repainting your entire home
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Repainting your entire home

Written by David | January 14, 2022

Have you just bought a new home? Or have you been in your home for some time and ready for a refresher? In either case, we thought we would do a quick blog post for you to show what repainting your entire home may look like.

Repainting handrails in your home

One of the most popular things to do is to refinish and or repaint oak spindles and handrails. The number one color is black handrails and newel posts with white risers, and spindles.

here is traditional oak handrails
handrails painted black - whole home painting
here is the after of oak handrails being painted black

Removing or stripping wallpaper in your home

Removing or stripping wallpaper accounts for quite a bit of the work we do. Most of the time we are removing the wallpaper in order to replace it with something new and modern. In this home that was the case. Their wallpaper selections are a few months back ordered, so we just stripped the wallpaper so the walls are ready when the wallpaper arrives.

bathroom wallpaper
a bathroom getting ready to be stripped of wallpaper
removing wallpaper from bathroom walls
bathroom stripped of wallpaper

In this bathroom, we removed the wallpaper, then had to skim coat the ceiling as the paper was a little difficult to remove because the previous installer did not prime the ceiling before installing the wallpaper. The ceiling will just be painted this time. We also repainted the trim in the room, and the home owner is going to repaint the vanity.

Repainting ceilings and walls in your home

For this home, we repainted walls, ceilings and trim. The older color of an off brown, was about 15 years old. So we updated the trim to a new brighter white, painted the ceilings a flat pure white, then painted the walls Agreeable Grey. I think it was a huge transformation.

before we started painting…
repainted home
repainted walls ceilings and trim
rooms being prepped for paint

Painting Kitchen Walls

kitchen before we painted
painted kitchen - entire home painting
kitchen after we painted

Painting a Living Room or Family Room

family room before we painted
interior home painting
family room with ceiling, walls and trim all repainted

Repainting your entre home is never without drywall repairs

As in any repainting job, this home was not with out the drywall repairs. Many of them were as simple as filling in holes from older pics. But some were a little more.

walls damaged from fish tank water
walls damaged from wallpaper removal

Are you ready to repaint your home?

Not a lot of words on today’s post. Sometimes pictures just do the work for us. The one question you may ask is how much will it cost to repaint my home? I would love to say here is the cost, but we can’t. Several factors are used to develop estimates on painting homes:

  • Are we painting walls?
  • Will the ceilings be painted?
  • Do you want doors painted?
  • Would you like windows or window trim painted?
  • Does the trim or doors require any repairs?
  • Changing colors can require 3 coats to cover older colors
  • The type of sheen you want will affect to cost of materials
  • Is there some, a lot, or no drywall repairs to be made?

These are most, but not all the considerations taken into account when we are doing a painting estimate for you.

When you are ready to repaint your home, give us a call to set up a free estimate, most of time we can use online listings of your home to do a virtual estimate for you! Either way let us know how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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