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What An Exploding Pop Can Taught Me

Written by David | December 16, 2016

Have you ever had a can of pop explode on you?

As it was freezing cold yesterday morning and my car battery was dead, I recalled a few years ago running to the garage after hearing a huge BOOM!!.  Turned out the refrigerator that was in the garage for drinks was not really equipped for sub-zero temperatures. When I open the garage door- the door to the refrigerator was wedged against the front bumper of the car and all I could see was frozen pop throughout the garage.  Have you ever tried to clean up frozen pop when it is in the single digit temperatures?

After going through this mess, it occurred to me what does my paint look like? So I started to open the cans and not only were they frozen solid but they smelled like eggs gone bad.

So a valuable lesson about cold weather was learned… keep your leftover paint in a location that will not freeze!  If the paint you have is bad, keep as much of the label as you can, keep the lid if possible as the lid will normally have the color formula used to make that paint color. Paint companies have been changing the paint base’s used to tint the paint we apply to the walls, so it is key to have the colors and label to match as close as possible to the same product you currently have.  (Be prepared to but new paint and have to paint a whole wall)

If you go into the paint cans and they are still good, you can keep them fresher longer by using glad wrap.  How? Cut an 8 by 8 square of it and lay it on top of the liquid paint in the paint can. This will prevent air from drying out what is left in the can!

Do you have a freezing story? Let us know, we’d love to hear it!

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Ever see what happens to a 2 litter almost frozen… check it out!

Video: Exploding Frozen Soda Bottle

With half the country dealing with extremely cold temperatures, Steve demonstrates the dangers of leaving bottles filled with a liquid outside.

February 2, 2011

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