How to Paint a Vanity Cabinet

How Do You Paint Your Vanity Cabinet?

You think it’s easy, right? Not exactly. We will show you pictures and then give you a link to a video on some issues you can face–especially with bathrooms.

When we start refinishing or painting a vanity cabinet, the biggest issue is getting them clean! The picture below is a vanity that we have sanded with 220 grit sandpaper, then filled some holes with filler, and have taped it off so we can spray it with primer and paint.

How to paint a vanity cabinet - repairing cabinets
Vanity sanded, getting ready for primer.

Prior to painting we “sanitize” it with denatured alcohol. This will remove any oils from our fingerprints and other types of contaminants that may be on the cabinet surfaces. Then we get the primer on. (It is a great habit to use rubber gloves while working to keep your fingerprints and dirt from hands off the surface.)

cabinet refinishing geneva - cabinet refinishing st. charles
Priming your cabinet.

We are a fan of the ML Campbell line of products.  You can click the name of the website and the many advantages of this product. Once dry, we give it a quick sand with 320 sandpaper. You have to vacuum the surface to remove the dust from the sanding.

Once you have primed and sanded you can run into problems of the product not adhering properly to the cabinet surface.  Click the link to see the video and what an adhesion problem looks like.  We had to then re-sand the areas and prime with a shellac based product to really block the problem area. Some woods (oak) are very porous. It is almost impossible to remove contaminants from them.  Hair care products can be very difficult to seal or block so a surface can be painted as well.

With everything cleaned, we paint!

cabinet refinishers - repairing cabinets
A painted cabinet.

Now just add the doors, install the toilet paper holder and this is ready to use!

repainted vanity cabinet - cabinet refinishing elgin
Painted vanity.

A great way to repurpose your existing vanities and kitchen cabinets is to paint them. Use the right materials, make sure you prepare the surface for paint the right way as well. You will have years of enjoyment and you will love that room all over again!

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