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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wallpaper

Written by David | July 2, 2018

If you have a wallpaper removal project in your home, then you want to know…

“How much does it cost to remove?”

Since there are numerous types of wallpaper, removing wallpaper is not always easy. It is also not a simple answer as to how much will it cost.

So what do you need to know?

  • When was it installed?
  • Was it installed professionally?
  • What kind of wallpaper is on the walls now?
  • Which room is it in (kitchen/bedroom etc)?

wallpaper removal cost

That may seem like a lot of questions but these are all things we need to know when you call us and want to get an estimate.  The age of the paper can tell us the type of primer and glue that was used to install. Who installed it will indicate how the walls were prepared prior to installation. The type of paper can help is indicating how it will come off the wall. Then the room tells us the difficulty.

We did a podcast you can listen to about wallpaper removal cost.

If you want to try and remove the paper yourself you can see a few videos we did on our YouTube channel.

We usually say the cost to remove is about .95 per square foot, and an average room will have an allowance of 2 hours to clean walls and patch any areas that may have been damaged.

This may seem vague- but it protects us both. The last job we did, we could not see how much glue was on the walls from a test pull. Once removed, it took 2 men 12 hours to clean the walls! We do our best to let you know of the cost, problems before we get too much into the job but sometimes we just do not know the answer.

I hope this has given you some background information to get you started, and the videos or podcast has helped too. Give us a call or text and let us know if we can help you out and answer any other questions.

Remember- We are here to help you love the house you live in!

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