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FAQ’s about Cabinet Painting

Written by David | May 1, 2024

So you are ready to start painting your cabinets! Your friends or neighbors hired a paint contractor to paint their Kitchen Cabinets. You, however, are still not sure about the process and how to go about hiring a professional cabinet painter. Now that you are here- let’s talk about Frequently asked questions, FAQ’s about Cabinet Painting

Hello Everyone, this is David Cook from Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL, where we look to answer FAQ’s about cabinet painting, along with your most asked questions or issues regarding Painting or Wallpaper. Aside from Huntley, we can help in towns such as Crystal Lake, Carpentersville, Barrington, Bartlett, or St. Charles.

What color can I paint my cabinets?

There is very little that you cannot do. If you want your oak cabinets to look like maple- that is a whole different conversation for a different day.

We tell people you can for the most part pick any color for your cabinets- yes there a few exceptions. We cannot match Behr Whites into the paint we use for cabinets. So if you are repainting your cabinets a new color or painting cabinets the same color- pick a color you really like!

So once you have selected a color- be careful- here is a video on color issues…

Some colors can only be made in their respective brands. There are colors from Sherwin Williams that only Sherwin wiliams can make. The same is true of Benjamin Moore.

Will the paint peel from my painted cabinets?

The reason paint peels from your cabinets is because your paint contractor or painter did not do a good job to clean, sand the surface being painted and did not use a bonding primer.

If a surface is clean, dry, scuffed and primed properly, paint will not peel.

Will painted cabinets chip?

Yes. The softest surface- in this case, is wood. Kitchen cabinet painting is not much different than other painted wood surfaces in your home. Wood dents and when it dents, the paint is harder than the surface it is applied to so it chips away. Just like your car.

What type of paint do you use to paint cabinets?

We have traditionally used hybrid lacquers- waterborne finishes to paint cabinets. This year after testing for a year, we have started to shift to Urathanes. Professional painters have been using these products for about 8-10 years now. There are some good reasons, and the biggest are:

  • better color matching
  • easier touch ups
  • better chemical resistance
  • more readily available
  • more user friendly
  • less solvents to clean products with

So the biggest products are Emerald Urethane and Advance Urethane.

How do I clean cabinets after I paint them?

Cleaning painted cabinets should be done with BONA hard surface cleaner or a 50/50 mix of water/vinegar. These products will not harm the surface, or cause water damage.

Can you repaint my Malomene or thermal foil cabinets?

This is a tricky question. Cause yes you can, paint them. BUT painting these or other veneer type surfaces can cause problems. We have to clean the surface, our cleaning can cause the finish to peel. Using cleaning products can cause moisture to get into the surface- usually MDF, and cause the MDF to swell and be damaged permanently.

How long will painted cabinets last?

If you buy painted cabinets or we paint them the same is true. If you take care of painted surfaces they should last for years. How they are cleaned, worn used etc will ulitmatley determine how long they will last. (but once cabinets have been painted, most people are looking to replace cabinets as the next step.)

How to find a professional cabinet painter near me?

We think it is easy. Start with google!

  • Does the paint contractor have a website?
  • Is the painter listed on google maps
  • Do you see a verifed business by Google?
  • Can you find any Google reviews?

Ask your local paint retailer who they know. There are many companies that will fit your needs. Several factors you need to consider when hiring a paint contractor:

  • does the painter have liability insurance if not guess who pays if there is an issue
  • can the paint contractor provide or have workmans compensation insurance? – if not… ?
  • what type of warranty or guarantee can you get
  • How many people will be working on your painting project
  • how long will it take to paint the cabinets
  • will the cabinets be sprayed?

What other questions do you have about cabinet painting?

We are here to help! These are our FAQ’s about Cabinet Painting. If you have other questions about painting. your home- let us know! We look forward to seeing how we can help you love the space your in!

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