So, you want accent wallpaper?

That is great! Once you have decided on the wallpaper (and this is a very important step) you will most likely ask- How much will it cost for accent wallpaper installation?  There are several factors that affect the cost:

  • The type of wallpaper you have selected
  • When do you need it done? (ie. is this a night job?)
  • Do you need wallpaper removed?
  • Do you need any drywall repaired
  • Are you considering changing light fixtures
  • You hate your towel rack and want a new one
  • Your toilet paper holder is old and you want something new
powder room accent wallpaper
Accent wallpaper in a powder room

I am David Cook, owner of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper, and I am here to give you some information and basic costs from our company on cost of wallpaper installation for accent walls.

Why does the type of wallpaper affect the cost?

There are some types of wallpaper that will cost more to install than others.  These types are usually paper- wallpaper, fabric type papers, hand printed, hand painted or just delicate.  These types of wallpaper may have a need for a ling paper. Lining paper is a product used to install on a wall, that provides a uniform surface for the adhesive to adhere too, and prevent the wallpaper from shrinking, moving and gripping as designed.

Installing a lining paper is like using paper bag type material on the wall, so in essence you are having two wallpapers installed.  In doing so, the cost will be higher than other “simpler” wallpapers.

Does pre-pasted wallpaper cost less to install than non-pasted paper?

No. Pre-pasted wallpaper is nice, looks good, but from my perspective, I do not not know what type of adhesive is on the wallpaper. So we use a product called paste activator. See it here. It ensures a uniform surface.  We also will dilute a clear adhesive and roll it onto the wallpaper again, to allow a uniform surface of adhesive.

Pre-pasted papers do not affect the strippabilty of the paper. That is determined by the primers used- proper preparation prevents poor performance!

How much will it cost to install a accent wall of wallpaper?

Ok- enough of the fluff right? For our company when we come out to sand, fix knicks dings, prime the wall, set up, etc. and install wallpaper even for a small job we have to charge $500.00. Holy crap?? Not really- we have to pay for an employee to drive to the location, set up, do the work, clean up, and get back to the shop. No matter what, we still have to pay for insurance, work comp, utilities, materials etc. (so do 2 walls!)

bathroom accent wall
Here is a bathroom accent wall

Other considerations for wallpaper installations

One of the things we didn’t mention was where the wallpaper is going to be installed.

accent wallpaper on curved wall stairway
Here is a tall curved wall that makes installation tricky

It doesn’t happen often, but last week we did have a difficult wallpaper install: 24 foot curved wall with a staircase. so it may only be one wall, but it take two people to carry the ladders and mini scaffold planks needed to reach those awkward heights, so expect a higher installation cost.

Do you have other questions about wallpaper installation?

Then give us a call! Send us a text! We can’t wait to find how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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