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How to save money when Painting your kitchen cabinets?

Written by David | February 23, 2023

IF you are looking into painting your own cabinets, the process can be a bit overwhelming. Between what products to use, colors to select, how to get them ready, how long it will take, how will it look- these are all great questions and all issues we can help with. The biggest question is How to save money when painting your kitchen cabinets?

There are two ways you can save money, the 1st is doing it yourself, which we will will give you a brief rundown here. The 2nd is kind of a sweat equity, we do the hard stuff- spraying doors, you paint the boxes! the 2nd way can save you about 30%-40% of the cost of the total job. You could also hire us and “coach you” on how to do it!

Let us help you paint your cabinets

This is kind of a sweat equity shared co op experince. Most everyone wants a sprayed cabinet finish. It is the ultimate look and feel for wood work. But the cost is higher than using a brush and roller. So we have found a way to help you get this look and save you money in the process.

The last few customers for cabinets have had us Paint the doors and drawers and the customer painted the boxes, faces etc. So if you can use a brush and roller, it is a great way to save money, over 30% of the total job! Why you may be asking.. well we dont have to clean those areas, we dont have to mask anything, and we dont have to prep and clean up when we finish.

Here is how it works..

  • We show up, show you how we label each item so you know how to put it back together where it came from.
  • we show you how to prep the surface
  • the doors and drawer fronts will be taken back to our shop where we work on them while you get to work painting all the items in your home
  • then we bring them back to you in protective sleeves, nice neatly, so they don’t get damaged.
  • now you get can put everything back together -enjoy your new kitchen!

We can show you how to paint your cabients

So here is a unique way we can help that we borrowed from our Friend Nick May, in Denver, with Walls by Design. He will show you how to do it and rent you tools to paint! So can do this with cabinets. You will have a personal instructor with you to show you how to do everything and how to use the tools, that you rent from us. If it gets to a point you just want us to take over then we can just help you by taking it from where you left off! Still saving you money, and giving you a great looking result.

Ways to Save Money by Painting kitchen cabinets yourself

So here are some step by step ways to paint cabinets. You know how to paint, you are handy you have an eye for color and you love DIY projects. So your going to paint your kitchen cabinets. The keys to a successful cabinet painting project is prep and materials.

The prep work of cabinet painting is relativley simple. If you can follow some simple steps we can help you have a Kitchen you will really enjoy!

  1. prep! this is the biggest key to success. Every single surface inch must be cleaned. After many different versions, wet sanding with dawn dish soap, to scuff and clean the dirt and grease works the best. Wet the surface, then rub the 220 sandpaper over the surfaces, think of the same effort as cleaning a dirty cook pan. wipe off the dirty slime, spray again and wipe till clean with another spray of dish soap solution and clean rags
  2. dry.. after cleaning allow everything to dry. once dry you will see the sheen difference, any shiney or sticky areas- then go back to step 1
  3. Primer! Using a bonding primer is the next critical step. We use Stix. It is a power house and performs all the time- every time. Another product you may need is stain killer primer. If you have some stubborn oil stains, you may have to use a can of this stain type primer to prevent the old grime from bleeding through.
  • 4. once you have applied the primer, with a brush or roller, you need to sand that coat of primer smooth, then most likely apply the 2nd coat of primer.
  • 5. Top coat. The final paint determines how long the painted surface will last. I can go over a few here, and give what we use.
    • Big Box cabinet paint. I cannot speak with any authority on these products. You want to see how well they stand up to wear, stains, washing etc.
    • Paint Supply stores. Between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, each have several good types. Cabinet coat- i have never used but is supposed to be good. Another one is ILVA which is a water based polyurathane. We use dit and it works pretty good. Each store also has a Urathane product for cabients, that we use for door and trim paint, but personally woould never use for cabients. Then there are some modified oils, such as advance. I know many people use advance, but keep in mind it – it takes 16 hours before you can recoat it! (in the midwest at least) so you beter have someplace you can paint and leave it alone
    • We use hybrid laquers. These are approved coatings from the Kitchen testing labs. I love these things. ML CAMBELL and Chem AQUA are the ones we use. It is a product that is hard as a rock when dry, and just performs.

How can we help you with your cabinet painting?

Is there something we missed? Let us know. If you need somone to help you paint cabients, refinish kitchen cabinets, give us a calll, or send an email. We are here to help how you love the space you’re in by How to save money when Painting your kitchen cabinets .

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