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Removing Wallpaper, Painting Walls and New Wallpaper

Written by David | July 4, 2016

Do you have wallpaper removal needs? Are you ready for new paint and wallpaper?

Thanks to the great staff at the Hinsdale, IL J.C. Licht store, we were referred to a customer in Burr Ridge, IL that was in need of wallpaper removal, painting, and new wallpaper installation.  After performing an on-site inspection of work to be completed, we emailed our estimate to the client. Once approved and a deposit received, we scheduled the work and tasked the client to start selecting paint colors.


how to remove wallpaper geneva

Wallpaper requiring removal.

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wallpaper removal - how to remove wallpaper

View of old wallpaper from the top of the stairs.


Step 1: Remove Old Wallpaper

We start by removing the old wallpaper from the walls. Everything is going well, until the small powder room, which has multiple layers of wallpaper to remove. We had to use a steamer on most of the powder room walls. A steamer is not our first choice of tools to remove wallpaper but it does make the job easier. For the majority of the walls, we use Safe and Simple wallpaper removal solution and hot water. You add the recommended amount of solution to water, then dampen the walls with a sponge. The Safe n Simple goes to work to loosen the old wallpaper adhesive and the wallpaper will come off the wall relatively simple.


wallpaper removal - geneva

The first layer of wallpaper revealed the 2nd layer.

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removing wallpaper - geneva il

After all, wallpaper removed we started the cleaning off the walls.


Step 2: Prime and Seal Walls

After the wallpaper removal process is complete and the walls are dry, we sand the walls to remove any rough spots, paper, and adhesive burls left on the walls from the stripping process. The walls are then primed and sealed with GUARDZ wall primer and sanded once more. We patch and nail holes, scrape marks, cracks, etc. that are in the wall. Once the patches are dry we sand the walls and apply another coat of primer to seal the drywall compound and make sure we have a solid surface for paint to adhere to, look uniform and provide optimum coverage.


wallpaper removal in elgin il - geneva

Walls that have been sanded, washed, and some wall repairs

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wallpaper removal in st. charles il - geneva

The powder room walls washed, sanded, and primed.

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wallpaper removal in geneva il home - geneva

The walls are skim coated as they were in bad shape with holes, cracks, uneven areas, etc.


Step 3: Paint & Wallpaper!

Now that the walls are cleaned, sanded, patched, and primed we are ready for paint and wallpaper.


how to remove wallpaper - geneva

Stairwell wall.

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wallpaper removal - geneva

Stairwell wall and powder room primed and ready for wallpaper.

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wallpaper removal - geneva

New Thibeaux wallpaper on stairwell wall and powder room wall.


That’s it!

The Happy customer gave us a great Google review and was more than happy in preparation for the family coming to visit after we were done.

Give us a call or text at 847-553-1726 to see how we may be able to help with your next project. If you’re deciding on what time of wallpaper to choose, I suggest you check out grasscloth wallpaper.

Check out a short video on this project as well!

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