Removing Bathroom Wallpaper

Do you have wallpaper in your bathroom? Are you considering removing bathroom wallpaper and live near Elgin, St. Charles, or Huntley, IL?

Removing Bathroom Wallpaper

Existing wallpaper in the bathroom.

how to remove wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper to be removed.

Like all good things, wallpaper styles come and go. This wallpaper install, which depicts a fox hunt, ironically in a home that is near a fox hunting area!

Due to a leaking water fixture, the room was undergoing a remodel, so the owners decided to remove this wallpaper. The call was made- we answered- “please remove the wallpaper in the bathroom.”

With our tools in hand, (steamer, piranah wallpaper scraper, sponges, bucket) we get set to start removing wallpaper!!

wallpaper removal tools

Wallpaper stripping tools.

It begins with getting the steamer ready with water, plugging it in, and waiting for it to start producing steam! once the steam starts coming out, we place the steamer to the wall and let the heat and moisture to reactivate the wallpaper adhesive.

wallpaper steamer - wallpaper remover

Steamer in action

scraping off wallpaper and adhesive - remove wallpaper huntley il

Scraping off the wallpaper and adhesive

The stripping tool made by Piranah works very well to gently scrape the surface between the paper and the wall and make for an excellent surface ready to reinstall wallpaper or paint.

wallpaper scraps - wallpaper removers huntley

Wallpaper scraps

Wallpaper being stripped - remove wallpaper

Wallpaper being stripped

This job was a little more difficult than some other jobs. Sometimes the wallpaper will come off in layers, this one did not. It took quite a while to get the wallpaper wet enough to release from the wall.

how to remove wallpaper

The wallpaper almost all removed

removal of wallpaper

Wallpaper almost all is gone

As the wallpaper is almost all removed, the walls are very clean, some minor repairs to be made, but the room already looks much brighter!

wallpaper removed - remove bathroom wallpaper

Clean Walls after Removing Bathroom Wallpaper

Once the wallpaper is all removed, the next task is to wash the walls. Before you paint, the walls will need to be cleaned of all wallpaper paste residue. If you do not, the new paint will crackle on the wall- you don’t want that! Now that they are washed, allow to dry overnight, make any repairs to the walls, if there are any, then you can start painting!

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