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Get a sports mural of the Chicago Cubs in your home! Or just a mural of your favorite sports teams. D’franco Painting & Wallpaper can recreate a locker room or stadium of your favorite sport team in your home!

sports mural - wall decals geneva
Chicago Cubs wall mural done on one wall.

How will you celebrate the winning season of the Chicago Cubs? You could see them on TV, buy a jersey, souvenir hats or some other trinket. How about doing something really special, and having a custom Chicago Cubs wall mural painted in your home?!

This Chicago Cubs wall mural was painted a few years ago for a bedroom wall. We actually carved bricks on the wall with carving plaster, painted them, made a 368′ sign, then made a Wrigley Marquee sign. We did our best to cut out the marquee to scale, painted letters, and of course have the cubs winning. There’s nothing like having a sports mural of your favorite team in your home!

This next mural, as you will, see was a little more than a few bricks. With a few pictures as ideas, listening to the young man we were painting for, as well as the parents, we went to work. Keep reading to see it come from plain white walls to a 22′ wall mural!

sports mural - dfranco painting

We started with images from the web. Brick walls, people, time of day, full sun, shade, time of year, who the cubs were playing against on a given day and took bits and pieces of each one to develop some background images. We blurred the background fans as much as we could, starting in the front rows we made them progressively out-of-focus to keep the center of attention as the Cubs Player at bat.

Blackhawks wall art - wall decals geneva

Here is the side view on how it was decided to take the Chicago Blackhawks side of the mural to go into two walls, and take advantage of more “real estate.” Again, we spent some time looking for reference material from images on the web, to the family’s collection of photos. We searched for finding the right angles, looked at the different point of views, and at various focal points. Then, of course, getting the right pose and best type of image of the player in action.

wrigley field wall mural - wall decals geneva
Fans are in the stands in this wall mural!

We started filling in more of the fans in the stands. The blank seats need to be filled in, always checking to make sure the mural was fading to the distance, keeping the focus and sharpest image of the players chosen.

Blackhawks wall art - wall decals geneva
Another view of the wall mural with a Chicago Blackhawks player.
Blackhawks - cubs wall art - geneva
Sports Mural of this family’s favorite sports teams: Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks

As we progressed with the mural, the ceilings had to be painted, then the ceiling had a few thousand LED lights to simulate stars and constellations. Crown molding was installed though out the room to set apart the ceiling wall/mural lines, then we had it painted bright aluminum. The headboard was delivered white for us to paint and letter up. Then, the footboard is given to us to paint in Wrigley Green and Metallic Aluminum. We finished off the mural with more shading, clear coats with bedding put into place.

Now that you can see a winning cubs season, lets get a winning Chicago Cubs wall mural in your home! Sports murals are unique and have greater details than wall decals and wall décor.

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