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FAQ’s about being a painting subcontractor for Dfranco Painting

Written by David | April 26, 2024

If you are here, then hopefully you are a painter or wallcovering installer. We are actively looking for great people to work with us and our customers to help with house painting. This is our FAQ about being a painting subcontractor for Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper

Hello, I am David with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL. We are a growing Painting and Wallpaper company always looking for great people to partner with as independent or subcontractors.

How do you pay

By far the most asked and usually the first question. We pay full labor bulk rate of our project. We estimate the time t will take based on industry standards and measured times of employees and existing contractors. If we have not done it before or if I cannot do it in a given time, then I dont expect you to. do it either.

We are looking to make sure you are getting a good wage for work being done. We strive to charge a good rate per hour. We also have to compete with every other contractor looking to stay busy. We would love to have large jobs all day every day but some jobs are also small single day jobs.

Once a job is complete and marked inspected by the homeowner and project manager we arrange for direct deposit.

What kind of work do you do

As a painting subcontractor with Dfranco we are looking for people and crews that can;

  • Paint interior of homes
  • Exterior home painting
  • Power washing
  • Deck staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Drywall repairs

Who buys Materials

Great Question! We have worked to get some great pricing on. materials with our vendors, mainly Sherwin Williams. With that, we buy all the materials for each painting or wallpaper project. We also try. and have them. delivered to the jobs sites so you can spend time painting, not at the store.

What type of Insurance do I need to be a subcontractor?

One of the most common FAQ’s about being a painting subcontractor for Dfranco Painting is if you are looking to be a subcontractor with us, then we will require you to have both workman compensation insurance and general Liability insurance. If you need a reference to get these policies please let us know.

How will I know my Schedule

Our Process ans sytems are always improvong. As of today, we have a software program that will show you the images of the project, materials, work order and payout of each project along with the tentative schedule we or the customer has requested. We do ask that upon the request of the projec tyou commit to the project so the customers know when your coming, and we can make sure materials are on hand as well.

Smile your on Camera!

We are always marketing our work. So we will get a picture of you for our web site so our customers know who is coming to their homes. We will also have pics of you to use for website about us page , you tube, and social media.

Shirts or hats while working as a subcontractor

we do our best to keep up with having shirts or hats etc to wear while on site. Do not wear other paint companies’ apparel while on Dfranco work sites.

Backround checks

We will do backround checks on all applicants wanting to work with us

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