Paint your basement Ceiling Black!

So you’re thinking of what to do for your basement ceiling. Should you drywall, or maybe just hang a drop ceiling? Then someone told you; Paint your Ceiling Black! Now your thinking.. should I – could I- Would I dare- we say yes you should!

Hello Everyone- today’s question- Paint your Basement Ceiling Black is a hot topic for 2024 for us. We have done 4 of these projects now -and so far each time looks just as good as the last. The latest project comes from Gilberts, IL.

What you need before basement rafters black

You can see from the images here and the video above, the difference from wood to black is huge!

There area a few things to keep in mind..

  • this is done by spraying- so there can be a mess to maek this happen
  • if you have a basement full of stuff- your gonna need to move it out of the area being painted
  • you will have to cover water pipes with insulation
  • new HVAC vents will need to be cleaned before painting
  • IF you have alot of loose wires, cables etc- the more that is cleaned up neatly the better things look when they are painted black
basement ceiling ready to paint black

What kind of paint should I use too paint my ceiling black

There are two main type of black paint we have used to paint ceilings. The first is a commercial product, and it is called Black Dryfall. The 2nd is black aqualock primer.

Dryfall is typically used in commercial spaces. It is quite unique. You need to have some open spaces- 14 ft tall or higher for the product to really work its magic. At 14 feet, the product has enough air when falling that it dries out becoming dust! You then sweep it up!

Black Aqualock Primer, is stock black, not tinted- HUGE difference for coverage. When black is tinted it does not cover as well as a pre made black product.

Aqua Lock Primer stock black

Before and after Black painted ceiling

A picture is worth 1,000 words….

How can we help you paint your basement?

it doesn’t matter if what your painting in your home, we can help. Give us call and let us know what we can do to help you love the space your in with painting, wallpaper, cabinet refinishinng- and exterior painting as well!!


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