Can maple cabinets be painted white?

painted maple cabinets

If you have Maple Cabinets in your kitchen, you may be asking yourself… Can maple cabinets be painted white?

Maple cabinets look great. They are very sturdy, and their finishes can withstand the wear and tear in a high-traffic area. But once a maple cabinet has been stained and clearcoated, it can be very difficult to change its color to a new stain. That is where we come in. Have you ever considered painting your cabinets white?

natural maple cabinets

Here are natural maple cabinets.

Can Maple cabinets be painted white?

Not only can maple cabinets be painted white, but they can be painted any color you choose. Right now, the most popular color is white. Grey is next, followed by blue or black. So, how do we do it? Will painted cabinets last? Will the painted maple cabinets chip?

  • Just like painting cherry or oak cabinets, we have to clean them.
  • Once they are cleaned, we will have to sand these doors and get them ready for primer.
  • We will then apply a bonding primer to the maple cabinets. Our preference is Stix, which is actually made for glass and tile. If the primer is sticking to glass- it will stick to wood!
  • Once the primer dries overnight, then we will apply the final paint choice of color.

You can pick the color and finish you want. For the finish, there are a few choices: dull, matte, satin, or semi-gloss.

maple cabinets being painted white

Here are the maple cabinets being painted white.

Do painted maple cabinets Chip?

As you can read in other blogs posts about painting cabinets, painted cabinets can hold up very well. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Painted cabinets are just that…paint. Paint does wear. Paint also does not play well with water (more on that later).
  • If the cabinets are properly prepared, they will last for several years.
  • PLEASE do not wash with water. Use a 50/50 mix with water and vinegar.
  • DO NOT leave wet wash cloths, towels, or rags sitting on the top or edges of painted cabinet doors. You will not like the results.
  • Chipping actually happens when the wood has been impacted- blunt force, dented. When the wood bends, the  paint does not, which creates a chip

We have been painting cabinets for over 15 years now. In that time, we have had just 2 call backs. One was from a dog that started eating a door. The other was from a sink that broke…water damage everywhere.

What is the warranty for chips?

Our warranty for painted cabinets is just like the warranty you will get when you buy a car. If the paint peels, we will fix it. If something causes paint to chip- a rock on the road it is not covered. Eating Utensils, cleaning tools, toys, and fingernails are the most common causes of paint chips. We can fix them, but we can’t warranty wood to not dent.

What will my kitchen look like while being painted?

We do our best to make sure that the kitchen or cabinets that are being painted are “quarantined” off. We do the following:

  • Cover the floors.
  • Mask off the cabinets with plastic.
  • Use vacuums to eliminate the over-spray and dust.
  • Make sure that we work as fast as possible to not inconvenience our customers, so we are in and out as fast as possible.

This is cabinets masked prior to primer

Here are the maple cabinets with primer.

maple cabinets painted white

Here is a tent we use to section off – or quarantine – the kitchen.

How much will it cost?

You can figure about $130.00 per box as a base price. However, the best thing to do is call, text, or email us.

Schedule an estimate now!

We will get a look at your kitchen and give you an accurate cost to paint your cabinets. You can also text us a picture and we will give you a rough estimate based off your photos! We are here to help you love the space you’re in. Let us show you how painting your maple, cherry, or oak cabinets will improve the look, value, and feel of your home.

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