How much Commercial Wallpaper do I need?

So, you want wallpaper but…

  • Do you want Commercial 54 in vinyl?
  • Maybe you can use a digital mural!
  • Then again, traditional wallpaper looks pretty nice

After weighing your options of different types of wallpaper, you decide commercial wallpaper is the route you want to go. But you’re not sure so you ask “how much commercial wallpaper do I need?”

rolls of wallpaper - how much commercial wallpaper do i need
wallpaper rolls

How do I measure my walls for commercial wallpaper?

We are going to assume that you are looking at 54 inch commercial type II wallpaper. That is the easy part.

Measure each wall that is going to get covered. You need to have the height, width of each wall. That measurement will get you the square footage of the surface that will be getting covered with wallpaper.

Once you have the total square footage, you will need the total yardage needed. In order to get that figure divide the total square footage by 12.5, this gives you the yardage.

Just in case you have some tricky areas like stairs, here is a video on how to figure out how much wallpaper you need for a stairwell.

Other considerations for commercial wallpaper

Once you have decided where the wallpaper will go, there are other things to consider:

  • How high are the walls?
  • Is there a pattern?
  • Is this a straight run or reverse install?
  • Are there obstructions, such as pipes, HVAC vents
  • Will you be wrapping outside corners, or using corner guards?
  • Do you need scaffolding?

How can we help you with your wallpaper installation?

Although a quick post for you, the measuring and dividing is the hardest part. Looking for the above considerations will help to make sure that you get the right amount of commercial wallpaper for your home or business. If you need help or aren’t ready to install wallpaper yourself, contact us!


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