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How much does it cost to wallpaper a ceiling?

Written by David | September 23, 2022

If you are looking for a great look to accent your home- then adding ceiling wallpaper is your ticket! But how much does it cost to wallpaper a ceiling?

Great question, and overall not too complicated of a question either. So let’s get into what we need to know from you and what you can expect from us during this wallpaper installation process.

What kind of wallpaper can be installed on a ceiling

The hardest part of a wallpaper ceiling install is selecting the wallpaper. Almost any type of wallpaper can be installed on a ceiling. I say almost because I most likely would not use a peel and stick, self stick type wallpaper on any ceiling. You also want to find something that won’t attract dust such as grasscloth wallpaper.

Best wallpaper for ceilings

Most other wallcoverings will work well because we can prepare the ceiling with specialized primers and adhesives to get the best performance and long lasting performance. Wallpapers that we have installed vary such as:

ceiling wallpaper - wallpaper installation near me

How to prepare a ceiling for wallpaper

Once you have selected a wallpaper for your ceiling, then the fun begins! We will have to measure the space that you are looking to have wallpaper installed on. We need to figure out:

  • which direction the paper should go
  • if the paper is long enough to span the space- otherwise you have seams in the ceiling
  • do you have enough paper?
  • what type of primer we need
  • what type of adhesive we need
  • can we paste the surface or do we need to paste the paper?
  • will this need 1 or 2 people?

In order to get the ceiling ready for wallpaper, the basic wallpaper tool is pole sand the surface area to get rid of any burrs, or times that may have gotten in the paint from the previous paint job. Once we have that done, we are going to apply a primer. The primer will seal the surface for wallpaper making it adhere to the primer vs the drywall, and protect the drywall from any damage that may happen.

After we allow the primer to dry, we will apply a coat of adhesive to the surface and allow that to dry overnight. When we come back the next day and apply the wallpaper to the previously primed ceiling with adhesive, it will stick like Velcro!

So what is the cost to install wallpaper on the ceiling?

I have set the table to show you the prep needed, now it is a matter of how much time it will take. No matter what, most ceilings are a 8 hour event. With that you can expect to pay about $589, it may get higher as long as materials keep increasing in price.

residential wallpaper - ceiling wallpaper

If we have to have 2 people installing you will be looking at $1,210 for the two men to come and install, as we most likely will need rolling scaffold, support braces etc. to get the paper on the larger area.

That is about it.. the prep we use, the issues we face and some basic ceiling wallpaper installation costs. We hope that helps.. if you have other questions about wallpaper installation in general please let us know how we can help so you can love the space you’re in!

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