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Where can I buy custom wallpaper murals?

Written by David | February 18, 2021

Custom wallpaper murals!  Now that you see them, where do you buy them?

As we have been installing wallpaper murals, we share the results on our social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Google My Business (Google Maps) and Facebook. With all of these posts we also have been asked “where can I buy custom wallpaper murals?”

Well here are the top 3 that I know of.

Buying wallpaper murals

This company is based in the USA. We have done a blog post before (How to buy a custom mural) about knowing where the wallpaper is coming from or what products are used to make the wallpaper.  I would read that blog as well so you have an idea of how and the questions you need to have answers for before you buy.

digital wall mural - story mural
health care story mural

The one constant question is “how big?” No matter who you call, that is the question you will be asked.  Size matters!

  • The bigger the wall, the bigger the file size you’ll need
  • File size refers to the image you are wanting to have a wallpaper mural made of
  • The larger the file the better the quality of the wallpaper mural
  • Poor images or low file size results in the mural to be very pixelated or blurry. It will look like the digi camo the military guys are wearing.
commercial wallpaper mural - custom wall murals
here is a custom graphic or mural used in a business

Another consideration is what kind of wallpaper? Self stick or traditional paste the paper wallpaper?

  • Self stick, or peel and stick wallpaper, is where the wallpaper, usually some type of vinyl, has some type of adhesive already applied to the wallpaper. No need to apply wallpaper paste.
  • Traditional paste the paper has nothing on the back of the wallpaper. You will have to have the adhesive and apply it to the wallpaper before applying it to the wall.

What is better? Self stick or paste the paper?

I can’t say one is better than the other. They are just different.  Self stick is becoming more popular for sure. We have found that self stick can be very difficult to work with. Think of it like contact paper to some extent. If it sticks to itself it may not come apart. One other factor is the thickness of the self stick. It is sold or made by the mil – that is how thick the materials are. You will also see this reference when you buy trash bags or plastic. When the mil is a higher number it means it’s a thicker material. These thicker materials are also easier to install (usually).

peel and stick wallpaper - custom wallpaper murals
peel and stick wallpaper

Pasting paper also comes in different thickness, but more times than not, we don’t know how thick it is.  Commercial wallpaper will be labeled type I, II, III, and like the vinyl, the higher the number the thicker the paper. (even though commercial wallpaper is actually vinyl! Confused? Join the club.)  The wallpaper we receive to install varies from tissue paper consistency to heavy paper the thickness of a cereal box.

wallpaper mural - heavy duty wallpaper
heavy duty wallpaper mural

As you are applying the paste to the paper you need room. We use special wallpaper pasting tables. These tables are about 3×6 feet.   These papers also need time to absorb the adhesive which is called the booking time.

installing wallpaper murals
this was one of the type III murals we installed

Each of these materials have there benefits and their drawbacks. Either way, calling a wallpaper installer to help with more detailed answers is always a safe bet.

3 Companies that you can buy custom wallpaper murals from

Murals your way is one company that can make murals to fit the size of the mural you want.  When you call them at 888-558-0279, you get prompted to choose residential or commercial.  After that every time I have called I have  received a person to talk to. We have installed both their self stick and paste the paper products. Both have been very easy and seamless to install.  They have excellent customer service and support if something is wrong. Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter they are always helping you with ideas and will send out 30% saving codes here and there. is another US-based company. We reached them at 877-448-7295 and we have received voicemail and a live operator.  We’re in the process of installing one of their self stick products here in a few weeks but we have not installed any of their paste the paper products.

There were a few points that had me more interested in them. They have product installers on staff that we could talk to about the tips tricks and special instructions.  The other was that they are being featured on the HGTV program Big Beach Builds. (I have never seen it or heard of it but you can look for it)

Your local sign shop!  If you are here locally in the Elgin or Fox Valley area Image 360 in South Elgin is the one we go to. You may think of them as just business cards, banners, car graphics, etc. but they can also print large images on wallpaper-type stock!  I like the local aspect myself.  Call your local shops to see what they can offer. If they can help, AWESOME!!

Did we help?

A small blog, but quick and to the point. We want to make sure we send you to people we have used, know they can get you what you want and most important what will work! If you have questions we love to hear how we can help!! Maybe we can feature someone you know who sells and produces wallpaper as well! Let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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