How to measure for Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper

Do you like large floral prints? Have you ever heard of Ellie Cashman Designs? If you answered yes then this blog is for you!

Hi! David Cook here with another blog. This time it is on how to measure for Ellie Cashman Floral wallpapers. Once y0u measure your wall or room, I will walk you through how to order it from their website. Pretty easy, but worth a few clarifications to make this easy and error-proof for when we come to install this for you, and when we do…there are no errors!

ellie cashman design

What is Ellie Cashman?

Basically that is the name and brand of large scale wallpapers designed with oversized floral patterns of various sizes and colors. Unlike some other floral papers we have installed, this is made for your walls- 100% custom so it fits and no clear patterns- it really looks impressive.  Their website is :

Here are a few examples:

Elle Cashman floral wallpaper
How to measure for Elle Cashman floral wallpaper
floral wallpaper as an accent panel
Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper in bathroom
Elle Cashman Floral Wallpaper installed in a powder room

How to measure for Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

For a welcome change, the measuring for this wallpaper is pretty straight forward. You measure the height and width of each wall you are going to install it on.

How to measure for Wallpaper

The above is a simple room drawn out (in inches). I have shown the openings, but you do not subtract for the openings due to the pattern they design.

How to order your Ellie Cashman wallpaper.

I took a screen shot of the website with the 5 steps to order your wallpaper:

how to order your ellie cashman wallpaper
screen shot of Ellie Cashman website to order
  1. Pick your design and color variation
  2. Pick the material you want it printed on
  3. Select inches or meters as your unit of measurement
  4. Enter the total width of the wall or total of all the walls you are installing the wallpaper on
  5. Enter the height in inches of the wall or walls you are installing the wallpaper in

Believe it or not- that is all you to do.

How is the wallpaper shipped?

These are photos of the Ellie Cashman Dark Floral II grey wallpaper that was ordered for a upcoming project.  It comes in a single roll!

how ellie cashman wallpaper arrives
here is how the wallpaper arrives
roll of ellie cashman wallpaper
here is a solid roll of the Ellie Cashman wallpaper as shipped

Inspect the roll, which was perfect, then read the instructions. Look for any special instructions you need to pay attention too.  As the wallpaper is in a single roll- each panel will be cut as we need them. This paper is a paste the wall application.  Two people are/is ideal for installing this wallpaper.

I thought it was pretty cool that their thank you note is a plantable card of seeds!

Ellie Cashman Design thanks for your purchase card
Ellie Cashman thank you card

You measured, you ordered, now install it and Enjoy your wallpaper!

This was a quick and easy blog post that answered a customers question, thought it may help others as well.  Please let us know if this helps. We would love to see the pictures of your finished installation!

Let us know how we an help you love the space you are in!!  We can provide Virtual estimates for wallpaper, interior painting, and refinishing cherry, oak, and maple cabinets (as well as previously painted).


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