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Metallic Painted Ceiling

Written by David | November 18, 2022

If you are considering painting your home, It can be overwhelming, What to paint, what not to paint, what kind of paint. MY favorite thing to add to a home is a metallic painted ceiling. But I am getting ahead of myself. There are other things to consider before you start getting estimates to paint your home:

  • are you painting your ceilings?
  • do you you need to paint trim
  • will you need drywall repairs made
  • what walls are yougoing to paint
  • which rooms should you paint
  • who should I call

We are here to day to focus on one of these items- ways to paint your ceilings

What are ways to paint or decorate my ceilings

Excellent question! Most homes have flat white painted ceilings. Most ceilings are painted white as well. We are here to say you have options!! Some ways to spruce up your ceilings are:

  • accent colors
  • wallpaper
  • murals
  • metallic painted ceiling
  • lighting

Painting ceilings with Accent colors

This option is pretty self explanatory, as basically you select a color that is close in hue/tone to what your painting on the walls, lighten it, then paint the ceiling that color. Mot people use flat paint for ceilings because it hides imperfections in the drywall and wall it self from previous paint jobs

Metallic painted ceiling!

Here is the bulk of this post- as we get calls here and there and I never did a post just on this application.There are several methods, the two most common are just using metallic paint or having a faux metallic finish to the ceiling.

Metallic washed faux glaxed ceilings are my favorite thing to do for ceilings. But .. you do need to have the right space to do it. Inset ceilings and tray ceilings look the best for sure!

Large tray metallic ceiling

here is another single color metallic color wash or glaze applied to a ceiling

Foyer accent ceiling

large inset or tray ceiling with a 4 color metallic pain, color wash or glaze

Dining Room metallic faux finish

a multi angle tray ceiling with a 2 color metallic color wash faux glazed finish

A barrel ceiling metallic ceiling

barrel ceiling with a metallic color wash

Accent Ceilings

metallc ceiling to accent a wallpaepr installation

Tray Ceilings in multiple rooms

here are two rooms with inset tray ceilngs that we applied a metallic faux finish

How can we help you with your home and painting projects?

These are some ceiling ideas that we have done, they are ideas. Ideas are plentiful, they are open to your imagination and your want to do something different and you may not have seen before. We would love to see how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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