Wallpaper Your Baby’s Room Ceiling!

You read that correctly! Wallpaper your baby’s room Ceiling.

One of the most popular things going right now from our perspective is wallpaper accent walls.  This means one wall in a room, typically. But sometimes we get to have some fun and put wallpaper on a ceiling.

Most calls we get for wallpaper in a baby’s room or nursery is baby themes, clouds, cartoons etc. Not this time! A full on floral pattern that she can grow into.

Getting this room ready was pretty straightforward. The room was the original builder’s flat white paint. First thing was getting some wallpaper primer on the ceiling. We use Guardz sealer. It makes the surface flat, smooth and solid.


wallpaper installers elgin - baby wallpaper
Flat white ceiling to be wallpapered.

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wallpaper installers elgin - wallpaper installation
Application of primer to the ceiling before the wallpaper.


For this application, we primed the walls the day before we were installing the wallpaper.  I wanted to make sure we were dry and solid.

Next up, was wallpaper adhesive. We use Dynamite 234, clear strippable, heavy duty.  It has a great tack and open time. This Wallpaper was a paste the wall application. The paste was applied to the ceiling using a 9-inch roller, allowed to dry then applied a 2nd time right as we were applying the wallpaper to the ceiling.

wallpaper installation - wallpaper installation chicago

This is where it becomes a two-person job. Once a few feet of wallpaper adhesive was applied, it is time to climb the ladder and apply wallpaper.  We started from left to right, that seemed to be the best layout for this paper.  Once one strip was installed we made sure the level/straightness lined up with the laser line, then pasted the next few feet and installed the next strip of wallpaper.

We continued this until we were at the end of the wall, then inspected for bubbles, cut out for the ceiling light, smoke alarm, and trimmed the paper along the wall/ceiling line.


wallpaper installation chicago - wallpaper installers dundee
Installing the last piece of wallpaper on the ceiling.

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wallpaper installers dundee - wallpaper installers
Working overhead to install the wallpaper on the ceiling.

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wallpaper your baby's room ceiling - wallpaper installers
Trimming wallpaper along the wall/ceiling line.


Once everything was installed we washed some of the past from the wallpaper and had the homeowner come in to take a peek.

“Awesome- I love it!” That is music to our ears!!

Wallpaper can really make your room pop- walls, ceilings, even furniture. Wallpaper on your ceiling is a statement that will make a difference in your home.

Let us know about your wallpaper questions, let us help you love your home!


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