Installing wallpaper for HGTV!

Yep, you read it right! You are going to see us on HGTV!

Last year right before covid hit we received a call from a long time general contractor, Jason Silver of Silver Bullet Remodeling, to help in a new HGTV show called $50K Three Ways!! After thinking about what he said and asking if I heard him correctly, it was a Tommy Breadlove “Hell Yes”!! So after a few minutes, we find out we will be installing wallpaper for HGTV, 6 episodes, of this new show with host Tiffany Brooks.

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What is $50K Three Ways?

This is a new show on HGTV, which features the above host, Tiffany, presenting 3 ways to remodel or improve a home with a budget of $50,000.00.  Kind of cool!  All of these shows are filmed at homes in the Chicagoland area.

50K 3 Ways HGTV - dfranco wallpaper
A pic of a pic from the TV show
Dfranco team with Tiffany Brooks - Installing Wallpaper for HGTV

Daniel and I with Tiffany Brooks

Installing wallpaper on camera

This was very fun and cool to do, covid protocols made it interesting, testing testing testing.  Each job we did included us with a mic and a camera man taping everything we did. We have one episode where we get to speak and interact with Tiffany, fun, she has some energy for sure!!

Lights! Camera! HGTV!!

I know I was more nervous about the humming or occasional whistling that I do, or a not so nice word if I made a mistake, but it was worry for nothing. They were a great and professional crew to work for and with.

dfranco painting wallpaper - wallpaper installation
gettng ready fpr another episode of HGTV
interior painting - dfranco elgin il
Painting for HGTV
50k 3 ways hgtv set
Quiet on the set!

Where and when can you see us on HGTV?

The shows are airing on Mondays at 6:30 and 7:30 CST. But!! They are also running during the week, hoping we get to do season 2!


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