • How soon can you do our work?
  • What kind of paints do you use?
  • Do your crews speak English or can communicate clearly while the project is happening?
  • Have you done ____ before?
  • Does the company have any on line or Google Reviews?
  • Finally, how much will it cost?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a paint contractor in Crystal Lake, Geneva, Pingree Grove, or South Elgin.  The right person for the right job is really up to you.  Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If you have one estimate that includes paint and the other does not, or if one person is quoting dutch boy and another is using Sherwin Willaims Emerald paint- there will be a difference in cost.

How should I pick a Painter?

I am speaking on behalf of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, and what my wife looks for when we have to hire a contractor for our home.

Do they have a website, google reviews or referrals from the local paint stores? How long they have been in business? How much experience do they have? Most importantly – do I trust them?

Are you covered? We have to carry several types of insurance to protect our employees, our company and you the customer. In Illinois, some of these insurances can be expensive. Workman’s comp for example- if someone is hurt- who pays for that injury of it takes place at your home? Other trades need to be licensed – painters right now do not.

How much experience do they have? We pride ourselves in experience and our online reviews.  We want you to know how many times we have done a project. All you have to do is check out our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and of course our website.

Do they have their information on their vehicle when they show up? Most of Our work vehicles have our logos, and company information. I like to see when people show up, they take pride in who they are as a business. It helps to establish trust as well, as you know who is in your driveway or parking in front of your house. Your neighbors can relax knowing who or what the car is in your driveway or in front of their house as to who is parking out front. (We do however use Subcontracotrs, that you can see on our team member page.)

Best ways to search for Paint Contractors?

Obviously, google is the top of the list but there are other ways to find good, reputable, and quality people. Don’t limit yourself when the “best painter near me” is not actually right in your home town. Good contractors travel. Google also varies search results so a top ranked contracotr may not sho wup today but will in 1 hour. Do they have google verified? That is another great thing to search for.

  • Have you asked your local paint store, or a few in the area? I usually ask 3 people
  • Ask people you know, work with or family
  • I have called people from the number on a work vehicle before
  • There are a lot of people using Facebook as well

Ready to get your house painted?

I hope this article helped. There are a lot of really great contractors and people to help you with your home. I hope we can be one of them, but I also know we may not be the best fit for everyone. We are here to help. If you need a good contractor- give us a call we will see if we have someone we know will help.

When the time comes for wallpaper, cabinet painting, or traditional painting, we hope we can Help. We serve the greater Chicago area and NW Suburbs including Hamshire, Huntley, Carpentersville, St. Charles, or other surrounding suburbs.  Give us phone call or text to help you love the space you are in.

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