I Want a Clean Garage!

Everyone likes a pretty, clean garage floor. But what is the best thing to use?

Price wise, you can go from 10 bucks to several thousand. What do you want? When Do you want it done? What is your budget?

You can start simple. Do it yourself. That means cleaning the garage out, then cleaning the floor off, then you will most likely have to wash the floor again with acid, then clean off the acid to make sure it is all gone (or your new floor will peel off), then wait for it to dry, put your floor coatings down by roller, wait for it to dry, then wait several days before using it.

Instead, CALL US! We can come in and polish the concrete which will not only look amazing but increase the strength of the concrete, we can apply a hybrid finish that will be done on one day and drivable in 2 hours!

dfranco finsihes - clean garage


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