Using commercial wallpaper in your home or business.

If you have walls, then there are many ways of using commercial wallpaper in your home or business.

Although this may seen like a boring topic, it is anything but for our company. Hi! I am David Cook, owner of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper. One of the top calls we receive is about the use of commercial wallpaper. There are several ways to make use of a product that will last 15- 20 years:

  • Fitness Centers
  • Medical Offices
  • Education Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Residential Use
  • Restaurants

Why use commercial wallpaper?

We have written a few blog articles about how well commercial wallpaper stands up to the wear and tear of everyday use. The average life span is at least 15 years. Compared to the average time most paint jobs last, which is 3-4 years in a commercial setting. 15 to 20 years has a nice ring to it for longevity. We also perform many paint projects in commercial settings (I do not want to minimize the use of paint). There are some excellent commercial paints that will help walls last longer. The one we have been using is Scuff X, from JC Licht stores in the Chicagoland area.

Commercial wallpaper comes is almost any color. You can select from hundreds of different textures. Producers such As MDC wallcoverings has helped in creating, developing, and distributing new and relevant designs.

With a product that is highly washable, and with a high wear and tear quality- it makes the perfect wall treatment for high traffic locations.

Other uses of commercial wallpaper!

One of the most fun things we get to do with commercial wallpaper is install digital graphics-murals! I am sure you have seen them- large words as a collage, large pictures on walls, enlarged logos or maybe a collage of photos.

commercial wallpaper mural

wallpaper mural installation
Here is a commercial wallpaper and mural install.

These are two examples of some fun images used at a Bank and a Engineering company to really bring some interest to a place of business.

What are some pitfalls of using commercial wallpaper?

Commercial wallpaper has not been around as long as paint. However, wallpaper has hundreds of years of use. Wallpaper has a reputation and bad rap for damaging walls.  So what are some real bad points?

  • wallpaper can be expensive initially to purchase
  • labor to install is more expensive than painting
  • if walls were not properly sealed (sized) removal of wallpaper can damage walls
  • you must remove wallpaper – you cannot install a new layer of wallpaper over a old one (it is against fire code)
  • removal of old wallpaper is messy!

Just a quick note…use paint and wallpaper together!

You don’t have to just use wallpaper or paint, you can use both! This has been something we have been doing quite a bit lately. Great use of both products to get a great look that is easy to update. Keep the paper and change the paint color!

commercial wallpaper installation

commercial wallpaper in home

Do you have questions about the use of commercial wallpaper? Give us a call and let us see how we can help you love the space your in!


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