Best Paints and stains for exterior painting in Elgin, IL

Spring 2024 is here!!! That means yard work, power washing and exterior painting season! If you have a house with wood, then you may be asking what ar the Best Paints and Stains for Exterior painting in Elgin, IL!

Hello Everyone- David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper Here in Huntley, IL , and today’s article is from a question on what re the best paints or stains to use on my home? If you live in the Pingree grove, Gilberts, South Elgin, Geneva, or Algonquin areas- here is some information for you!

Best exterior Paints from Sherwin Williams

Austin From Sherwin talks about Paint

So we had some fun with this blog post and leaned into the experts at Sherwin Williams! The store in South Elgin, store manager Austin, gave us some great information on paint and stains for your home and or business. You can hit this link for more information on paint from Sherwin Williams

These paints can be used (depending on surfaces) for painting:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Hardy Board
  • Wood Siding
  • Cedar siding
  • previously painted surfaces
  • some types of vinyl siding
  • garage doors

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Best Stains for Exteriors of homes

exterior stain option from Sherwin Williams South Elgin

Living in the Chicago area, there are are many areas where wood siding is used for exterior of homes. Cedar siding is the most prevent wood siding, with cement or hardy board being close 2nd. We see a lot of homes with manufactured wood/copmposite type siding as well.

Using Stain is something made for wood. It has more adhesion properties, and gives a very unique look for wood surfaces.

Transparent oil stains for wood

exterior oil for wood

If you have cedar siding and have used oil type stains, then you want to keep oil in the wood, if possible. Oil does provide the best protection for surfaces made from wood as it naturally repels water. Oil will fade just like water based products. The Greta thing about oil toning products such as Rymar, is that you don’t have to strip oils stain before adding more protection or color.

Ryman Is one type of oil, but Sherwin Also sells Super deck oil stain than can be used on decks, siding or wood/log surfaces!

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