Repainting The interior of my House Algonquin

Have you just bought a new home? Or have you been in your home for some time and ready for a refresher? This came from a customer in Algonquin, IL, but don’t let that stop you from reading. If you need your house painted, Then this article is for you, so lets dive into Repainting The Interior of My House Algonquin!

Hello everyone, I am David Cook With Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley,IL. We are working hard to help home owners and busines owners improve the look and feel of the space they’re in with interior painting. (we also do exterior painting, wallpaper installations, cabinet painting) We work in the Pingree Grove, Elgin, Carpentersvillle, Bartlett, and St. Charles areas (to name a few towns).

Todays Blog post is coming from the fact we have been doing alot of estimates and getting alot of calls about house painting. Specifically, questions on Repainting the interior of my house. If you are buying the house, consider scheduling the painting of your house before moving in.

Can I just Paint Ceilings?

Usually, when we begin estimating a house painting job, the first question is whether or not to paint the ceilings. More frequently has been Can I only paint ceilings.

When painting only ceilings, we cover and protect all walls, furniture, and floors. Using drop cloths and plastic sheeting to cover everything. That takes the bulk of the time when we quote to only paint ceilings.

When we paint the walls, we don’t worry about getting paint on them. We will paint them after we finish the ceilings.

They also ask us if we can just touch up ceilings. The answer can be yes- if you have the same paint. I will say, some of the ceiling paint is not a true flat which can affect the sheen and ability to touch up.

Other occasions require painting all the ceilings. For instance, there are nail pops and cracks in the ceiling that need fixing. After repairs, you will have to paint the ceiling.

When ceilings are older, discoloration can start happening. This issue will typically require two coats of paint.

Another questions related to painting ceilings is “What color should I Paint ceilings?”. Color is extremely subjective. We typically use stock white, but there are alot of white colors you can choose from.

Repainting handrails in your home

When we get calls Repainting The interior of my House, one of the most popular things to do is refinish or repaint oak spindles and handrails. The number one color is black handrails and newel posts with white risers and spindles.

Oak handrails that we can paint

Here are traditional oak handrails

oak handrails that have been painted
here is the after of oak handrails being painted black

Here is the after of oak handrails being painted black

Repainting Handrails and or Spindles is extremely time consuming. You have to consider all the masking twith painters tape that will need to take place. You must clean all the wood trim. The wood must also be scuff sanded before we begin painting.

After cleaning and sanding the wood, apply a good primer to cover it and stop stains from showing through. Once the Primer is dry, then we can paint the wood. It may sound simple, but painting small round spiindles with a flat brushes and rollers talkes time.

Painting handrails and spindles can make your home look better when you repaint it. This will improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of your home.

Removing or stripping wallpaper in your home

If you have older Wallpaper in your home, you may want consider removing it. Removing or stripping wallpaper accounts for quite a bit of the work we do. Most of the time, we are removing the wallpaper to replace it with something new and modern.

Wallpaper is unique and personal. What worked for the past homeowner may not work for you. In this picture below, The colors and style are pretty outdated. As part of the house painting project, we stripped the wallpaper.

You can also remove outdated wallpaper and install somethng you like!

wallpaper being stripped from a bathroom
wallpaper being removed from a bathroom
removing wallpaper from bathroom walls
A bathroom stripped of wallpaper

In this bathroom, we took off the wallpaper and had to smooth out the ceiling because it was hard to remove. The person who put up the wallpaper didn’t prepare the ceiling properly before installing it.

We will paint the ceiling this time. We also repainted the trim in the room, and the homeowner will repaint the vanity.

Repainting Both Ceilings and Walls in your home

For this home, we repainted walls, ceilings, and trim. The older color of an off brown, was about 15 years old. So we updated the trim to a new brighter white, painted the ceilings a flat pure white, then painted the walls Agreeable Grey. I think it was a huge transformation.

It sounds easy here, but I can assure it is not. You have to consider which room to paint in addition to moving furniture. If there are a lot of people in the house, people must be able to move where we are painting. That means we have to move the furniture as well.

I thnk if you painting your house, doing both makes the most sense and is a better value for your dollar and our time.

Before we started painting…

covering walls and floors with plastic and drop cloths
protecting furniture and floors

Repainted walls, ceilings, and trim

repainted interior house
repainted walls ceilings and trim

Rooms being prepped for paint

house being prepped for painting

Painting Kitchen Walls

oak cabinets before painting
oak cabinets before

Kitchen before we painted

oak cabinets painted white
oak cabinets painted white

Kitchen after we painted

Painting a Living Room or Family Room

living room being painted
family room before we painted

Family room before we painted

living room painted white and gray
fmaily room with ceiling, walls and trim all repainted

Family room with ceiling, walls, and trim all repainted

Repainting your entire home is never without drywall repairs

As in any repainting job, this home was not without the drywall repairs. Many of them were as simple as filling in holes from older pics. But some were a little more. When you move into a new home, you willl have reapir to make.

Walls damaged from fish tank water

Walls damaged from wallpaper removal

How do I pick colors for my home?

Belive it or not, selcting colors when repainting the interior of your home is the easy part. We help by offering free color consultations. We can have a designer come to your home, with color samples to help you selct the paint colors you want. The interior Designer can also help with selction what sheen of paint to use.

Are you ready to repaint your home?

Not a lot of words in today’s post. Sometimes, pictures just do the work for us.

The one question you may ask is how much it will cost to repaint my home. I would love to say here is the cost, but we can’t. We are a painting company, but each Contractor uses several factors to develop estimates on painting homes.

  • Are we painting walls?
  • Are we painting before moving in
  • Will someone paint the ceilings?
  • Do you want the doors painted?
  • Would you like windows or window trim painted?
  • Does the trim or doors require any repairs?
  • Changing colors can require three coats to cover older colors.
  • The type of sheen you want will affect the cost of materials.
  • Do we need to make some, a lot, or no drywall repairs?

These are most, but not all, considerations considered when we are doing a painting estimate for you.

When you want to repaint your home, contact us for a free estimate. We can often provide a virtual estimate using online listings of your home. Either way, let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in! 


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