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Commercial Painting and Wallpaper

Written by David | March 5, 2020

Are you looking for Commercial Painting and Wallpaper for your school, business, or work site?

As you search for a contractor to perform these services, do you know what you are looking for? Hi! I am David Cook, owner of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper. I hope I can provide some insights based off the questions we are asked as to how to hire someone for Commercial painting and wallpaper!

commercial painting - dfranco elgin
Commercial painting of brick walls
commercial wallpaper installation - conference room wallpaper
Commercial wallpaper installation for a conference room

Are you insured?

This is one of the first questions we are asked by property managers, building managers, general contractors and insurance companies. It is a good question to ask-but a better question is not if you are insured but do you have _______ type of insurance. Why did you ask that question? It is because you have a specific need- so ask the specific of what you need.

We have lost jobs because of our limits being to low, not enough liability etc.

Are your employees given background checks?

I love this question!  YES!!  I want to know who is working in my house.  We just had a customer make a comment to us last week about not knowing who the employees are in their house.  I never thought about making home owners feel at ease by telling them up front about background checks and having pictures of our employees coming to a job site- till yesterday.

But…there is always a but!  Do you know if the contractor you hired uses employees? Did you ask? There are many times we are used as a subcontractor as a commercial wallpaper installer as well as residential wallpaper installer because they do not do that type of work.   Using a subcontractor or having them for your project is not a bad thing- just know who is coming and if they have the insurance or background checks.

Is commercial painting different from residential painting?

It should not be, but the reality it is there are different materials used on a commercial side that would not be used in your home.  The painting on a commercial setting can be more forgiving, more messy, less technical.

commercial painting services
Special surfaces to be considered in a commercial painting setting
  • Commercial buildings are usually sprayed
  • Commercial setting usually need lifts or scaffolding
  • When we have painted commercially, we don’t have to worry about carpet or hardwood floors
  • Paint odor in commercial buildings usually are not an issue- no one is there
  • There is less furniture “stuff” to move compared to residential painting
residential paint project - dining room painting
A typical residential paint project

When we paint residential projects:

  • We have to be sensitive to home owners schedules
  • Consideration to allergies to dust, odors, etc.
  • Covering floors
  • Wrapping furniture with plastic
  • Types of paint that are used

These are simplified but- it does matter.

Does it matter between Commercial wallpaper and residential wallpaper?

Yes is the short answer, and the “but” is that there really isn’t a residential wallpaper. Commercial wallpaper is:

  • Typically 54 inches wide
  • Is used in large open areas such as Dr. offices, hotels etc.
  • It is meant for 15 plus years
  • Typically uses heavier duty adhesive
  • Wears better/longer than those used in homes
  • Is easier and quicker to install
  • Can be less technical to install
  • It is also easily washed with water
  • Commercial wallpaper can also hide more imperfections on the wall (it can, it depends on the paper used)
commercial wallpaper in elevator vestibule
commercial wallpaper in a elevator vestibule
hotel commercial wallpaper
Here is a hotel with commercial wallpaper

I hope this helps as you search for the right contractor for your next commercial wallpaper or painting project. Let us know if you have any questions. We want to help you love the space you’re in!

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