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Painting Vinyl siding and Shutters Pingree Grove

Written by David | April 18, 2024

Many Homes have vinyl siding and shutters. Vinyl siding is designed to last many years. Designers create shutters that require no maintenance. Some siding will fade, show wear and tear and need to be painted. You may also just not like your house color and want a change. So lets talk about Painting Vinyl Siding and Shutters.

Hello Everyone, This is David with Dfranco Painting, and we are talking about Painting Vinyl Siding and Shutters here in PIngree Grove, IL. We are also able to help residents in the nearby towns of Huntley, Crystal Lake, Carpentersville, Elgin, and St. Charles.

Problems with vinyl siding and shutters

When you look at the exterior of your home what do you see? Dirt, faded color, algae, white film, or damaged siding? Some of these items are a quick fix.

Fixing homes with algae or dirt just means you need to power wash your siding. It is a quick and pretty painless fix.

Homes that have a white film, we call oxidation. The paint has turned white ish, and most times that can come off with a proper oxidation cleaning. This used to happen on cars, and with some cleaning and waxing it would go away there also.

IS your siding damaged? holes, cracks or evern warped- then you may have to repalce your siding.

Can you paint over my siding?

If you have viny siding or vinyl shutters you can in fact paint them. The one item that you must consider is using the right type of paint or materials.

vinyl safe color for house painting

Sherwin Williams has a great brochure at every store that goes over vinly safe paint and colors. Not all paints can use on vinyl. Some colors and then some paints can cause the vinyl to warp!

paint causing siding to warp

When picking colors or paint- make sure it says ON THE CAN that the paint is ok to use for vinyl siding.

the right paint for vinyl siding

Can I paint my vinly Shutters?

Yes you can paint shutters. You must use the right paint to paint shutters, just like vinyl siding.

I will say that painting vinyl shutters may not be cost-effective in some cases. The cost to buy new shutters vs painting them is sometimes an easy decision. In 80% of cases, buying new is cheaper.

What colors can I paint my Vinyl siding?

We have references the Sherwin Williams link above for vinyl siding paint colors that are safe to use. I am sure other paint companies have the same thing, I am not familiar with them. So the best thing to do is just ask the palce your buying paint if the colors you want will work.

Regarless of color- the store always ask us if the paint we are using is for vinyl. They will tint the paint with vinly safe tints and bases.

Painting vinyl siding

Believe it or not, painting vinyl siding or shutters is prettty easy. You need to make sure the surface is clean. The siding needs to be secure. Whomever is painting will need the siding to be accessable (no tree or shrubs etc)

Once we pressure wash or power wash or soft wash the surface it will need to dry. After the surface is dry, you need to watch the weather. If rain is expected shortly after painting, you should avoid painting. We also prefer to work in shade- that will prevent bisters, or the paint from drying too fast.

You can paint exterior siding with a brush and roller or a paint sprayer to spray paint the house. Spraying paint a house is technical, can be messy, and needs patience and expertice. As we mentioned earlier, ensure that you use paint approved for vinyl siding!

Dependin on the color you may only need one coat of paint. Exterior house paint used in home improvement are really good products. If you paint over a darker color with a lighter color then you may need two coats of paint.

Getting an estimate for exterior house painting

If you are not wanting to tacke painitng the house yourself, then we would love to see how we can help with your house painting! For estiamtes on exteriors, we will need to see the home. We will be looking for mold, damage, access to the siding, or other repairs that may need to be made.

The best way is to use our get and estimate for below or at the top of the page. We look to see ing how we can help you love the space your in!

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