How much does it cost to paint a room?

Are you looking to have a room in your home painted?

It would seem like a pretty easy question but among other considerations, one of the top questions will be: How much does it cost to paint a room?

There are several factors and things to consider when looking for interior painting services. We will walk you through our process and what you can expect to pay D’franco Painting & Wallpaper to paint your room.

interior home painting
Painting family room – Ceiling, walls and trim painted

Doing a paint estimate virtually?

Virtual estimates started at the end of 2019 for us. COVID definitely made that happen for most paint contractors as almost a must.  We do our estimates several ways:

  • We can do an on-site visit – still the best way to make sure nothing is missed
  • I can look up your home and see what rooms you want painted with redfin!
  • Using your smart phone we can do a facetime call
  • There is also zoom and other google video calls we can do
  • Then the basic send pics via text message
  • If you’re buying a house we can get an estimate started for you from a online listing site

Anything other than on-site visit will still need an on-site verification before we set things in stone. There are always things missed with the virtual estimates BUT they are very very close in the cost.

How much will it cost to just paint the walls in my room?

Pretty easy question right? Yes and no. Here is what we will ask:

  • What color are you looking to have painted?
  • What type of sheen are you looking to have on your walls? Not sure? Check out our blog on how to choose an interior paint finish
  • Which type of paint are you looking to use? (contractors grade, premium or high washable)
  • Is there any damage to the walls we need to repair?
  • Are all your window treatments staying?
  • Will the outlet and switch plate covers be painted?
  • Do the walls have any issues such as being excessively cold in the winter?
  • Are there any issues such as hair products, crayons, magic markers, or other stains that we need to look at?
  • Would there be any heavy objects that need to be moved?
  • What is the size of the room? (Foyer will be more)

All of these issues can affect the cost. The time needed to make repairs, special primers to cover sharpies on the walls, all affect the cost. Some of the items like heavy furniture may require two painters on your project vs. one.

panting a foyer - interior painting
Painting a foyer like this will usually cost $800-$1000

All things being equal, we will charge about $510.00 to paint a average size say 12×12 room. Just keep in mind the above questions as that can affect the final cost as well as the always changing cost of materials.  

How much will the estimate to paint my room increase by adding ceilings?

For the most part, painting ceilings is a very easy add on to the paint project. Knowing what color is usually the hardest part. The questions we ask above will also play a part in the cost of the room, but typically expect 25% of the existing cost to be the charge for the ceiling in the above quote of $510, you can expect to add about $90-$110

painting ceiling - interior painting services
Painting the ceiling can adds a huge AHHHH! to a room, but will also add to the time and materials needed

How much will it cost to me paint the trim in the room as well?

painting wood trim white
Painting wood trim white? That will affect the cost of painting your room

The first thing we need to know is if the trim is painted white already. If you have wood trim like above, then there are several issues and factors that will affect cost. Sometimes painting the wood trim is as much as painting the room itself…sometimes more. The steps we have to take to paint wood trim are:

  • Filling all nail holes.
  • Caulking the trim to wall.
  • If there are multi layers (2-3 pieces), then they each have to be caulked as well.
  • All the wood has to be cleaned.
  • We will need to prime the wood.
  • Then we can paint it.

If your trim is white already, we just need to know if it is base trim, crown, windows and doors? Expect to add at least $200 if doing doors and trim.

Why Choose D’franco Painitng & Wallpaper to paint your home?

dfranco dollars - dfranco painting
Here is 1 of our D’franco $100 referral vouchers!

Did this help? We hope so. If you have more questions about how much your room will cost to get painted, then please call or text! We want to help you love the space you’re in!


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