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Repairing Walls and Hiding Water Pipes

Written by David | November 30, 2017

Are you Repairing walls? Do you have holes in your walls or exposed water pipes? Do your walls look like this picture? I understand.

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We had to have new water pipes in our home for our boiler. Walls had to be cut open. New insulation installed. Crown molding installed to cover the water pipes.


wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation cost

3 walls had to be opened. You can see the black pipe insulation used for the water pipes. Wall insulation had to be added to the walls before putting drywall back up.

wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation cost

New drywall has been installed.

wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation cost

I am sure you have seen repairs to walls. This image is after the walls have been taped, plastered, primed and painted.  Matching paint can be easy-decorative painting techniques is not! Lucky for us we had leftover paint to match.
wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation cost

The walls are re-painted and the decorative painting restored. We hid the water pipes with crown molding.

wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation cost

Water pipes are hidden by crown molding.

This was what we had to fix in our home. What can we help you with? Remember we are here to help you love the house you live in.

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