How to Paint Wooden Windows

Brown paint peeling off

How do your wooden windows look? If they look like these, it’s due to paint or stains.

paint wooden - repairing cabinets

Steps to Painting Wooden Windows

The first thing to be aware of is if there is lead present if the window was painted before 1978, it most likely does. If in doubt you can go to any home improvement or paint supply store for a lead test kit.

If there is no lead, you will need to remove any window hardware and clean the area around you and the window of any dirt or dust.  We had to scrape this window so with one hand on the shop civic and another on the scraper we removed all the loose paint. After scraping you need to sand the window. This will smooth out the rough spots from scraping off the loose paint and provide a good surface for paint to adhere. Use the shop vac on the window once more.

You will now need to apply a good oil base primer to lock out the previous material from bleeding through your new paint.

Finally, apply two coats of a semi-gloss paint and you are all set.

If you happen to get any paint on the window surface,  just use a razor blade to scrape it off,  shop vac clean and you are ready to install the hardware and enjoy.

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