Should I paint my house before selling?

Loaded post! So from my perspective, the answer would be YES! There are many ways we can answer this question, so let’s do a top 5 reasons why. Something different and fun. So.. here we go.. Should I paint my house before selling?

Top 5 reasons to paint your house before selling!

should i paint my house before selling - interior house painting

1. Painting your house can get you more money

It is said that painting your home before you sell it can get you around 1-3% more for the home. The dollars I cannot really give you authority on, but here are things we hear from customers when they are looking for estimates before buying:

  • I can’t believe they didn’t fix these holes
  • Why didn’t they paint the ceilings?
  • Who would list their home with these colors?
  • How much more is this house going to cost me?

2. New paint changes the way the house feels

When thinking of the cost to paint a house before you sell it, you also have to ask if new paint can accent any areas of the home, make someone feel a certain way, or just have them feel at ease for they can move in.

For example the wrong colors on the walls can make a brick fireplace stand out as dated, unsightly, or just make people upset. A blue wall next to natural brick will clash in every way possible!

If there is oak trim in the home, the colors selected will not draw attention to the wood as much as highlight it to bring out its natural color, making it more attractive to the right buyer.

When the homes have existing drapes or window treatments, the last thing most homeowners want to think of is changing them out and then fixing the walls or having to install something else, but the right colors can make a customer feel at ease and ready to just move in.

3. Poorly painted walls can raise a red flag!

Have you ever walked into a home and when you see the walls you just have to ask what the hell happened?

  • paint drips or runs on the walls
  • stains bleeding though the paint
  • bad job on patching holes looks worst than the nail they tried to fix
  • they used a shiny paint on rough texture walls
  • they painted over electrical outlets, light switches, HVAC vents
  • paint on the trim, doors, cabinets and knowing it has to be scraped off

These are some examples of things people look at, and then wonder:

  • Are there water issues?
  • Is there a problem with the walls?
  • Why couldn’t they get the outlets off ?
  • Do the outlets work?
  • If the vent covers are that dirty, how dirty are the vents themselves?
  • Can these walls be fixed?
  • Do I have to paint this house before I move in?

4. Does paint color matter in my home?

Only to the person living there. So, if you are thinking of painting your home before I sell, you have to ask who is going to buy my house?

With grey as the trending color seeming to be replaced by white, you have to wonder will these people like my orange walls? Will they like my wallpaper?

Then people are looking at what you have and then picturing what they have already and asking themselves: Will it fit? Will it go? Do in need new? So although simple questions… color does matter in your home when selling it to someone else.

5. Don’t give a reason to get less money for your house

This is similar to the red flag comment. If there are any issues in your house a buyer is going to bring it up as a reason to want to pay less. Painting and flooring are two quick and easy ways to eliminate any issues regarding look and feel, we are gonna have to’s etc.

In the grand scheme of things, paying $500 or so per room to get it painted and looking clean, neat, fresh and new is an easy decision to make, in my opinion.

Ready to paint your house before you sell?

If you have questions about painting your home before selling or painting before you move in, then let us know, we would love to help!


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