Math Class Meets Wallpaper Install

It is days like today that I know I should have paid more attention in math class. Installing wallpaper in a stairwell can be tricky. Installing commercial wallpaper in a stairwell is not tricky, it tests the skills I have in not just installing but the world of math. The image first shown is the hallway we are working on.

math class meets wallpaper - wallpaper installation cost
Hallway to be wallpapered

With the walls primed a dining ready, it is time to reflect the daydreams I had vs. not paying attention when figuring out angles, length, the height of a given area. Thus, math class meets wallpaper installation. So we get to measure the width of 54 inches then figure out the overall length of wallpaper needed to be cut. Hard to believe a piece needs to be 139 inches long!

After a lot of cutting, leveling and smoothing air bubbles we get a hallway with commercial wallpaper.

math class meets wallpaper - wallpaper installation cost

So if you are in a math class wondering how this could be of use in the real world, this is it.

Don’t want to math? Call us to help you!


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