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Installing Wallpaper in your Bathroom Pingree Grove

Written by David | May 2, 2024

Are you thinking of using wallpaper in a bathroom?

With the continued popularity of wallpaper in homes, bathrooms are the most popular request we receive for wallpaper installations. How about you? Have you seen a Home improvement show that highlighted wallpaper? Does it have you thinking of installing wallpaper in your bathroom or powder room?

Hello Everyone, David Cook with Dfanco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley IL. Today we are talking about wallpaper in a bathroom. As we look to serve and help customers in areas around us like Elgin, PIngree Grove, Hampshire, South Ellgin, And Algonquin, the question of Wallpaper in a bathroom has been a hot topis this week.

FAQ’s about wallpaper installation

this one is best served with a video we did…

Can I install grasscloth in a powder room?

Yes you can! Grasscloth is a great product. It will last for years when it is cared for properly. Keep in mind grass cloth is an organic material- it actually is grass that has been dried weaved and sewn into a backing paper to be glued to your walls.

So you cannot wash it- you need to have a brush attachment to vac the paper clean. Water can cause the ink or color to fade. Other issues we have seen are cats- cats can use the grass to rub against, or use as a scratching post.

grasscloth bathroom wallpaper
A small powder room with grasscloth wallpaper installed.

Can I wallpaper my bathroom without it peeling?

The short answer is yes! Wallpaper has come a long way in the past 10 years. Why?

  • Wallpapers are constructed of more sturdier materials.
  • The wall materials (drywall) is made much better than it used to be.
  • Wall primers that are used to seal the walls create a surface that is exceptional to hang wallpaper on. These primers will make sure that moisture does not penetrate the drywall and keeps the wallpaper adhered to the primer, not the walls.
  • I will say- USE A EXHAUST FAN! paint and wallpaper although sturdy sound materials cannot withstand long exposure to moisture/heavy humidity (water running down walls)
powder room grasscloth wallpaper
A grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room

What does all of that mean to you? It means that the wallpaper, when properly installed, will not peel from your bathroom walls!

Installing wallpaper in a bathroom is economical!

Powder rooms and bathrooms are usually much smaller than other rooms of your house. This means less wall space.  Less wall space means less wallpaper is needed to cover the walls.

Where to find wallpaper for your bathroom?

  • If you are unsure of what to get or wnt to see/touch the wallpaper and you are in the Chicagoland area- go to JC licht. They have great designers who can help you pick the right wallpaper.
  • we suggest staying away from etsy or other on line sites- we have had more issues with paper bought there than success. Name brand paper give you best results.
  • Be mindful of the width of the wallpaper. The wider the paper, the less rolls you need.
  • every maker of wallpaper has unique variations of how long a roll can be
  • If you pick a large pattern repeat, you will need and waste more paper.
  • You may be able to buy wallpaper by the yard, which could be more affordable.
wallpaper above wainscotting
Here is wallpaper installed above wainscoting.

How to get a Estimate for your Bathroom Wallpaper Project

We tell people before asking for a price for wallpaper, to find out what wallpaper you want. Every paper can be unique in the style, type of adhesive, primer, or prep work needed. For rough numbers and get you started- You can start with it will cost about 650 to paper a powder room.

Once you have the wallpaper selected, we can come measure the room, verify how much paper you need, and get you a final cost.

How can we help you with your Wallpaper Installation?

Do you have questions about wallpaper installations in your bathroom? Please let us know.  We want to be able to help you and answer your questions. Most importantly, we want you to love the space you’re in!  Still not sure or have questions about wallpaper installations?

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Give us a call, send us a text, or email us today! We will install your wallpaper, so you will enjoy that bathroom and make sure you have a great place to go! (Yes, that is a bad joke about using the bathroom.)

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