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Cost to paint the exterior of a Victorian house in Elgin

Written by David | May 30, 2024

You have a older Victorian home in Elgin. Your house needs to be painted. Most of these homes are pre 1979 which means they have lead. So now you find yourself asking what is the cost to paint the exterior of a Victorian house.

I have not had a older home like this myself. I have had to repaint the exterior of 2 homes that were older. One had aluminum siding and the other home had cedar siding that was severly negleted.

The cost to paint an exterior of a home depends on several factors such as:

  • are there repairs to be made?
  • does the house have lead?
  • how much paint has to be scraped from the house?
  • is there alot of caulling to be done?
  • are you changing the colors
  • will you be using several colors?

Does your house have lead?

This is the first thing you need to know about your home. Have you ever seen the renovate right brochure?

lead brochure

If your home has lead- one thing you can expect is to pay 15-20% more on your painting than you would had you not had lead. There is significant time needed to :

  • cover things with plastic
  • protective gear
  • disposal of lead chips
  • disposal of lead water when pressure washing

Here is a quick video about lead prep…

How many colors you paint your home will affect the cost to paint your house

Sometimes we get lucky when we paint a house. The customer chooses one color to paint the exterior of their house. BUT!! when the a house has 2, 3 or 4 colors the cost to paint a house increases. Each color means a trip up a ladder. Separate colors will need differen brushes time to mask and clean as well.

Every color requires at least one gallon of paint. Several different colors can add 20% more paint which then means more money.

Does the house need to be repaired?

We typically do not do wood replacement or carpentry work. We are painters. Some things we can do are:

  • caulking of gaps
  • nailing loose boards
  • filling holes from woodpeckers
  • scraping loose paint

How do we Determine cost to paint Victorian homes?

We are kind of setting the table with questions we will be asking you about your home. Once we get some intial information we will arrange for a on site visit to do an estimaye .. which by the way you can do right now!

Once we come to your house, we will check for:

  • lead
  • peeling paint
  • damaged wood
  • need for power washing

Then we need to:

  • measure the amount of siding
  • measure the trim/soffits/fascia
  • count how many shutters/doors
  • find out how many windows to be painted
  • the colors to be painted

Then we enter it all into as Steve from Blues clues would say- our handy dandy calculator, and get some pricing for you.

Cost of painting my house

With the example of the video we have above, for this home the range was 18,500 to 27,510. We were able to save money on this house painting project by not painting one side that needed repairs. The metal windows did not need painting either, so we saved money there.

The cost to paint a house varies by options, colors , repairs etc, as we said above. So getting us out to your home is the best way to know for sure.

How can we help you with your house painting?

We hope we can help you with your house painting project. Exterior painting, interior painting or cabinet painting – maybe all 3!

If you have other questions about painting your house- let us know!

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